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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Guide - All Summoning Materials

 How to get all summoning materials and how to summon creatures in the Final Fantasy 7 Guide

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you can find a total of 9 summoning materials, which will be extremely useful in the later stages of the game, in battles with difficult bosses or for playing action RPG on "hard". There are four playable characters in total, and thanks to the presence of these materials, you will be able to provide reinforcement for each of them. These substances usually provide passive stat enhancements and allow you to summon a creature that will help in certain battles. Summons work in a peculiar way: you can use a creature only in a strictly defined battle, that is, you will not be able to arbitrarily summon it. as it was written above, these materials and the creatures they summon will be useful for specific, most difficult battles.

After you summon a creature, you can use the command menu to activate its abilities. The game will inform you that you can summon a creature: a purple bar will appear on the right side of the screen. For the first time, you can summon a creature in the fourth chapter, after penetrating the enemy base, where you need to repulse several enemy waves. After that, the call will be available against most of the bosses in the game. When you summon a creature, the purple bar will disappear. Before leaving, the summoned creature will make its last, super-powerful attack. Only one call can be used per battle!

The first summoning material will be unlocked automatically according to the plot of the game, the second can be obtained through the "Discovery" event, and the rest - from VR missions and add-ons. Do not worry, the materials of the call are impossible to miss! The first time you play through the story, you will have access to Chapter Select, and you can go back wherever you want to in the desired episode to collect the collectibles you missed.

Summon 1. Ifrit

In the third chapter, while completing the main objective of "Shadow of Omnius" in the Residential District, you will receive your first summoning matter, and this will happen automatically according to the plot of the game. This award is unmissable. After defeating the plot-bound enemies, you must return to your bedroom and retrieve the summoning of Ifrit's Materia. This is part of the story.

Summon 1. Ifrit

Call 2. Chocobo and Moogle

In the sixth chapter, during the "Power for the Platform" story objective on the upper level of the Plateau, in the ventilation units and the control room. When you turn on all three solar lights and come back, you will need to use the large cargo lift. Instead, head west from the freight elevator to find a smaller elevator. Take this elevator to get to the fans. In the first room you will find a vending machine that sells a disc with music # 18. There is a green control panel next to it. Activate it to start a one-minute timer. During this time, defeat the enemies in the next room and hit the green panel at the exit. This will get you to one of the fans, and you can pick up the summoning matter. You will also receive the Cleanup Crew achievement.

Invocation 3. Shiva

In the eighth chapter, during the "Delivery ..." story objective in Sector 5, in the slums of the central district, you need to complete the Battle Intel # 3 VR mission and buy the item from Chudley.

Summon 4. Fat Chocobo

In Chapter 9, during the Wall Market quest "To the Corneo Mansion", talk to Chadley in the market square and complete his Fat Chocobo VR mission to receive the Summoning Matter of the same name.

Summon 5. Leviathan

In chapter fourteen, in the slums of Sector 5, you need to complete Battle Intel Report # 12 for Chudley in order to unlock the VR mission with this boss and receive his summon.

Summon 5. Leviathan

Summon 6. Bahamut

In Chapter Fourteen, in the slums of Sector 5, you need to complete Battle Intel Report # 20 for Chudley. Before that, you will have to complete all the previous 19 reports. Then you get a VR mission with this boss. Defeat him to obtain Summoning Materia.

Summon 7. Chicken Chocobo

Pre-order bonus for all versions of the game, including the Standard Edition.

Summon 8. Cactaur

Get it through the add-on included in the Physical Deluxe, Digital Deluxe, First Class editions.

Summon 9. Carbuncle

Get it through the add-on included with the Digital Deluxe and First Class Editions.

This is everything you need to know about Summoning Matter in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.