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 It's possible to take advantage of a 7-day free trial for Nintendo Switch Online! We explain the different steps to follow.

If you own a Switch, you are certainly familiar with Nintendo Switch Online, the subscription system for enjoying certain online games . Without a subscription to this system, it is not possible to play online with or against other players, which can sometimes be very restrictive!

This system is obviously paid, but it is sometimes possible to take advantage of a free trial. This is currently the case until January 10: Nintendo is offering all players the opportunity to enjoy 7 free days of Nintendo Switch Online , even for players who have already had a free trial. We explain how to take advantage of it!

How do I take advantage of the Nintendo Switch Online 7-day free trial?

To take advantage of this offer, visit the official Nintendo Online 7-day free trial page . Then all you have to do is click on "Connect / Create an account", then follow the various instructions on the site to get the 7 free days. You will then receive a test code to register on the dedicated page.

If you have taken advantage of a free trial before, you can still benefit from these 7 new days! Only one condition must be met to have them: not to use a Nintendo Account that already has an individual or family Nintendo Switch Online subscription .

The code obtained must be used before January 9, 2022, the expiry date of the offer.