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How to decommission Monty in Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach

 How to destroy crocodile Monty, go through the maze and much more

Another animatronic you'll come across in Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach. You can deal with Monty in the middle or the end of the game. It all depends on what you spend your first party ticket on. If you go to "Golf Monty" (which is preferable, since it is more difficult, and to destroy it at the end of the game, after 6 in the morning, when the save does not work, then it is also "pleasure").

So, once in the "Golf Monty", get to the security room in the far corner and take away the pass upgrade. Also look for a boot camp ticket in one of the gift boxes. After picking it up, go back to the atrium, go up to the third floor and look for the Maze labyrinth a little further than the El Chips restaurant. Go inside, move through the door on the left and in the next corridor you will see a small room with a control panel. Try pressing one of the buttons, but nothing works. You need a control key.

Go to Kindergarten, Go Downstairs and Enter Theater. Get to the Technical Room. To Do This Stage Along The Side Corridor, Go to the Side Corridor Along The Balcony and Go Down. Visit The Back Room and Take The Maze Control Key From The Gift Box. RETURN TO THE MAZE CONTROL Room and Solve The Puzzle. We talked about it in more detail in a separate guide.

After that, go through the ventilation to get into the Monty's room. Shot in two targets and jump down. You need to run away from Monti and use gun scattered on the location. Shoot on the same target to fill a huge bucket. As soon as it is filled, you can click on the green button next to the bucket, and complete the battle with Monti. Take it claws and climb through the ventilation hole not far from it, the wall on the right (climb on the layer metal supports).