GTA Online: Change license plate - So you can create your own license plates


GTA Online: Change license plate - So you can create your own license plates

Do you want to drive with your own license plates in GTA Online ? We'll show you how you can design them and how you can then equip them on your cars and vehicles.

What is it about? Cars in GTA Online usually have license plates, the numbers and letters of which are generated by the game. In addition, the license plates are in different colors. If you don't feel like random numbers and letters, you can personalize your license plates and use them on different vehicles.

We'll show you how to change your license plates in GTA Online and design your own.

Change license plate with the iFruit app

This is how it works: To change the license plate in GTA 5 / Online, you have to download an app on your smartphone. This does not mean the smartphone in the game, but your own mobile device (tablet works too). The iFruit app is available for Android and iOS.

After downloading and installing it, you have to connect the app to your social club account. This means that the app knows which account should have the license plates adjusted. So use the data with which you log in to GTA Online.

  • Now select “Los Santos Customs” in the main menu
  • Click on the license plate in the upper right corner
  • Now enter the numbers and letters that should be on your license plate
  • These can be abbreviations for your name, numbers or combinations of numbers and letters
  • The whole thing is limited to 8 letters / characters
  • You can now also customize the background and the colors
  • Now confirm with which character you want to use the license plate

  • Tap on "Order"
  • In the game you will then receive the confirmation as an SMS on the in-game mobile phone

Equip your own license plate: If you want to use the new license plate, you drive to an LS Customs shop of your choice. There select the option to modify your vehicle.

With the option “license plate” you can adjust the colors of the current license plate or choose your own. In our example this is “17”.

iFruit app doesn't work and crashes? This solution helps

That's the problem: The iFruit app's ratings are currently 1.6 out of 5 stars with over 400,000 ratings in the Google Play Store (as of November 30, 2021). The reason for the bad reviews is the performance of the app. With newer operating systems, the iFruit app crashes while loading. Other, older devices can start the app, but then cannot load the LS Customs menu - even then a crash follows.

We tried this and can confirm the problems. The last update of the app took place on November 29, 2019.

What is the solution? If you absolutely want to change your license plate in GTA Online, you have various options:

  • Try older smartphones with older operating systems, the iFruit app could work here
  • Recommend users on reddit to download an emulator (via )
  • With an emulator you can start the Android operating system on the PC and install and use apps there
  • According to some players, the iFruit app works with selected emulators so that you can use it to create a license plate
  • Another solution is, if the app starts for you but crashes after selecting LS Customs, deselect the PC platform in the settings and instead select an account on Xbox or PlayStation that is connected to the same Social Club account - In our test, that worked as a solution

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