Lost Ark: This is how you change channels and play with friends


Lost Ark: This is how you change channels and play with friends

The beta of the new MMORPG currently running Lost Ark is on Steam. It's a well-known fact that you love to play an MMORPG with your friends, but how does it work in Lost Ark? Channels, character-specific friend lists and guilds make it difficult. We have all the information.

How do friends work in Lost Ark? In order to add friends in Lost Ark, you first have to be aware that friend lists in the new MMORPG are unique for each character.

This is atypical for newer MMORPGs and therefore takes a bit of getting used to. This means that each of your characters has their own friends list. So also the characters of your friends.

So if you have a character from your friend in the list, you do not automatically have his other characters in your friends list as well. This is exactly how it works with guilds, by the way.

If you create a new character, you have to start from scratch in terms of guilds, friends and group search. Even your own guild is not automatically available on your other characters. You have to invite yourself or make a request to join.

How do you add friends? You can easily add friends in Lost Ark via the user interface in the friends menu. To do this, click on Community in the menu below and select Friends.

In the Add tab, type in the character name you want to add as a friend and send him a question. If he accepts it, he will appear as a friend in your list in the future and you can see his online status and invite him into groups via the menu.

How do you play with friends? Just because you play on the same server in Lost Ark doesn't mean that you will automatically play together. Each server and each region is divided into different channels.

You can see these channels at the top right edge of the screen. There are different numbers of channels for each zone, which also vary due to the current number of players.

If you enter a zone, you end up in a random channel. Your group will not be preferred, so you may not even be able to see your fellow players. 

Change channels - but how?

How do you change the channel? There are two ways to do this, both of which work similarly, but involve a certain trick.

  • Click on your channel in the upper right corner, then a drop-down menu will open and you can select any channel. If you click on it, you change the channel to the selected one.
  • This is done via a brief loading screen and is only possible when you are not in combat. If the preferred channel is red, you can see that it is full and you cannot change.

But what if your friend is on a channel that is full? There is a way to do this.

  • If you are not currently in combat, use CTRL and right click on your party member. You have to be in a group and your teammate has to be on a different channel.
  • Now you can select “Enter the other player's channel”. Another short loading screen follows and you have arrived. With this option, you can even switch to actually full channels to gamble with your friends. 

Find friends

How to make friends in Lost Ark? The guild browser is a good way to find other players at all. You can reach it, similar to the friends menu, via the community interface or via the shortcut Alt + U.

Here you can see every guild on your server that is not full. You can then use this interface to submit a guild request, which the leader or an officer of the selected guild can then answer.

Note that you only have your guild on one character. Although this allows you to join a different guild with each character, it takes up some guild slots if each of your characters is to be in the same guild. 

How do you create a guild? You can also do that via the interface on Alt + U. If you have not yet joined a guild, the window opens and you have the opportunity to create a guild for 10,000 silver.

Then you can invite people to join as usual and you can also be found in the guild browser and you can send requests to join.

How do you do this? Do you already play Lost Ark with friends or are you more of a solo player in the new MMORPG? Do you know any other tricks for playing with friends? Feel free to write it to us in the comments here.

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