We Are Football Crashes? Solutions and Help


We Are Football Crashes? Solutions and Help

"We Are Football" is the right game for all football fans for whom the "Football Manager" is too dry or complex. Unfortunately with "WaF" it happens again and again that the game crashes. Especially after the update to version 11, there are more and more complaints about errors and game crashes. But there is a solution that works for many players.

The developers of " We Are Football " continue to work hard on the football manager even after the release. In addition to the introduction of many new functions, it is unfortunately unavoidable that a bug creeps in from time to time. If "We Are Football" crashes after Update 11, here's a try.

We Are Football: Fix issues after Update 11

The game crashes in different places. Some users are thrown back to the desktop when they open the training menu, click something on the stadium area or want to make changes to the team line-up. Typically, the problems appear after a key is pressed on the keyboard. If "We Are Football" has become unplayable for you and the game closes by itself every time you press a keyboard key, proceed as follows:

  1. Open Steam .
  2. Look for the entry for " We Are Football " in your games library.
  3. Presses with the right mouse button on "We Are Football".
  4. Select the " Properties ".
  5. Controls the " Betas " area.
  6. In the drop-down menu " Select the beta you want to participate in ", select " publiccommunitytest - Community test branch ". You do not need a beta access code.
  7. Wait a minute. The “Public Beta Patch” should be downloaded and installed automatically. You may have to restart Steam once.
  8. Start "We Are Football" again after installing the patch and check whether the error still occurs. There is no need to start a new game. So you can continue playing your previous game.

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