Potions guide in Terraria: what they are and how to prepare them


Potions guide in Terraria: what they are and how to prepare them

Terraria is one of the oldest open world video games and also one of the most popular today; with it you can enjoy many modes such as free exploration, construction mechanics, crafts, action and adventure . For this and many other reasons, more and more people decide to be part of this community.

However, not all players have the same luck and some may find it difficult to catch rare fish when fishing or die during boss fights in this video game, for example. 

Here is when an element is necessary that allows us to increase the strategies and statistics of our character and the solution to these different reasons is the potions .

Therefore, this time we will present you with all the necessary information about Terraria potions.

Terraria Potions: What are they and what are they for?

List of Potions in Terraria
List of Potions in Terraria

A potion is an object that your character can consume in Terraria in order for him to recover and improve both his health and mana . In general, these types of potions are usually made at the alchemy table or alchemy station and their main function is precisely to generate improvement in your character.

How to create potions in Terraria

To be able to create these potions, you require prior knowledge of the workstation , as well as about the types of materials to use and of course how is their production or elaboration mechanics. For this reason, we have prepared a list of everything you need to make a Terraria potion :


The first step in making Terraria potions is preparing a work station . This involves having a bottle in place, an infusion station, or an alchemy table.

It is important that you know that this placed bottle is not a bottle itself, but a work table that is created by placing an empty bottle on a platform, table, workbench, bookcase, dresser, fireplace or piano.

While you will not be able to make the alchemy table, but it is obtained by fishing in a dungeon, where the boss of the video game, Skeletron, is located in predifficult mode.

On the other hand, there is the Imbuing Station that allows the creation of flasks, this is a type of potion. You can acquire this workstation by going to the witch doctor.

Necessary materials

Once you have done the configuration of your workstation, you will have to find the necessary materials to make the Terraria potions . In this case, you must take into account the recipe for each potion.

Despite this, there are common materials in most potions , such as bottled water, herbs, dust, bugs, ore, gel, shards, and other special items.

The mechanics of production

The process for making potions is quite simple and fast , in fact, the steps to follow are few and super easy. You can do this from your console or PC and even from your mobile device. As I explain it to you shortly:

On console and PC

  • You must have with you a glass bottle and all the necessary materials to create the Terraria potion that you have selected
  • Stand next to the Bottle Place, the Imbue Station, or the Alchemy Table
  • Now, you must go to the Creation menu option located in the lower left-hand part of the monitor and select the desired potion
  • Finally, double click on the potion to be created to start the preparation.

On a mobile device

  • You must position yourself in front of an Imbue Station, Placed Bottle, or Alchemy Table and scroll to the Crafting Menu option
  • In the potions tab, click on the potion to create
  • In case you already have the materials listed in that interface, then click on Create and that's it!

Potions in Terraria: effects, recipes and uses

Some potions and combinations of these in Terraria
Some potions and combinations of these in Terraria

Now that you know the steps to make Terraria potions , it's time to learn how to create them. Therefore, we have prepared a list of all the potions with their respective recipe and what they produce in the character of the video game.

Mana or Healing Potions

There are potions that provide mana and vitality . When the player uses them, they will apply Mana Insanity and Potion Disease effects respectively.

  • Bottled water : this potion allows you to recover 20 life points and is obtained through creation, which involves approaching a body of water.

  • Honey fin : it is responsible for restoring 120 health points and is obtained only from fishing in honey.

  • Strange Breaje : This potion grants you the recovery of 80 health points and about 400 mana . Obtained through purchase from the Skeleton Merchant .

  • Mushroom : it recovers about 15 health points and you find it in the grass, where it grows naturally.

  • Horn of plenty : gives your character 120 life points. You get this potion the moment Ungrateful Turkor sets him free.

  • Bottled honey : this potion is obtained by creation and you will need the Queen Bee and its effect allows the recovery of 80 points of life.

  • Healing potion : with this consumable item you can recover 100 health points and to obtain it you need 2 minor healing potion and 1 shiny mushroom.

  • Minor Healing Potion : allows your character to improve 50 health points . To obtain it, 1 mushroom, 2 gel and 2 bottles are required.

  • Greater healing potion : with this item you can restore 150 life points, to create it you will need 3 bottled water, 3 fairy dust and 1 crystal shard.

