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How to unlock all endings in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach


How to unlock all endings in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

How to get all 6 endings of the game

In Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach There are 6 different endings. Some are easier to obtain, while others require additional steps. We will tell you about each of them.

Endings # 1 and # 2

These are the simplest endings of the game. As soon as you defeat Roxy, run away from her and set eyes on Freddie (which, by the way, allow you to see the outlines of enemies and nearby gifts), our friend will say that the doors of the complex are about to open. You can escape in two ways:

  • First option- go to the main entrance. If we talk about the place where you are right now, then go along the corridor Roxy, take the elevator to her room and go out into the corridor. Follow the gate to the right, left and along the corridor that leads to the first floor of the atrium. Here you need to go up to the second floor and find two elevators. Both lead to the lobby from the beginning of the game, where you were hiding from Chika and where there is a door to the kindergarten. In the lobby, go down the escalator, walk forward and you will see a large corridor with an exit. Get closer to start a dialogue with Freddie. You will be able to choose the "Leave" option. In this case, Gregory will leave the complex, but Freddie will be forced to stay in it. People will still go missing, you won't stop Vanni. Gregory will be hiding in the city for a while, living in a cardboard box in one of the dark alleys.
  • The second option is to use the fire escape in the corridor behind the prize corner. This is where you had to go anyway. At the very least, to pick up a pass level increase. There is a prize corner behind the security room and two red doors with Monty's warehouse. Walk left and you will see a save station and a room with a glass dome. Behind her, look for a corridor in which there will be a red door. Until 6 in the morning, it is covered with a barrier tape, there are two small yellow bots. After installing Roxy's eyes, they will disappear. Interact with the door and select the "Leave" option. Freddie will sacrifice himself and set the complex on fire. Apparently, this ending can only be obtained if you immediately go to this door without visiting the main entrance.

Ending number 3 - loading platform

To get this ending, you will have to go to the fire exit or main entrance (after installing Roxy's eyes) and then select the "Stay" option. In this case, you will receive a ticket to the party from Freddie and you will be able to visit a previously not covered location. It will be either Golf Monty or Fazer Blast. In the case of this ending, this is only needed for one purpose - to pump the pass to level 7.

  • The Golf Monti pass is located in the security room. Proceed to this attraction (using the jungle elevator on the first floor of the atrium), move down the escalator to the left and to the far left corner. There is something like a diner with a dispenser counter. Go through the red door, go into the corridor on the right (behind another red door) and turn left at the very end. This will take you to the security room and can pick up the 7th level pass.
  • The Fazer Blast pass is much easier to obtain. Access the attraction using the elevator on the first floor of the atrium. Once in the hall, take the door on the left (left of the two) to get into a small corridor that precedes the security room. Go inside the room and pump the pass to level 7.
After obtaining the 7th level pass, go to the loading dock. You should have visited the basement with the kitchen, where they cooked pizza for Chika (when you raised the pass to level 4 or 5). For example, on the first floor of the atrium, in the far right corner of the main stage, there are many robots and several doors. They all lead to a corridor with a conveyor belt. There is also an elevator with large metal doors. Climb down on it and go left. Go through the door with the number "3" to get into a room with a staircase that leads to the security room. Walk past the stairs and into the kitchen. There will be a door in the kitchen that says Exit to Docks. Use it and see the loading dock. Go to the table in front. To the right of it there is a stand with a button and a sign "7". Click on the computer or the button and go to the red door a little to the left, with the inscription Exit. A selection menu should appear. Point to Leave. Freddie and Gregory will leave the Pizza Plex by car. When Freddie's charge runs out, Gregory can recharge him using a car battery.

Ending No. 4 - Baths

To get this ending, you need to find Vanni's lair. This can be done both during the game and after. But in the second case, you first have to get to the main entrance and choose the "Stay" option in order to get a second ticket to the party from Freddie. Whether you were in Fazer Blast or not, follow there and go to the area where you need to fight bots using a phaser blaster. On the ground floor there are elevator doors. There is a curbstone near one of them, where you drop the phaser-blaster after defeating the bots (capturing three flags). Drop your blaster and ride up. In the room on the right, you need to pick up (or you have already taken) a reward - a personal phaser-blaster. There is ventilation in the same room. Move through it until you find another ventilation, and already behind it is a window and a door to Vanni's hideout. Gregory has to comment on this!

