How to unlock new characters in APEX Legends


How to unlock new characters in APEX Legends

The most important factor in APEX Legends is knowing which are the characters that best suit your style of play, mastering them perfectly facilitates many things in combat, such as physical and strategic maneuvers . These Legends have special abilities divided into three categories, Tactical, Passive, and Ultimate. All destined to diverse actions perfect to develop different tactics at long and short distance.

At the beginning you will have only 6 characters available that you can choose from, but over time new warriors with powers of another type are unlocked that may attract your attention. 

Characters available from the start in APEX Legends

APEX Legends Characters
APEX Legends Characters 

 As we mentioned, APEX Legends includes Legends that you can use from the start and they will be your one-way ticket to unlocking new soldiers. These are the following:

  • Bangalore (Professional Soldier): Smoke Launcher, Swift Step, and Thunder Rumble.
  • Bloodhound (Tech Tracker): Omniscient Eye, Tracker, and Hunter Beast.
  • Gibraltar (Shielded Fortress): Dome of Protection, Coat of Arms and Defensive Bombardment.
  • Lifeline (Combat ): Medic DOC Medical Drone, Combat Medic and Survival Pack
  • Pathfinder (Advanced Explorer): Hook, Inner Lore, and Thyroline Launcher.
  • Wraith (Interdimensional Skirmisher): In the Void, Voices of the Void and Dimensional Gap.

How to unlock Legends in APEX Legends

All APEX Legends Characters
All APEX Legends Characters 

 Legends that are not available from the start are unlocked in two ways, using Legend Tokens obtained by leveling up and Apex Coins that are acquired for real money by purchasing them from the in-game Store. These soldiers that you can get are the following:

  • Caustic (Toxic Trapper): Gas Nox Trap, Vision Nox and Gas Nox Grenade.
  • Mirage (Holographic Rogue): Unhinged, Now You See Me and The Life of the Party.
  • Octane (Speed ​​Acrobat): Adrenaline, Quick Repair and Jump Platform.
  • Wattson (Static Defender): Security Perimeter, Spark of Genius, and Interceptor Tower.
  • Crypto (Surveillance Expert): Surveillance Drone, Neurolink and Drone EMP.
  • Revenant (Synthetic Nightmare): Silence, Skirmisher, and Death Totem.
  • Loba (High Society Thief): Thief's Trick, Eye for Quality, and Black Market Store.
  • Rampart (Fast and Nifty Tuner): Expanded Coverage, Modified Magazine and Sheila Position Minigun.
  • Horizon (Gravitational Manipulator): Gravitational Elevator, Space Walk and Black Hole.
  • Fuse (Great explosives expert): Cluster Bomb, Grenadier and Petardazo.
  • Valkyrie (Winged Avenger): Missile Cloud, Vertical Boosters, and Rising Leap.
  • Seer (Ambush Artist): Spotlight, Heartseeker, and Exhibit.

All characters have the same value, they can be unlocked using 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins

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