Walkthrough Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach - game guide

Walkthrough Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach - game guide

 Passage of all tasks, secret endings, location of items and much more

After watching the introductory video, press the E key to get out of Freddy. Listen to him, and then go to the viewing window between the large red curtains. Behind them you will find a woman with a flashlight looking for Gregory. Then, at Freddie's command, go to him and get a gift from the robot. Hold E for a Faz Clock. This is a kind of PDA that you will use throughout the game. Open the clock by pressing the TAB key and read the message from Freddie.

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Freddie activates the button. Find the green button on the right side of the door, next to the slot machine, and click on it to open the door. On the wall ahead you will see a save station. Use each such station to save your progress. You will enter a large lobby with animatronic rooms. Walk to the right, to the last room, and examine the door. To open the door of Freddie's room, you need to find a pass with a photo. There is a bag on the bench next to it. This is one of the collectibles. Having picked up the bag, you will receive some kind of message on the watch. In the opposite part of the lobby, behind the layouts, you can find a gift box. Inside it is a piece of clothing - a T-shirt with the Pizza-Plexa logo.

Return to Freddy's room. On the left, the corridor ends. There is a red door that will only open with Freddie. There are large roller blinds to the right of it. Get closer to them and they will rise. Bend down and make your way into the adjacent corridor. Directly opposite the roller shutters there is a model of Freddie, and under it is a gift. Open it to get a photo badge. Move to the left and look for the counter at the very end. Walk behind him and enter the storage room in the far corner to find a gift with clothes - a T-shirt with the name Monty.

The task "Get out"

Return to Freddie and open the door. Climb inside it and go through the red door in front. Go down the stairs until Freddie takes control. He will take you to the infirmary. Hide behind the red curtain from Vanessa. When she leaves, jump into Freddy and move on. Go up. Freddie will go to recharge. In the corner on the left is a bag with another letter.

Be sure to save and go into the corridor through the red door. In the restroom on the right, you will find Chika. Return to the hallway and look to the right. There are jars on the table. Interact with them to get Chika's attention, and then enter the restroom and exit through the far door. Don't worry, Chica won't turn in your direction. You will soon reach a new savepoint. Continue on your way, run away from Monty and Chika. Remember to periodically turn off your run to restore your stamina faster. You will soon be taken to your first security room. Monty will keep pounding inside. Interact with the green button after Freddie prompts you to do so to connect to the network. Now open the clock menu and go to the "Cameras" section. There is a mini-map on the right. By clicking on the blue squares, you can switch between cameras.

Exit through the other door, go past the hideout (box on the left) and see a fork. Chika walks down the left side of the corridor. Right at the fork, in front there is a gift with the "Pinata Chiki" collectible. Follow the right corridor to bypass Chika, and you will soon find yourself in the lobby.

Re-entry denied

Move to the back of the lobby where the robot cleaner is. He, like ordinary security bots, will warn ordinary animatronics when he sees you. For example, Chika will instantly teleport to your location. Look here for a gift with a free admission ticket. Take the item and return to the middle of the corridor to open the turnstiles. You can try to pick up the bag from the stand in the center of the hall, but there is a security bot here that will surely notice you and notify Chiku about it. Wait, when he drives to the left of the bag, makes a turn and continues on. Now feel free to take it. Also, there is a gift in the central hall, near the broken elevator (between the sets of steps / escalators). Inside it is a T-shirt with Chiki's name.

Go up the right set of steps. Chika also walks here, so if something happens you can hide in a stroller. And don't forget to use CCTV cameras! After climbing the stairs, turn right twice to enter the store with the bot. Walk around it on the left side and go downstairs to the first floor of the store. Click on the green button on the wall to open the store and thus create another path. There is a magnet gift with Mr. Hippo on the first floor of the store.

Now head up the stairs and head to the left wing. Enter the same room (other doors are closed) to enter the diner. Walk around the robot using the counter on the right. Find the bag on the visitor tables. Enter the room through the far door and look for a gift with a Glam Chiki toy in the right corner of the kitchen. Head down the stairs through another kitchen door to enter the store with a yellow terminal. He will be on the left when entering. Apply for a free admission ticket. Then use the Mister Hippo magnet you found earlier. This will give you a pass to the kindergarten. Go up again to the second floor and go to the kindergarten through the large red door in the far right corner.

Go down the hallway. Search the second restroom on the right. In the back booth there is a gift with a T-shirt with Freddie's name on it. A bag can be found on the sink. There is a save station at the far end of the corridor.

Slide into fun

When you're ready, go through the shutters at the save station and slide down the colored pipe. Soon you will face the Sun. He will need to be distracted. To do this, break the column of round stuffed toys. After that, run to the left side to find the administrator's desk. Look for the first security pass on it. This will be a level 1 pass, and it allows you to open a door with the appropriate markings. As soon as you do this, the light will be turned off, and the harmless Sun will turn into a bloodthirsty Moon. Beware of this monster.

