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How to destroy Chika in Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach

 How to decommission an animatronic Chiku

To destroy Chika, you need to use the trash press in the kitchen by the loading dock. You can get there in different ways. If you choose between the prize corner and the loading platform, then you can go down to the latter by the ventilation in the far right corner of the main stage in the atrium, on the first floor. If you have already visited the prize corner, you will have to go to the security room in the atrium, but now you will have a level 4 pass, and instead of ventilation, you can use any of the level 4 doors in the same corner of the atrium. Behind them there will be a room with a conveyor belt and an elevator. Climb down on it and go through the far door of level 3. You will enter a room with a staircase leading to the security room. A door to the left of the stairs leads to the kitchen. There, against the wall to the left, there is a garbage press.

You can immediately apply power to it. Follow the black cable coming out of the press. You need a room behind a door on the opposite wall from the press. There is a generator in the warehouse that needs to be activated.

Now you have to find a way to lure Chika under the press. Pretty simple. Spend your party ticket to the Fazer Blast on the first floor of the atrium. If you spent it on Golf Monti, you can get a second ticket to the party at the very end, at 6 am, when you refuse to leave the Pizza Plex. Then, after getting into the Fazer Blast, in the hallway look for the door on the left that leads to the guard room. Inside this room there will be a gift with a bowling ticket. Go up to the third floor of the atrium and go to Bonnie's bowling alley. There is a cafeteria in the far left corner. Go behind the counter on the far side and go into the technical corridor. There is a gift box with Monty's secret mixture on the drawer at the left end.

Return to the trash press and place Monty's secret mixture in the trash press. Having done this, find opposite the press, at the beginning of the kitchen equipment, a remote control hanging on a black wire. Activate it to see a cut-scene. After falling down, do not forget to pull out Chiki's voice module, and then move through the sewers, activating the generators. If necessary, use a camera flash or a phaser blaster to stun Chika.