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Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Catch feebas and develop into milotic

 Milotic is one of the best water monsters in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and is therefore very popular. As known from other games, however, the advance development feebas is very rare. In fact, it's the most difficult Pokémon in the game to catch and will put your patience to the test. We explain in our guide what you have to do.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Catch feebas and develop into milotic

Location of feebas

You will only be able to catch feebas after the sixth order, as you need VM strength, among other things . Fly to Elyses and explore Route 211 to the west . At the end of the route you will find an entrance to the crater mountain. Inside the cave you push the rock aside and go deeper into the cave.

In the next section you have to remove the fog with loosening. A few meters further you will reach a water point in the cave . feebas lives in these waters. Since you also have to walk this path within the story to reach Blizzach, you will safely pass this waterhole.

You must Feebas in the water fishing . The problem: feebas only appears on 4 randomly determined fields in the game . In addition, the water in the cave is quite large and you have to cast your fishing rod field by field. With a lot of luck it can go quickly, with bad luck it takes hours before you discover feebas.

In this body of water in the crater mountain you have to fish at every point to hopefully catch perchwa on the hook.

Tips for finding feebas

Unfortunately, there is no great trick to get feebas out of the water at lightning speed. The easiest method is of course if someone wants to exchange a feebas with you. If you want to find it yourself, we have some tips for you below that will save you at least some time.

  • It doesn't matter which fishing rod you use. You don't have to look for a super fishing rod first. Perschwa will also bite if you use the common fishing rod.
  • In order to safely examine each field, you should proceed systematically. Start in a corner and use the D-Pad to move. With that you only swim one field at a time.
  • On the four spaces where feebas appears, the encounter rate for feebas is greatly increased. So fish two Pokémon in each space and then move to the next space.
  • Place a Pokémon on the first position of your team that has the ability "suction cup" (e.g. Octillery) or "sticky body" (e.g. shelllos / gastrodon). This increases the chances of catching Pokémon.
  • Create a group with friends and look for feebas together. All group members have the same four feebas localities.

Feebas develop into milotic through beauty

Perschwa has two development methods. With the first, it develops through a level-up when the beauty value is very high. You can check the broadcast of a Pokémon in the status report on page 5. To increase the beauty, you have to feed the feebas with bitter Knurspen , which you can prepare in the Knursperei in Herzhofen. For bitter Knurspe you have to use Manon, Sinel, Wiki, Pallm, Chiari or Wunfrubeeers. Unfortunately, this is also very time-consuming overall.

If the beauty value is sufficiently increased, perchwa will develop after a level-up.

Developing feebas with a beautiful scale into milotic

For the second option you need a beautiful scale, which you can only dig up underground . If you feebas give a beautiful scale to wear, it will develop after a swap . You should of course only do this with a friend to make sure that you get the developed Milotic back.