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How to improve convenience and happiness in Wartales


How to improve convenience and happiness in Wartales

As you travel the world of Wartales, your mercenary squad will face many challenges. Your opponents will be not only animals and robbers, but also hunger and fatigue. The strip at the top right of the screen has several important options, and among other things, an emoji is highlighted to indicate the level of happiness. You must make sure that the numerical value of this emoticon is non-negative. Otherwise, your mercenaries will leave the group.

How to get convenience

There are not many convenience options available at the moment. Each mercenary gives -1 to happiness by default. Thus, the size of your squad should not exceed the total happiness bonus. In Early Access, from the facilities in the camp, happiness can only be obtained through a bonfire. Even a tent is not associated with happiness. The only thing that it gives is special points (their increased amount for rest), which are required to activate combat skills.

As for other ways that increase happiness in Wartales, at the moment you have access to:

  • Bonfire (plant four mercenaries) that generates up to +4 Happiness .
  • Skills from the directory, unlocked for knowledge points. There are two skills that give a total of +2 Happiness passive bonus .
  • Timely salary payments, good food that meets the needs of every mercenary, and alcohol. In this way, you can get +3 more Happiness .

What do we have as a result. You get +9 Happiness, which means you can hire a maximum of 9 mercenaries. Without any negative consequences.