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HALO INFINITE: how to defeat boss Chak `Lok

 You didn't get a tracking sensor for free. The torturer Chak `Lok evades your eyes with a cloaking device, which enables him to attack you from behind without you noticing. So he can defeat you in no time.

HALO INFINITE: how to defeat boss Chak `Lok

You can prevent that with the help of the location sensor . If a location sensor grenade hits the center of the room and waits for the monster to step into the radius of the sensor. You will then only see a red border of him, but that is better than not seeing him at all. When the time comes, you have to aim well, because Chak `Lok is agile. He also notices that he can be located and keeps moving so that he can attack from a different direction.

Do not be lulled by his chatter. Focus on his position and try to corner him. No matter when you get him in front of the rear sight. Immediately pull the trigger. As you can see from its two energy bars, it also has a protective shield that recharges itself after a while. You have to remove it with a few good hits before you can get to its preserves.

Because of his shield, you're guaranteed to run out of ammunition at least once. Half as wild. There are several ammunition terminals on the edge of the arena. One for each type of weapon, so all you have to do is find the right one for the weapon you are currently using. Since the location sensor only works for a certain period of time, you have to add one every now and then so that you don't lose sight of the villain.

After the fight, get Griffin out of the torture device by activating the switch. The poor drip is completely exhausted. He stammered something about an excavation site and a conservatory . Before he dies, Master Chief promises to take care of it. 

Now exit the tower via the large opening on the side of the building, here on the same floor. If you want to find something special, don't jump down just yet. Instead, look up on the open platform.

It's not a walk in the park, but if you have at least the second upgrade for the grappling hook, with a little skill and patience you can pull yourself up the side of the tower so that you can get to the roof . The most difficult part is the end, because you have to slide along the rounded part of the roof with swing and then cling to an outer piece again so that you can get onto the roof. In the middle of the roof of the tower you will find two things

On the one hand an Easter Egg , namely a record, a guitar and a tour poster for the once laughed at opponent " Craig ", who was hyped up to be a negative meme in the first performance of Halo Infinite in 2020.

The second special find is a skull .

Skulls are modifiers for the game. You can activate it from the title screen, whereby achievements and savegames will then be deactivated. It's about mods that you turn on for fun and variety.