  • Super healing potion : as its name implies, this item allows you to recover a large number of health points , specifically about 200. To obtain it you require the following items: 4 major healing portion, 1 nebula fragment, 1 solar fragment, 1 Stardust Shard and 1 Vortex Shard.

  • Eggnog : its effect consists of restoring 80 health points and is achieved by opening gifts.

  • Mana Potion : By consuming this item you get a recovery of 100 mana points and, to obtain this potion you need 2 minor mana potion and 1 shiny mushroom.

  • Minor Mana Potion : allows you to recover 50 mana points and is obtained once you buy it from the merchant.

  • Greater mana potion : your character manages to recover 200 mana points and you get it by buying it from the magician.

  • Super Mana Potion : By consuming this potion, your character will regain approximately 300 mana points . His recipe consists of 15 Greater Mana Potion, 3 Crystal Shard, 1 Shooting Star, and 1 Unicorn Horn.

  • Potion of Restoration - Allows your character to regain 90 health points and reduces debuff time , which also produces Potion Disease. For its preparation you need 1 mushroom, 1 pink gel and 1 bottle.

  • Minor Potion of Restoration : You get 80 health and 80 mana recovery . Awarded for using 1 minor healing portion and 1 minor mana portion.

The Teleportation Potions

Potions in Terraria, including teleportation
Potions in Terraria, including teleportation

This type of consumable item, as its name implies, is responsible for transporting your character from one place to another instantly. Currently in Terraria there are 4 potions of this type, which are :

  • Teleportation Potion - Allows the player to be transported to a random location . To obtain it you need 1 Bottled Water, 1 Fire Blaze and 1 Chaos Fish.

  • Potion of Recovery : With this consumable item you will teleport to the first spawn point . You get it with the following recipe: 1 spectacular fish and 1 bottled water.

  • Return Potion : takes the player to the spawn point, leaving behind a portal with the intention that they can return to the initial point where the potion was ingested. To create this potion you require 1 obsidian fish and 1 recovery potion.

  • Wormhole Potion : It is responsible for teleporting a character on the team and is obtained with 1 Spectacular Fish, 1 Bottled Water and 1 Flashing Root.

The Potions of Enhancements

The intention of these objects is to give the character a visual effect or improvement when consumed , so that each of its effects will be registered when leaving the world and, the best thing, is that they can also be canceled manually, except for visuals.

Inventory with potions in Terraria
Inventory with potions in Terraria

As for the preparation of these enhancement potions, an alchemy table or alchemy station is required , as well as bottled water. Here is a list of each of them:

  • Potion of Love : Causes a visual effect with icons of hearts for about 30 seconds . For its elaboration, you need spinach and princess fish.

  • Potion of Guts : Grants the player the ability to breathe underwater for 4 minutes . To create the potion you must have a sheet of water and coral.

  • Heart Reaching Potion : allows you to attract hearts located at a great distance . Its duration is approximately 8 minutes and it is located in the fishing boxes within the normal mode. On worlds with crimson, it can be created from crimson tigerfish, moonlight, and daylight.

  • Fins Potion - Allows the player to swim in liquids for 8 minutes . It is obtained from the leaf of water and thorn tremor.

  • Stinky Potion : Unlike the previous potions, this one is not consumed but is thrown and gives a visual effect in the form of a green cloud for about 30 seconds maximum. If you want to get it you need 1 weed, 1 stinky fish and 1 bottled water

  • Archer Potion : is responsible for improving the use of arrows for a period of 8 minutes. When creating this potion you must have daytime glow and glasses as an ingredient.

  • Battle Potion : Increase the number of enemies. Its duration is approximately 7 minutes and it takes 2 weed, 1 forbidden piece and vertebrae.

  • Shine Potion : As the name implies , it gives the player a shine for about 10 minutes . To create it you need daytime glow and bright mushroom.

  • Box Potion : its effect is to increase the appearance of boxes by 3 minutes . It is made with the following ingredients: bottled water, moonlight, amber, and thornbomb.

  • Potion of Feather Drop : When consumed, your character will fall much slower for 10 minutes . Created with 1 feather, 1 flashing root, and 1 daytime glow.

