Farming Simulator 22 beginner's guide: how to grow crops, raise animals and sell crops


Farming Simulator 22 beginner's guide: how to grow crops, raise animals and sell crops

Farming Simulator 22 has a wide range of game mechanics that you can earn money, acquire new fields and expand your farm. In this guide, we have prepared a series of tips that will help you quickly get up to speed in the game and become a successful farmer in a short time.

How to complete the training in the game Farming Simulator 22. The correct sequence of tillage for sowing seeds

You can complete the basic game mechanics training on the first two maps, provided that you have chosen the "New Farmer" difficulty level .

To complete the tour of the game, you need to follow all the tutorial points:

  • Get on the combine, attach the header and unfold it. To do this, press the "B" key . Now lower the combine using the "V" button and hire a worker by pressing the "H" button ;
  • Go to the tractor in the field. Press the Q KEY to attach the cultivator and counterweight. Be sure to make sure you attach the counterweight, as if you do not, the training will not continue;
  • Get into the tractor with the seeder, press the "Y" key several times and select the canola seeds. Expand the equipment with the "X" key and hire a worker;
  • Go to the tractor with a cargo trailer. Attach the trailer, wait for the harvester to finish work, then drive up to the harvester on the left and wait for unloading;
  • Head to Farmer Johnson's Market at the top left of the region, unload the trailer, and drive to the store.

Correct sequence of tillage before sowing

  • Land cultivation with a cultivator , plow , disc harrow or power shovel .
  • If stones appear on the field after cultivation, you need to collect them with a stone collector .
  • Top dressing of the earth with fertilizers or lime .
  • Planting seeds.
  • Treatment of the land with herbicides to kill weeds.

How to till the land, plant and harvest crops in Farming Simulator 22. How to hire an employee and fill the planter with seeds

At a low level of difficulty, at the start, you will have access to some equipment, tools and money. Before you start planting a crop in the field, you need to prepare the land. The soil can be cultivated with a cultivator , plow , disc or power harrow , as well as mechanical shovels . If you are planning to plant a cereal crop, then a standard small cultivator is suitable for you.

How to hire an employee

Drive into the desired field, press the "V" key to lower the cultivator, and start working the land. You can hire an employee by pressing the "H" key . By the same principle, you can entrust hired workers with almost all activities related to land cultivation, sowing or harvesting in the game. The only thing that the workers do not understand is when you want to collect the remaining straw or dry grass in the field with the help of truck trailers or balers. We will tell you more about collecting straw later.

How to plant seeds. How to fill planters and planters with seed

Now you can start sowing. To do this, you need a special tool - a seeder or planter . The seeders are designed for sowing cereals and grain crops, and planters for potatoes, corn, beets and sunflowers.

At a low difficulty, a seeder with seeds of wheat , canola , sowing radish , grass , sorghum and soybeans is available at the start . At high difficulty levels, you will have to purchase a tool in the store, as well as buy the necessary seeds. There is only one way to fill the seeder with seeds: hook the seeder with the tractor and drive close to the seed pallet. Press the "R" KEY to prime the planter or planter.

When and what seeds can be planted in the game

Each individual crop can only be planted during a specific period. Open the main menu and go to the Harvest Calendar section . Here you will see a list of all crops and a schedule with planting and harvesting seasons

How to harvest

Each individual crop may require a different technique to harvest:

  • Harvesters (combines) : the equipment is designed for harvesting wheat, barley, canola, oats, sunflower and corn. The combine itself cannot operate without a suitable header ( harvesting attachment). There are more than ten types of headers for different crops. For example, the same header can be used to harvest wheat and cotton, and a separate header is required to harvest sunflowers. To track the required headers or other devices that can be used with the selected equipment, just select the "Combinations" menu (key "C").
  • Other harvesters : forage harvesters, potato harvesters, beet harvesters, reed harvesting equipment, cotton harvesting equipment, grape and olive technology.

As the harvest progresses, the harvester fills with the harvested crop. If you hired a worker for harvesting and he stopped working due to a lack of storage space, get on the tractor, hook it on a cargo trailer and drive right up to the combine. To start unloading, you should first open the canopy on the cargo trailer (if there is one) by pressing the "N" key .

How to sell a crop

After the trailer is filled with crop, you need to put it in a hopper or for processing. At the low difficulty level, you will have access to the grain bunker. You can also sell the crop, or use it for processing in special factories.

To store the crop, you need to build bunkers:

  • Barn for storing hay and straw;
  • Grain storage bins ;
  • Manure storage bins ;
  • Liquid manure tanks ;
  • Silo bins.

The rest of the crops that exist in the game will either have to be sold or processed in factories. Open the main menu using the "Esc" key , select the "Prices" item and track the most interesting offer on the market. To mark the customer on the card, press the "Enter" key . From that moment on, the buyer will be displayed on the map, and you just have to take the goods to your destination.

This is the easiest way to sell crops and other available goods. In addition, you can build various processing plants such as a "grain mill", "dairy farm", "sugar factory", "spinning mill", "churn" and others. In this case, you will process the crop into finished products and sell them at a higher price.

How to purchase and upgrade equipment in the store. What equipment you need to have on the farm

You can get to the store on public roads, or by pressing the "P" key . In this case, you can purchase the equipment you are interested in directly from the farm, but to pick it up, you still have to go to the farm store. Most of these shops are located near your farm and are indicated by a grocery basket icon on the map.

