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New World: Armorsmith quickly level up to 200 - Here's how


New World: Armorsmith quickly level up to 200 - Here's how

New World  offers some professions that you can level up to level 200. In this guide, We would like to explain to you how you level the armorsmith particularly quickly and which special tricks you should pay attention to.

What does the armorer do? The armorsmith makes the armor - head, hands, chest, legs, shoes.

The heavy armor can be made at a forge, the light and medium armor in the clothing shop.

How do you level the armorsmith effectively? The armorer is relatively straightforward in the leveling process. In contrast to the armorer, there are no whetstones that you can use for tricks.

You focus on the pure manufacture of armor, which is relatively expensive. In addition, you can accept city quests to earn at least a few experience points cheaply.

You can get the city quests at the boards in the cities and for these you should make certain items, such as a bulwark armament made of primitive iron.

It is important that you partly need the raw materials, i.e. iron ore, fresh wood and rawhide.

For the production of these items you get a lot more experience than for any armor. At the same time, there is good experience for your character if you go through the city quest afterwards.

So if you want to level up quickly and effectively, you have to accept as many city quests as possible.

Armorsmith level - Here's how

From level 1 to 50:  For the first level you have the choice of city quests or armor. The rough leather gloves are the cheapest, as they only need 4 rough leather and 4 leashes. Alternatively, you can make the linen pants.

For a direct jump to level 50 you need the gloves:

  • 496 Get out of the leather
  • 496 linen
  • 124 iron bars

The resources you need go down with every city quest, of course.

Level 50 to 100:  From level 50 onwards, the satin items are the cheapest. The best place to do this is to make 384 satin trousers. Exceptionally, they are the best in terms of price / performance at this level. Gloves are stronger at all other levels.

For the full level you need:

  • 1,920 satin
  • 1,152 rough leather
  • 384 iron bars
Alternatively, you can still do city quests and make armor.

Level 100 to 150:  At this level, silk gloves are the most effective way. For the full levels you need 725 gloves and the following materials:

  • 2,900 silk
  • 2,900 rough leather
  • 725 iron bars
Levels 150 to 200:  Here it is a good idea to make the gloves with treated silk. You need 1,237 of them. It costs:

  • 4,948 Treated silk
  • 4,948 rough leather
  • 1,237 iron bars
You can also create useful epic armor with a permanent name from level 185. Here it can be a good idea to invest a little more in raw materials, but to get an item that will help you advance in the game.