  • Hunter Potion - Used to illuminate monsters . The duration of this effect is up to 8 minutes and is made with daytime glow, intermittent root and shark fin.

  • Builder Potion : promotes the placement of the blocks for about 45 minutes and is created with intermittent root, thorn tremor and moonlight .

  • Potion of Thorns : is responsible for returning damage to your character . It lasts 8 minutes and requires 1 weed, 1 object, 1 worm tooth and 1 stinger.

  • Caver Potion : allows the treasures to shine for 5 minutes, for this it requires 2 flashing root, 2 moonlight, 1 platinum ore and 1 gold ore.

  • Potion of Life Force : Raises the player's maximum health by approximately 8 minutes. In order to obtain this potion you need 1 moonlight, 1 thorn tremor, 1 water leaf and 1 prismite .

  • Portion of fury : its effect consists of increasing critical chance for only 4 minutes and its creation requires 1 weed and 1 hemopiranha.

  • Potion of Float : This consumable item will allow your player to walk on liquids . Its duration is 10 minutes and it is created with 1 sheet of water and 1 shark fin.

  • Gravity Potion : The intention of this potion is to modify gravity for a period of 3 minutes . His recipe includes 1 feather, 1 fiery glow, 1 weed, and 1 intermittent root.

  • Potion of Rage : it is responsible for increasing the damage that your character inflicts for 4 minutes . It is made from 1 weed and ebonkoi.

  • Summoning Potion : Increases the number of minions for about 8 minutes . Created with 1 moonlight and 1 multi-colored butterfish.

  • Potion of Invisibility : Takes care of reducing aggression for a period of 3 minutes . You require moonlight and intermittent root for your generation.

  • Hell Potion : its effect is responsible for summoning a ring of fire for at least 4 minutes . You need 1 fiery glow, 1 obsidian fish, and 1 finned koi.

  • Mining Potion : generates an increase in mining activity for about 10 minutes duration . With 1 lion ant jaw and 1 intermittent root you can make this potion.

  • Ammo Potion : allows you to reduce the amount of ammunition to use for a period of 8 minutes. For its creation you must have double cod and moonlight.

  • Night owl potion : its effect is to improve your character's vision during darkness for at least 10 minutes. With 1 daylight glow and 1 flashing root you can create this consumable item.

  • Potion of Heat : Its effect is to decrease the damage caused by the cold for 15 minutes. With 1 frozen mendo and water leaf you can make this potion.

  • Titan Potion : This potion increases the knockback effect inflicted on enemies and lasts for approximately 4 minutes. As for its preparation, you will need thorn tremor, bone and weed.

  • Potion of Sense of Danger : By ingesting this potion, you will be able to discover hidden traps and avoid them as it marks them. This effect lasts 10 minutes. And to prepare it, you will need thorn tremor and cobweb.

  • Regeneration Potion : With this potion, you can stay safe for a while, as it increases the rate of vitality regeneration for 8 minutes . And if you want to prepare it, you must collect mushrooms and daytime glow.

  • Mana Regeneration Potion : This function is similar to the previous one, but the difference is that it increases mana regeneration for 8 minutes . To brew this potion, you will need Daylight, Shooting Star, and Moonlight.

  • Potion of Obsidian Skin : With this potion, you will gain total immunity to lava , so you can enter the Underworld without problems . Its effect lasts for 6 minutes. As for the ingredients to prepare it, you are going to need fire glow, water blade and obsidian.

  • Quickness Potion : This potion allows you to increase the speed of your character's movements and lasts for about 8 minutes. To prepare it, you will need cactus and intermittent root.

  • Iron Skin Potion : your defenses will increase considerably if you ingest this potion, for about 6 minutes. But you're going to need daytime glow and lead and iron ores.

  • Potion of resistance : to prepare this potion you will need intermittent root and armored cave fish. In this way, you can enjoy its effect, which is to reduce the damage received for 4 minutes.

  • Calming potion: with this potion you can decrease the Respawn of enemies for about 5 minutes. To prepare it, you are going to need daytime glow and damselfish.

  • Potion of Sonar : If you activate this potion, its effect will be to allow you to visualize what you fish for 4 minutes , which gives you an advantage in this activity. To make it, you will need coral and a sheet of water.

