Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Clone items: double the master ball, special sweets, etc.

 Do you want to clone your master ball in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl or duplicate an infinite number of special candies? Usually impossible, of course, but with a glitch you can do it. You can assume that the developers will patch this cheat soon. So you should hurry up. The glitch still works on version 1.1.1.

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

You can clone the master ball or special sweets infinitely often

Master ball and special sweets are among the most sought-after items, which is why we mention them as an example. You can use this method to duplicate all items that Pokémon can carry. The trick is pretty simple, but it can still happen that the game crashes if you do something wrong . So do it at your own risk. This is how you have to proceed to double items.

  • Go to a place next to a grassy area where you can trigger random battles.

  • Go to the menu and give your Pokémon the items that you want to clone to carry. You can therefore duplicate six items at once. They don't have to be the same items either. You can z. B. give a Pokémon your master ball and the other five receive a special candy.

  • Then open the status report of any Pokémon on your team.

  • Now comes the crucial point: Press ZL + ZR + A at the same time in the status report . All three buttons have the command to open the item menu. If you press them at the same time, it will open several times and you should hear a double sound effect.

  • Now close the menu with "B" until only the main menu can be seen. You can tell that you have made the correct entry beforehand by the fact that menus are duplicated and the main menu suddenly overlaps other displays.

  • If you've done everything right up to this point, you can move your character while the main menu is open. With the controller you now control both the figure and the menu.

  • Now go into the grass to trigger a random battle. Move the cursor to "Pokémon" in the menu while the random battle starts.

  • In the fight against the wild Pokémon, the menu is still displayed and you control both. Press the directional pad twice up / down so that the cursor jumps to "Bag" during battle and remains on "Pokémon" in the menu.

  • Now press "A" to get into the Pokémon menu. Select your Pokémon and take away the items you have carried.

  • Then close the menu with "B" and escape from the fight.

  • When the fight is over, the Pokémon will continue to carry the items that you previously took away from them. So you have successfully cloned them because the items are also in the bag. You can now repeat the process as you wish to double additional items.

Video on doubling items

The trick described is really easy to do and you can not only duplicate the usual items, but even double your TMs. This is very useful because you will only find some attacks once. The glitch still works in version 1.1.1, but could be patched soon. If you want to see the glitch in moving images for a better understanding, then we recommend this video from the YouTube channel The4thGenGamer .

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