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Solar Ash: 6 tips for the perfect start

 In Solar Ash you slide through a dystopian world on skates. In this guide we give you the most important tips for a perfect start.

Solar Ash: 6 tips for the perfect start

In this tips guide for Solar Ash you will learn:

  • Why Plasma is so important in Solar Ash
  • How you make Rei stronger
  • Which tactics help in the fight against flying opponents
  • How the time slip works

In Solar Ash you try as Voidrunner Rei to save a planet that is covered with strange and dangerous matter. Developer Heart Machine sends you on skates through a surreal world full of ruins of a bygone civilization. In this guide we give you six useful tips so that you can get started on this somewhat different adventure perfectly.

Find Zyd's Terminal in each section

There is a terminal in each section of Solar Ash. Activate it and the helpful AI “Zyd” will appear. Have you completed the "crater" and defeated the boss anomaly there, you can speak to Zyd for the first time. Pay her a visit in each section. She updates the map, repairs Rice's shield cells, lets you change your suit and helps you find hidden Voidrunner logs. There is also a trophy in Solar Ash for every terminal found .

Why is the plasma so important in Solar Ash?

In the world of Solar Ash you come across pink spheres again and again: the plasma. It serves as a resource and helps with exploration. At the beginning you can only take one hit. In order to avoid frequent backtracking, you should therefore farm plasma quickly and make Rei more stable. Those who collect a lot of plasma will also be rewarded with a total of three trophies in Solar Ash.

How to quickly farm plasma in Solar Ash?

Plasma can be found all over the game world as small spheres. However, they only contain very small amounts. Hidden boxes or drops from defeated enemies are much more extensive. Occasionally you will also find destructible pink crystals on rock faces or steep slopes.

With a few well-aimed blows, you will expose a large volume of plasma. In the second section, “City of Shards”, the five parts of Erving's suit are hidden. If you find them all and equip Rei with the suit, you will receive a set bonus that significantly increases the number of plasma parts found.

Caution : If Rei dies, you lose the collected plasma. So don't take any chances when your pockets are full. Instead, go to a checkpoint. Rei saves the current plasma status there. In the event of a screen death, you spawn at the checkpoint and keep the plasma found up to then.

Plasma traces often lead to special locations

In some areas there are plasma spheres strung together in long lines. These trails often lead to special locations where you can unlock side quests or find collectibles like new suits and Voidrunner logs. Wherever you see large numbers of plasma spheres, follow them.

Flying opponents are best dealt with with the grappling hook

Rei faces different types of enemies on her journey. You kill most of them with Rice's Blade and a quick attack combination. However, flying opponents are often difficult to reach. Therefore use the grappling hook as a weapon .

If you are close enough to a flying enemy, activate the time slip and aim at the target. Now the symbol for the grappling hook appears briefly above the monster. Press the button and Rei catapults herself directly onto the flying object , which you can now easily take down with the blade at close range.

Use the time slip to destroy anomalies

Rei has to dissolve a certain number of poisoned matter in each area until a boss fight occurs. To do this, you have to destroy a kind of lethal syringe that changes its position within the black matter after each blow. You only have a few seconds at a time to follow her. If you do not manage to attack them in the given time window, the syringe returns to the starting position.

To make the course section easier for you, use Reis time slip after each attack on the syringe. Pressing the circle button (PS4 / PS5) slows down the time immensely for a moment . This gives you the opportunity to inspect the path and analyze possible dangers. Once you have identified the critical areas, you can then quickly slide to the next syringe location.