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 Some players are tempted to use cheat programs in order to win more easily in Call of Duty: Mobile, but this is prohibited!

Call of Duty: Mobile like many other games in the license is primarily multiplayer oriented.

In order to win more easily, some players are tempted to use cheat software , but this is totally prohibited and may result in you being permanently banned from Activision if you use such programs repeatedly.

Using cheat software on Call of Duty: Mobile can get you permanently banned from your Activision account

Call of Duty: Mobile like the other multiplayer games of the license is affected by many players using cheat software in order to win more easily in the game or simply to annoy other players. As with all games, using this kind of software can get expensive and here is what Activision says on the subject for cheating on COD Mobile in its code of conduct.

Any user who uses code and / or software not authorized by Activision that can be used in connection with the game and / or any element or characteristic thereof and who, therefore, modifies and / or facilitates the game or any other activity, including obtaining an unfair advantage, modifying statistics and / or game data, is subject to penalties . This includes, but is not limited to, aiming aids, wallhacks, trainers, stats, textures, ranking hacker, DLL injection, and any other software used in order to deliberately modify disk data or game memory.

  • First Offense:  The user will no longer be able to play the game online, will have their stats, emblems, and weapon customizations reset, and will never be able to appear in any leaderboards again.
  • Console users who change their profile data or hardware will be reported to their console manufacturers
  • PC users through will be reported to the Security Team

It should be noted that the publisher in the event of a repeat offense can ban your Activision account for life, preventing you from enjoying all your linked games. Finally, we remind you that all players on PlayStation and Xbox consoles have all accepted the charter of conduct and using cheating software can earn you a ban from your PSN or Xbox account.