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How to install a door in Icarus


How to install a door in Icarus

The door is an essential element of any shelter. Even if you build a house and leave a passage to go inside, you will not be able to hide from the harsh weather: precipitation and frost will penetrate through this opening, where the door should be installed. This is not only harmful for the protagonist, but also dangerous for the structures you have built, which may fail. You definitely need a door!

First, you have to invest in the first rank technology tree to unlock the wooden parts of the house - walls, floors, windows, doors. In addition, the door can only be installed in a special wall with a hole!

In inventory, right-click on the wall and select "Install." Or drag it to the Quick Access Toolbar and select using the number keys. When you are ready to place the wall (it should be highlighted in green), you need to hold down the R key. A radial wheel will appear on which you can select the type of wall - with or without a hole. Here you will find (if unlocked in the tech tree) walls with doors and windows.

Select the type you want and click LMB. Once you've created a wall with a doorway, aim at the doorway itself, not the wall. By clicking on the opening, you will see that the very door has appeared. It will be highlighted in red. Move away from the doorway, continuing to look at it until the door is in place. When it is highlighted in green, click LMB. Ready!