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FIFA 22: 3 tips for icon swaps - How to get all tokens quickly


FIFA 22: 3 tips for icon swaps - How to get all tokens quickly

Icon swaps are finally back in FIFA 22 . But what's the quickest way to get the coveted tokens? We reveal 3 tips to you to collect tokens as effectively as possible.

What is Icon Swaps anyway? The Icon Swaps are about a way to get legend cards in FUT 22 without having to exchange coins or cards. A whole series of time-consuming tasks makes it possible to collect so-called icon swap tokens and exchange them for various icon rewards.

You can choose between different icon cards, icon packs, icon player choices or regular packs. We have summarized more about the rewards from the first Icon Swaps in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team for you here.

3 tips for icon swaps - this is how you get tokens faster

The tasks in Icon Swaps: For the Icon Swaps tokens, a lot of games have to be played, in which a total of 9 tokens can be collected by January 10th (9 more tokens come into play from January 10th).

The tasks take place in Squad Battles, the Weekend League and FUT friendly games and usually require you to win tons of games with cards of certain nationalities or leagues.

And since this can be quite time-consuming and exhausting, it is worthwhile to have good tactics at hand.

1. Plan your icon swap journey carefully

Take a close look at the rewards and plan now which cards and packs you want to earn. For example, if you are on the hunt for Rio Ferdinand for 7 tokens and a basic / communication icon pack for 8 tokens, you will know that you need a total of 15 of the 19 available tokens.

So you can ignore 4 difficult tasks and have fewer FUT matches ahead of you.

It is also helpful to think about the most sensible combinations. The following options, for example, look exciting:

  • Casillas + Ferdinand + 83+ x25 pack for a total of 18 tokens
  • 89+ mid icon pack + 83+ x25 pack for a total of 18 tokens

2. Build a team to do as many tasks as possible at once

Especially the Squad Battles tasks, in which you have to play games against the AI, can quickly degenerate into dull work. It is therefore worthwhile to complete several tasks at once, so that in the best case scenario you can unlock 3 tokens with 6 games.

It is therefore advisable to build a team that consists of the following cards:

  • 11 silver cards,
  • all of which come from Brazil or Argentina and
  • that you own as the first owner.
Also note that these Squad Battles tasks are only about the starting formation. As soon as the game starts, you can immediately replace your top strikers in order to make the tasks a little easier.

3. Use golden goals in friendly games

In the past year there has been an exciting development among FUT players who did their icon swaps in the friendlies. Many players left the game immediately after conceding a goal, giving their opponents victory. Word got around quickly and friendlies could be completed much faster with this golden goal method.

That seems to be the case again this year (via reddit ) and players are again helping each other with golden goals to earn the tokens of the friendly games as quickly as possible. So it's best to take part if you want to earn your tokens really quickly. And don't get annoyed too much if not every player seems to know the “community rule”.