Now, when you try to exit through the main entrance, in addition to the "Leave" and "Stay" options, the "Vanni" option will appear. Select her and Freddie will move Gregory to a new location. Walk past Roxy and Chica to reach the spiral staircase. Go upstairs and run across the bridge to Vanni's room. Click on the green button on the remote on the left to see this ending. You will reprogram the robots to attack and tear the Vanni to pieces. Unfortunately, Freddie will die too. His last words to Gregory will be "You are my superstar."

Ending 5 - Princess Quest Arcade Machines

There are 3 Princess Quest slot machines hidden in the Pizza Plex. Two of them can be found before 6 am, the third after. Not sure if it is mandatory to complete the mini-games on the two machines before 6 AM as you can actually get to them after. True, the task will be complicated by the fact that after 6 in the morning you cannot save, and every time you die, you will start from the front door (if you have already visited it) or at the Freddie's improvement chamber.

One way or another, we are going to tell you where to find the Princess Quest machines ...

  • Princess Quest I is located near Roxy Racing. Once you get your level 4 pass, head to the second floor of the atrium and look for the green gate above the Fazer Blast. Go through them and look for the level 4 red gate in the far right corner. They lead to a corridor, behind which there will be a location with Roxy's beauty salon. Go inside the salon and look into the back room, where you will find the first arcade machine.
To complete this mini-game, first remove an extra life from the chest. Use LMB to interact. Then go through the wooden door and light all the bowls. A stone door will open. Light all the bowls in the next room, avoiding the ghosts, and head right. Go around the hill and get to the chest on the other side to get the key. After taking it, return to the right and wait. Monsters will arrive. Walk around them on the other side. Open the door with the key and follow. Light all torches. There will be even more monsters. Walk up. There will be a locked door ahead, you need a purple key. Walk right. Go around the pits and monsters, mainly moving to the right side. You will find yourself in the cemetery. You need to light the bowls in order. Each slab has or had a certain number of points. For example, on a whole slab, there are 2 points in the center, and it needs to be lit second. A slab with one dot is lying on the right and below it. You have to figure it out. And then go across the bridge, go downstairs and take the key from the purple chest. Walk to the right and open the door with the purple lock. Walk up until you get to the monster.

  • The second arcade machine Princess Quest II is to be found on the dance floor. You can get there with a dance ticket. The ticket itself can be obtained at the Roxy Race location, in one of the lower garages. You will do this according to the plot of the game, since it is at the dance floor that there is a room that allows you to repair the head of the driver bot from Roxy Racing. So, having got to the dance floor, go upstairs and move to the far right corner. There will be a red door leading to a long corridor. On the left, at the beginning of the corridor, there is a security room with a camera for fixing the bot's head. Don't go there yet, but instead run to the very end of the corridor, past many gaming machines. At the end of the path there will be a slot machine you need.
Once you start the game, you will receive a sword. Go through the door below. Go right, kill enemies and collect lives from the chest. in the end, you will find yourself in a room where you need to light all the bowls. The way will open up, across the bridge. You go even lower to find a room with bowls and a chest. Inside is the key. After taking the key, return to the king and go through the door above. Activate the red and two other bowls. Go across the bridge, kill the enemies and light all the bowls. A stone door will open on the bottom left. Go through it. At the bottom there will be a chest with a heart. Go right, back to the old man, but now there will be bowls. Activate all bowls. When new ones remain, one brown and one purple. You need to attack the yellow and purple bowls so as to rotate the bowls on the left and the bowls on the right. Place the same pattern out of them. Purple bowls should be on the left, yellow bowls on the right. Go through the opened door to the right, to the right of the king, and you will enter the guard room. The episode will end.

  • Finally, the third Princess Quest III Assault Rifle is located inside the Vanni hideout. Read the description of Ending 4 to learn how to find Vanni's hideout and get inside it. When you find yourself in her room, instead of pressing the green button on the remote on the left, use the arcade machine, standing against the wall on the right.
In the left room you need to light three bowls and take Vanni's mask. In the right room you need to move along the conveyors without stepping on the conveyors themselves !!! Right around the edge. Then make your way to the chest with the mask, and then on the conveyors make your way to the door on the right. There, activate the red bowl, purple (with the shadow of the princess) and yellow. When you play in all three arcade machines, after winning the third, you will see a secret ending.

Is ending # 6 true?

In this case, you need to collect all 4 improvements for Freddie. The first improvement (strength) you will install automatically according to the plot of the game. You will then be able to find an upgrade to Chica or Monty, depending on whether you visit the Fazer Blast or Golf Monty first, spending the only ticket to the party. Then you will definitely get the Roxy upgrade, and it will be 6 am. After that, run to the main entrance and select the "Stay" option. Freddie will give you a second ticket to the party and you can visit Fazer Blast or Golf Monty, whichever you have been.

