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Halo Infinite Base & Courage Guide

 Halo Infinite Base and Courage Guide

Throughout the open world in Halo Infinite, there are several human bases. All of them are captured by enemy forces, so the Master Chief needs to recapture each of them. In this guide, we will go into detail about the bases and their locations.

What are bases for?

What are bases for?

There are 12 bases in the single player campaign. It is recommended to capture as many of these points as possible. This will open up new additional tasks and fast movements, and new weapons will help you cope in the most difficult combat situations. It should be borne in mind that access to some bases will open only after completing several story missions. This is due to the fact that some zones on the map are inaccessible from the very beginning of the game. The screenshot above shows all the bases available in the game. You can find out their exact location by following the link on the interactive map.

You can capture the base only after the destruction of all opponents in the adjacent territory. After that, you need to activate the console on the platform. From this point on, the player will be able to replenish ammunition supplies, request a new weapon or vehicle. Now the base will be guarded by a detachment of marines who can join the fight against the enemies. In addition, capturing a point will mark the location of nearby Spartan modules, weapon boxes and additional missions.

How to earn courage

Players can unlock even more weapons and vehicles for courage. It can be earned for completing a variety of missions. Most points can be obtained for successfully completing story missions. Also, courage is obtained for performing some additional actions:

  1. Clearing Outposts - 100 Courage Points each.
  2. Rescue the Marines - 30 Courage points per squad.
  3. Destroying towers - 10 courage points per object.
You can find out the amount of courage received for completing each action by hovering the cursor over any additional task on the map. You can view the accumulated number of points and open items in the "Base" section. The current amount of courage is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Below are all the available items that can be unlocked with courage:

  1. Mongoose (technique) - 300 courage points.
  2. MK50 "Faithful Assistant" (weapon) - 350 Courage Points.
  3. MA40 (Weapon) - 400 Courage Points.
  4. Stormtrooper (reinforcement) - 450 courage points.
  5. "Chopper" (technique) - 500 courage points.
  6. M9 Frag Grenade (Weapon) - 550 Courage Points.
  7. CQS48 Bulldog (Weapon) - 600 Courage Points.
  8. Drummer (reinforcement) - 650 courage points.
  9. "Vepr" (technique) - 800 courage points.
  10. VK78 Commando (weapon) - 900 courage points.
  11. Scout (reinforcement) - 1000 courage points.
  12. BR75 (Weapon) - 1100 Courage Points.
  13. Heavy attack aircraft (reinforcements) - 1200 courage points.
  14. "Gangust" (technique) - 1400 courage points.
  15. S7 Sniper Rifle (Weapon) - 1500 Courage Points.
  16. Sniper (reinforcement) - 1600 courage points.
  17. M41 SPNKR (weapon) - 1700 courage points.
  18. Demoman (Reinforcement) - Demoman with a rocket launcher - 1800 courage points.
  19. "Scorpion" (technique) - 2000 courage points.
  20. Hydra (weapon) - 2100 courage points.
  21. "Dashing Assistant" (weapon) - 2200 courage points.
  22. Long-range MA40 (weapon) - 2300 courage points.
  23. Convergent Bulldog (Weapon) - 2,400 Courage Points.
  24. Wasp (technique) - 2600 courage points.
  25. Strike Commando (weapon) - 2700 courage points.
  26. BR75 Drummer (Weapon) - 2800 Courage Points.
  27. Multipurpose Sniper Rifle S7 (Weapon) - 2900 Courage Points.
  28. Haunting Hydra (Weapon) - 3000 Courage Points.
  29. Rocket "Vepr" (technique) - 3200 courage points.