Farming Simulator 22: The Best Mods

 What would Farming Simulator 22 be without matching mods? Just! That's why we've listed the best so far for you here.

Farming Simulator 22: The Best Mods

Of course, the Farming Simulator 22 can also be equipped with numerous mods to provide additional fun . Whether new trucks, autonomous plowing machines or chic vintage cars: the community delivers new content every hour. In this guide you will learn:

  • How you can install mods on PC and console
  • Which mods are popular
  • How you can uninstall the mods again

Attention: The Stadia version of Farming Simulator 22 does not support mods!

Important NOTE

Remember that mods are always small additional programs that are integrated into the main game. If you search for them on the net, you will find numerous providers of mods, which is why it is all the more important that you look exactly where you are downloading them .

We recommend that you look directly at the Farming Simulator 22 page at Giants Software . The mods there are all tested and compatible with the game.

So you install 22 mods in the Farming Simulator

Installation on the PC

So that you can use mods, you have to install them first. Since the developers of Giants Software even provide small additional content themselves, adding it to Farming Simulator 22 is not rocket science. For this content as well as the mods from other pages from the community, proceed as follows: Open the following path in Windows Explorer: This PC> Documents> My Games> FarmingSimulator2022

Inside you will find a folder called mods . Drag the downloaded .zip file with the mod into it and then start Farming Simulator 22. As soon as you are in the main menu, navigate to “Downloadable content” and check the “Installed” tab whether your mod is displayed. You can now load your last saved game and continue.

Alternatively, you can simply use the in- game ModHub and download mods there - the selection is somewhat more limited there.

Installation on the console

You can also install mods on the console, but the selection there is not quite as huge as for PC players. You only have access to the mods that are offered in the game's internal ModHub by Giants Software . Select “Downloadable Content” in the menu and install everything you want. Keep in mind, however, that not all mods are free.

The best general mods

Mobile workshop

  • Platforms : PC / Mac

Sometimes there is simply not enough time to drive the combine harvester back to the barn and configure the vehicle there. Or you just don't feel like doing it. This is where the mobile workshop comes into play. No matter where you are with your machine, you just have to press the N key to make the appropriate changes .

More courses

  • Platforms : PC / Mac

The standard eight gears on your machines are not enough for you? With the Mod More Gears you can shift up to 18th gear with the help of button assignments .

Sleep anywhere

  • Platforms : PC / Mac

Annoying: You are dog tired, but you are at the completely other end of the courtyard without a vehicle. With the Sleep Anywhere mod, you can dive into the land of dreams on the spot and don't have to walk back to your bed first.

Difficulty level: survival

  • Platforms : PC / Mac

The three different levels of difficulty are not a challenge for you? With the survival mod you can show what you're really capable of. Do you want to sleep to rest? Forget it! The credit limit is 0 euros and with completed missions you earn much less than usual. You can also say goodbye to the AI ​​helpers. With this mod, real know-how is required.

Air Horse Connect Sound Script

  • Platforms : PC

The machines in Farming Simulator 22 look quite impressive. But the right feeling only comes up with the appropriate sounds. For example, when the typical hissing sound can be heard from the air pressure hoses as soon as they are in action. With the Mod Air Horse Connect Sound Script you can also enjoy acoustic enjoyment.

The best vehicle mods

Case IH Autonomous

  • Platforms : PC / Mac / Consoles

Welcome to the 21st century: You can test how autonomous agriculture works with the Magnum from the Mod Case IH Autonomous . The 450 hp robot, which no longer has a driver's cab, takes care of the tillage of your fields all by itself. He is as good at plowing as he is at sowing.

Kramer KL30.8T

  • Platforms : PC / Mac / Consoles

You absolutely want a telescopic wheel loader from Kramer in your fleet ? Then the mod installed Kramer KL30.8T . The wheel loader costs you between 60,000 and 70,000 euros - depending on whether you are using a diesel or electric motor. You can use the magnificent specimen on all platforms.

1957 Ford Ranchero

  • Platforms : PC

Driving across the yard with tractors or combine harvesters is fun, but cruising around in a vintage car is not to be despised either. As soon as you have collected enough money and installed the Ford Ranchero Mod, you can purchase the classic car and add a stylish fun car to your fleet.

Uninstalling LWS-22 mods

You uninstall the mods where you installed them. Means: Go to the mod folder of Farming Simulator 22 on your PC and simply delete the corresponding .zip file .

If you have installed the mods via the game's internal ModHub on your PC or console , go to “Downloadable Content” in the menu, select the “Installed” tab and uninstall the mod that you no longer want to use there.

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