In the case of Fazer Blast, you need to go through the gate in the far right corner of the first floor of the atrium (when viewed from the main stage), then enter the door opposite the elevator and pick up the phaser blaster. Capture three flags (two on the first floor and one on the second) while repelling the attacks of the bots. Find an elevator with a box into which you need to put the phaser-blaster, go upstairs and take the item. In addition, a gift with a bowling ticket can be found in the Fazer Blast security room. Go there, go to the far left corner and in the corridor behind the dispensing rack, look for a gift on a large box. Inside it will be Monty's secret mixture. Visit the kitchen in the basement, in front of the loading dock, and place Monty's secret mixture on the cardboard sheet in the trash press on the left. Then walk along the black wire leading from the press to find the generator. Turn it on and go back to press. Opposite him, look for a remote control hanging from the ceiling (and a black cable). Click on it to eliminate Chika. Then you will need to get out of the basement, activate 3 generators along the way, and install an improvement in the parts and service department under Roxy's room). You can shoot Chiku with a blaster, which will blind her, and boldly run even close to her.

When it comes to Monti Golf, this is where the real challenge awaits. First, you must find a ticket to the training maze. It is located on the "Golf Monty" attraction, in the security room, where you upgrade your pass to level 6 or 7. Then go up to the third floor of the atrium and look for the labyrinth just beyond the restaurant with the El Chips game room. Go inside the labyrinth and in the corridor behind the hall look for a control room with buttons. Lower the red lever. Do not touch the buttons! Or, if you clicked on one of the buttons, click on the other below or above it to return all blocks to their original positions. Save, pull the red lever and find out that you need a control card.

Run to the kindergarten you visited earlier (lifts on the second floor of the atrium), go down any steps in the main hall and look for the blue gate leading to the theater. There is a gate to the left of the Sun and Moon refuge that leads to the main auditorium, and there is a gate at the top that leads to the second floor. One way or another, you need to go into the distant corridor through the balcony with two bots and go downstage, into the technical rooms, where there will be bots that walk while you are not looking at them. But so far they are inactive. Go to the far right room and look for a gift with the desired item. Then just run past the robots, ignoring them. They will not have time to attack you. Get out of here and follow back to the maze. Use the remote control again. Assuming you didn't press anything, enter the following combination:

  • Set the up and down arrows with the red lever, and then press the 3 button three times.
  • Set the red lever to left and right arrows and press once on the top button "1".
  • Set the up and down arrows with the red lever, and then press the 3 button three times.
  • Set the red lever to the "left" and "right" arrows and press the upper button "1" twice.
  • Set the arrows "left" and "right" with the red lever (after the previous action, it is enough not to touch this lever) and press the upper button "2" three times.

Having done this, go to the ventilation in front and find Monty's lair. First, shoot the green cannon at the purple targets. When you can jump down, do so, and you will see Monty appear. Run away from him. The camera and blaster do not work on Monty as he is wearing protective goggles. Your task: using different guns, shoot shells at the same purple target. If you hit it, the shells will gradually fill the bucket. As soon as the bucket is full, run to it and click on the green button on the right. Watch the cut-scene. Pick up Monty's claws and find metal structures near the wall with smoke, along which you can jump into the ventilation. Get out of here.

When you install the third upgrade for Freddie (Chica's eyes or Monty's claws), go to the basement located under Roxy Racing. Once on the Roxy ride, go down the stairs to the left and look for a level 0 red door in the far left corner. This path leads to a gate that is opened by Monty's claws. Behind them there will be a door with a microphone, which opens with Chika's voice. Basically, you needed these two upgrades, but you couldn't get them together before 6am.

Go down the elevator, go forward, turning on the generators, and in the room go down into the hole in the floor. You need to do this while inside Freddie. The battle with Afton, who created the complex, will begin soon. Inside the last room, you need to press the buttons on the TV to set fire to the rabbit trying to hack Freddie. You also need to close the door from Chika, hide inside Freddie from Roxy (and banish her with Chica's voice module on the LMB) and close the ventilation when Freddie asks for it (or when you hear noise in the ventilation ducts). Also, beware of the tentacles that emerge from the pipes. Watch where the tentacles are directed and go around them. If they block your way, don't even try to walk past. After a while, the tentacles should disappear.