How to purchase equipment in the store

In the store, you can buy absolutely everything you may need to develop your farm: from heavy equipment to pallets and seeds. The main feature of the store is that you do not have to buy the necessary equipment for sowing or harvesting, as you can rent it . This is a very convenient game mechanic that allows you to save money on equipment. Of course, having your own tractor or harvester at your disposal is more profitable, but at first you can get by with this service.

What equipment you need to have on the farm for planting and collecting various crops:

  • Small and medium tractors ;
  • Truck , cargo trailers : will be needed to transport the crop to the point of sale. At first, you can do without a truck and transport the crop using a tractor;
  • Harvester (harvester) : buy a harvester depending on the crop you are growing;
  • Header : clings to the harvester for harvesting;
  • Mower (tool) : it is best to buy mowers in the "tools" section that cling to small and medium tractors;
  • Cultivator (plow, power shovel) : used to cultivate the land before sowing;
  • Planters or planters (tools) : used to plant a crop;
  • Sprayers (tools) : will be needed to fertilize the crop;
  • Truck trailers (tools) : with these trailers, you can collect cut grass or straw after harvest;
  • Stone pickers (tools) : allow you to collect stones in the fields that can damage equipment;
  • Counterweights (tools) : attach the counterweight to the front axle of the tractor if the weight of the tool meshed on the rear axle outweighs the tractor.

How and why to upgrade vehicles when buying

Many tools and vehicles can be upgraded. To do this, select the desired tool, click "Configure" and select additional configuration on the right side of the screen. Here you can change the size of wheels, engines, add other fixtures and accessories.

Some vehicles may be equipped with additional fasteners. For example, a front loader mount can be installed on medium and large tractors . Without this device, you cannot attach pick-up shovels , buckets or other tools.

Please note that you can purchase used tools and equipment at a discount in the store menu. The assortment of this section is updated approximately once a week.

What fertilizers to process the fields in Farming Simulator 22. How to work as a stone collector and get rid of weeds

Before you start fertilizing the fields, it is necessary to thoroughly cultivate the field. When cultivating the land, it is not uncommon for a cultivator or shovel to dig up large rocks. These stones remain on the ground and can damage your vehicle. To prevent this, you need to purchase a stone collector . You can find stone picking trailers in the store, under Tools.

How to make money by selling stones

Using rock pickers will not only help you save your farm equipment, but also earn some money. Collected stones can be sold in garbage trucks. The price of stones is small: at a low level of difficulty, it ranges from 150 to 170 euros per ton.

How to fertilize the soil

After you have collected stones from the fields and sowed a crop, it needs to be fertilized. This can be done with dry , liquid and solid fertilizers . Liquid fertilizer must be purchased sprayers , and for solid and dry fertilizers need fertilizer spreaders .

Solid and dry fertilizers are best spread before sowing and liquid fertilizers after. The fertilizers themselves can be found in the section "Objects" - "Pallets with large bags" , "Pallets" or "Big bags" .

Instead of fertilizers, you can cultivate the land with lime . Hover your mouse over the field and look at the bottom right corner of the screen. If lime treatment is necessary, you will see the inscription “Lime needed” under your field indicators . Lime bags can be bought in the store under the "Objects" section . To spread lime, you will need to purchase fertilizer spreaders.

How to clear weeds from a field

The weed greatly reduces the growth of the crop, so you will have to get rid of it in time. This can be done with weeders or by spraying with herbicides . Weeders are suitable for removing weeds between slightly grown crops. Herbicides can be used at any stage of maturation. You can spray dry or liquid herbicides just like fertilizers.

How to buy or sell a piece of land

All fields in the game can be purchased or sold to other farmers. To buy a plot, go to the store menu (key "P" ), open the "Other" tab and click on the "Plots" section .

On the map that opens, you can track your fields or buy land from other farmers. To buy land, select the desired plot and click "Buy" . To sell your land, select it on the map and click “Sell” .

How to build a farm for animals. Tips for crafting food and water for livestock

You can buy cowsheds, pastures and an apiary in the store, in the section "Other" - "Construction" .

Here you need to select the "Animals" section , and then click on the required pasture, cowshed or apiary, and place it. It is worth noting that you can only place structures on the territory of your farm.

For the maintenance of each type of animal, it is necessary to procure a certain type of feed. For example, cows only eat grass (hay), chickens eat wheat, and horses eat oats. Pigs, in turn, can be fed with balanced pellets or silage.

How to grow animal feed

If you buy pet food from the store, your farm is unlikely to ever become profitable. Before building pens for animals, you need to prepare the farm for growing and collecting your own feed.

To keep cows, you need to allocate one field for grass. The grass must be mowed, dried and collected with forage trailers or distributed in bales. You can mow the grass with any mower , and speed up the drying process with tedders .

It is most advantageous to collect the cut and dried grass with forage trailers. They immediately load the grass into the trailer, after which you can easily unload the forage into the pasture or into the barn.

Where to get water for animals

If you keep animals on pasture, then in addition to food, you will need to give the animals water. Water can be bought from water towers, but it is very expensive. To save on water, get a water tank (if you keep cows, it makes sense to immediately purchase a combined tank in which you can transport milk as well) and go to the nearest reservoir. Drive up to the reservoir backwards so that the wheels of the tank are lowered into the water and collect the required amount of water.

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