Trick: How to get a lot of money and gold quickly in Red Dead Online

 There is a relatively quick way to get $ 500 and a little more from a gold bar in less than three hours. And it can be repeated! How? Well, keep reading, of course.

Trick: How to get a lot of money and gold quickly in Red Dead Online

Unlike the main mode, keep in mind that in Red Dead Online there are two types of currency : dollars and gold. Some buy objects, others unlock certain cosmetic items, mainly.

While there are several ways to get money , getting gold is much more difficult. However, there is a system to get a lot of money and gold quickly . We emphasize that this system does not make use of any type of glitch and therefore it is completely legal to be used, unless it is later patched. 

Note: keep in mind that the game is in beta and subject to constant changes. We are working to keep this information and the exact amounts available as up to date as possible.

How to get gold and dollars quickly

First of all, as you probably know, in Red Dead , "fast" is very relative: we are talking about a process of between two and three hours but, even so, it will be infinitely faster than doing it normally.

  • Start a new game.
  • Focus on completing the story missions , to level up quickly.
  • As you do, you will level up, of course.
  • Keep leveling up as much as you can .
  • When you reach level 10 they give you a treasure map (you must pick it up at a post office) with which to get a wad of bills and more gold.
  • By the time you complete the mission Kill them all, one by one and you have obtained the treasure, you have completed the end of the cycle: you will have about $ 600 and a little more than 1 gold bar .
  • The process should take between two and three hours (not counting travel time, use the Fast Travel that you can afford).
  • Go to a fence and sell whatever you can.
  • Now open the pause menu and delete your character: the money and gold you get is shared, so you don't lose that .
  • To delete your character you must enter Player and, depending on your version, press the corresponding button. 

 Now create a new character: you will have all the gold and dollars obtained and you can repeat the process , accumulating more and more money. We maintain what has been said: it is not a glitch or an exploit and, therefore, it is not a target of sanction . It is simply a mechanic of the system itself that, technically, you are not even abusing, so it is difficult to be patched later.

Keep in mind that you only keep money and gold, you lose absolutely everything else: challenges, weapons, clothes, etc. that you have achieved with your character.

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