  • Potion of magic power : through this potion you can increase the magic type damage you inflict for 4 minutes , which is very good for battles against certain enemies. And if you want to prepare it, you must collect shooting star, moonlight and weed.

  • Fishing Potion : With this potion, you can increase fishing power and skill for about 8 minutes . This will go a long way to catching some of the most interesting and useful fish in the preparation of other potions . Also, to brew this Fishing Potion, you need Waterblade and Toasted Honey Block.

Food and drinks in Terraria: what they are and what they are for

It is important to note that the foods and drinks in Terraria are not potions as such. However, we mention them because, like these, they are consumable items that provide some kind of benefit. Just like it happens in real life.

In this game, food and drinks are grouped into 3 levels, which will determine the degree of positive effect it offers. At level 1 it will be " Well fed ", while at level 2 it will be " Completely satisfied " and at level 3 it will be " Full of delicacies ". In addition, it should be noted that each of the foods and beverages of these grades has a predetermined duration and a method of obtaining it.

Also, if you are interested in learning more about the world of Terraria, you should know that this classification of food and drink in levels was added from the update known as " Journey's End ". Before this, they all provided the same " Well Fed " effect.

Tier 1 Foods and Drinks - Well Fed

  • Cup of tea : it is obtained with bottled water in a teapot, Its effect lasts 5 minutes.
  • Apple : it is obtained in the trees of the forest and its effect lasts 5 minutes.
  • Apricot : it is obtained in the trees and its positive effect lasts 5 minutes.
  • Plantain : it is obtained in the palm trees and its effect lasts 5 minutes.
  • Black raisin from Corrupted Trees and lasts for about 5 minutes.
  • Blood Orange : It is obtained from Crimson Trees and its buff lasts for 5 minutes.
  • Coco : it is obtained in the palm trees and its effect lasts 5 minutes.
  • Fish made : it is obtained from Atlantic cod, trout or sea bass and its effect lasts 8 minutes.
  • Bunny stew : it is obtained from the rabbit in a cauldron pot. Its effect lasts 10 minutes.
These are just some of the Tier 1 foods and drinks available in Terraria , although there are many other fruits that are obtained from trees that last 5 minutes. But if you combine several of these in shakes, the effect will be long-lasting.

Level 2 Food and Drinks - Fully Satisfied

  • Star fruit : it is obtained from the blessed trees and its effect lasts 5 minutes.
  • Dragon Fruit - Obtained from Blessed Trees and also lasts 5 minutes.
  • Soup bowl is obtained from the minnow and mushroom in a cauldron pan. Its effect lasts 8 minutes.
  • Pumpkin pie : it is obtained from the pumpkin in the forge and lasts 8 minutes.
  • Pad Thai : Obtained from the Traveling Merchant and lasts 8 minutes.
  • Pho : it is obtained like the previous one.
  • Sashimo : it is obtained from salmon, tuna, red snapper or sole in a pot of cauldron.
  • Prawn ax : it is obtained from the prawn and its effect lasts 10 minutes.
There are many other level 2 foods and drinks , which provide better effects. In addition, several ingredients are often combined to obtain more complex dishes.

Level 3 Food and Drinks - Full of Goodies

  • Christmas Dishes : These are the Christmas Pudding, the gingerbread cookie, and the sugar cookie . They are obtained from gifts and their effects last 4 minutes.
  • Seafood Dinner - Can be obtained from Armored Cave Fish, Chaos Fish, Crimson Tiger Fish, Damsel Fish, Double Cod, Ebonkoi, Finned Koi, Hemopiranha, Honey Fin, Neon Tetra, Obsidian Fish, Princess Fish , prismita, stink fish, spectacular fish or the multicolored butterfish . All this in a cauldron pan.
  • Pizza : obtained from the jellyfish and the hoplite. Its effect lasts 8 minutes.
  • Spaghetti - Obtained from Elemental Granite and Granite Golem . It lasts 8 minutes too.
  • Hamburger : it is obtained from the carmebicho and the soul-eater s. Its effect lasts 8 minutes.
  • Grape juice : it is obtained with grapes and a bottle in a kettle.
  • Steak : It is prepared from the Undead Miner and The Possessed . Its effect lasts 16 minutes.
  • Bacon : it is prepared from dragon pigs and pigs. Its duration is 24 minutes.

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