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Best Tractors in Farming Simulator 22 - How to Buy, Sell, Flip, Repair and Rent a Tractor


Best Tractors in Farming Simulator 22 - How to Buy, Sell, Flip, Repair and Rent a Tractor

An important aspect of the Farming Simulator series of games is the variety of agricultural machinery that you can control. Some of the tractors will do better than others, and contrary to popular belief, you don't have to use the largest, most expensive machine to do most of the work. To help you work more efficiently and efficiently, we've compiled the best tractors you can use in Farming Simulator 22 .

Shop Farming Simulator 22

The Farming Simulator 22 store is extensive and has a huge selection of vehicles. First, let's figure out how to use it. There are several main options here: rented equipment, buying and selling equipment.

How to buy a tractor

To access the store, press P on your keyboard (if you're on a PC). Alternatively, you can walk up to the store and press R as you navigate the game world. In the Farming Simulator 22 store, equipment is divided into 23 categories.

You can also buy equipment by giving preference to a certain brand, the brand can be selected in the first menu item on the left. When you decide on the choice of car, you will be presented with options for setting. Most of the cars can be configured by changing wheels or engine, for example. You can also repaint the tractor and make a unique number for it.

How to sell a tractor

The sale of equipment in Farming Simulator 22 is carried out in the store. Press P on your keyboard to enter the menu, then go to the Owned tab (garage symbol). Select the equipment you want to sell, then click Sell. The price you will receive is shown in the picture with the technique. The money is immediately credited to your balance.

However, if you have the time and no rush, there is another way to make money selling equipment. In terms of the price you get for a sale, this is the best way to do it. If you go to the store where you bought the item, you will receive a slightly higher price (around 10%) on the sale.

How to repair a tractor

Over time, you will need to repair your equipment. All cars in the game have a status bar that is displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. When it drops below half, your chances of encountering a breakdown increase significantly.

Repair of equipment is carried out in the store, indicated by the wrench symbol. Press R and then select the repair option at the bottom of the screen. Renovation is a great option as it is many times cheaper than buying or renting new equipment.

It is also a place where tractors can be repainted. If you want to change the color of your tractor or freshen up your paint, go to the repaints option at the bottom of the screen.

How to rent a tractor

If you don’t have enough money to buy new equipment and you don’t want to buy used equipment, renting is a good option. To rent a tractor, select the option you want in the store and go to the setup menu. From there, you can rent a tractor using the option at the bottom of the screen.

Rent is just over 10% of the purchase price of the tractor. Renting equipment allows you to borrow equipment on time without having to immediately pay its full cost. You pay a monthly fee, but you do not own the machine.

How to flip a tractor

If you accidentally turned the tractor over and cannot correct the situation on your own, you can use the special menu. Find the tractor you want on the map and click Reset at the bottom of the screen. The equipment will return to the store. It can also help if you have left the tractor very far from the farm.

Best tractors in Farming Simulator 22

We've selected seven tractors to look out for.

John Deere 4755

John Deere is one of the most recognizable tractor brands in the world and it is only natural that their equipment is available in Farming Simulator 22.4755 is a good all-round mid-power tractor that will set you back only 108,500 euros. Its top speed is 35 km / h, which is not very high, but it is the ideal machine for a mid-sized farm.

JCB Fastrac 4220

You may remember that the JCB tractor appeared in an episode of BBC Top Gear and it was definitely pretty fast. It's the same with the Fastrac 4220 in Farming Simulator 22.

With a maximum speed of 60 km / h, he will be able to quickly reach his destination. It is equipped with a CVT transmission and a 235 hp engine. The JCB Fastrac 4220 is the ideal vehicle if you are starting to expand your farming business. Price € 216,500.

Deutz Fahr Series 8 TTV

Deutz Fahr may not be the well-known and popular tractor brand that many have heard of, but that doesn't mean they don't make great equipment. Series 8 TTV is the best medium tractor in Farming Simulator 22.

It is a powerful machine with 287 hp, so it can easily pull large and heavy equipment, competing with some tractors in the large segment. Just make sure you need this tractor, as it costs 236,000 euros in the game.

Claas Axion 960-920

Claas tractors are reliable machines that can do almost all kinds of work in Farming Simulator 22. They are some of the best tractors in the game.

The Axion 960-920 is a large tractor ranging from 325 to 445 hp. It will move most large equipment like planters and plows around the farm. In addition, for a large tractor, its in-game price is not too high - 279,000 euros.

New Holland T8 Genesis Series

New Holland is another top-tier tractor manufacturer in real life and is a great choice if you want one of the best tractors in Farming Simulator 22.

The T8 Genesis Series is another big tractor. Its power ranges from 351 to 435 hp, depending on which characteristics you choose, it boasts more than enough towing power. New Holland tractors are easy to operate and very, very reliable. Plus, they are some of the prettiest in the game. The price is 292,000 euros.

Claas Arion 660-610

Here we must pay tribute to yet another Claas tractor. The Arion 660-610 is the best small tractor you can buy in Farming Simulator 22. Even if you expand your farm a lot, the Arion 660-610 is still a great choice.

It can pull large equipment and is perfect for those small fields where medium to large tractors would be overkill. The price is 120,000 euros.

JCB Fastrac 8330

Finally, we have another JCB - Fastrac 8330. With a top speed of 70 km / h, this large tractor is one of the fastest in Farming Simulator 22. And the fact that it can pull large and heavy loads and equipment makes it even it is better.

You don't need all that speed when farming, but 348 hp. - this is enough to transport larger agricultural equipment, and you can use it to sell your unnecessary inventory. The price is 289,000 euros.

These are some of the best tractors you can find in Farming Simulator 22, but they each have their own merits and demerits. However, the game has plenty to choose from, so feel free to shop and try other techniques.