Let there be light

To get rid of the enemy, you will have to turn on the lights in the room. To do this, you need to activate 5 generators. You can easily find them (comparatively) by looking at the black wires that are connected to them. Also take away the flashlight from the charging station hanging on the wall. Turn it on and off by clicking on the LMB. And do not forget that the flashlight not only illuminates the road for you, but also allows you to slow down the moon.

So, I will describe where to find all 5 generators. We will move to each of them from the counter where the badge was found. Imagine that you have your back to her. All generators are located in three children's complexes in the center of the hall. Go to the other end where the balls are, no need!

  • Walk to the right wall and go inside the children's room. Take an immediate left and find the first generator. You don't need to go anywhere!
  • Now go up in this right structure and use the blue or yellow pipes to get over to the middle structure. Climb to the very top and look for the second generator.
  • From the previous generator, use the upper pipes to return to the right children's room and roll inside the blue pipes to the right to jump down to the wires and the third generator.
  • Once again, move through the pipes to the middle structure, but this time look for a way not up, but down. The generator is hidden downstairs on the first floor of the middle structure.
  • Leave this place in any way and return to the table, where they took the pass and flashlight. Now go along the left wall. There will be a children's room on your right. Enter it through the round pipe, go upstairs, following the black cable, and turn on the second generator.

Keep in mind that with each activated generator, the moon will act more and more aggressively, and you will no longer be able to slow down the monster, even with a flashlight. The only safe place was the lighted table where the badge was. You can also, before taking the pass, examine the children's designs and find all the generators. After turning on the light, be sure to save: the station is at the table where you found the pass.

Escape from kindergarten

Exit through the door next to the charging station by pressing the green button. Quickly jump inside Freddie, climb up the steps and walk on top to the exit from the kindergarten. Once outside, Freddie will use the charging station. You lasted 1 hour out of five!

You can return to the kindergarten and go to the left where you came from with Freddie. Go around the security bots. Behind the fourth door on the left there will be a room in which there is a gift - a Glam-Freddy figurine. Continue on top, turn right and look into the second room on the left. There will be a present with a plush baby. Then go down the stairs that Freddie climbed and enter the boutique on the left. In the back room, behind the counter of the seller, look for a gift with an old poster.

Go back to the hall where Chika was. Now, after leaving the kindergarten, you can use any of the elevators on the right. Do so, go outside and take the map from the bot. Two tasks are activated.

If you chose "Prize corner"

You will find yourself in a huge hall. To get started, run all the way to the left, going around one bot to find a save station. Having survived, go up any escalator and walk counterclockwise along the third floor until you find the El Chips cafe. Move closer and the shutters will open. Climb inside, go right and through the door on the left to find yourself behind the counter. This place has a gift with a Monty Faz Pop. Exit the cafe through the other blinds and you will soon find yourself in the eastern playroom.

You can search it all, but on assignment you need to get to the far left side. In the toilets in front, in the row where the security bot is patrolling, there is a booth with a gift - Chika's ball. That is, go forward through the area with many guard bots. On the right side you can find a bag with a message. Turn left and move along the walls, hiding behind slot machines just in case, as Roxy is walking here. Eventually, you will reach the roller shutters, which will be closed. Look for the vent on the right. Climb inside and take a few steps forward. A small robot should appear that will chase you through the entire ventilation. Remember that you can accelerate even in a squat position. Make your way into the depths and soon you will find yourself at the security room. Do not hurry. Find a bag outside, be sure to save inside,

A sequence of classic FNAF games will begin. You need to hold out for a limited time, not allowing animatronics to get inside the room. Roxy and Monty will break down to you. There are two doors. Be sure to open the cameras and select two of them that will allow you to monitor the doors and animatronics approaching them. In addition, do not forget that there will be hints on the screen with cameras: if the camera detects movement, it will be highlighted in red and an exclamation mark will appear. This is a hint as to where the monsters are coming from. As for the doors, each of them has a certain charge level. This means that you cannot keep the doors constantly closed: otherwise, the energy supply will quickly run out, and you will not be able to defend against the monsters.

After completing this sequence, save and wait a little. Let the monsters disperse. Go through either of the two Level 2 doors as you now have the appropriate pass. Walk past the shop windows and turn left. You need to enter a room with a glass dome through which the lower floor is visible. However, in the main hall with a glass elevator, in the far right corner, there is a gift on the shelves with goods. Inside is Monty's mask. Be sure to save at the entrance. Walk in a circle and exit into another corridor. In this curved corridor, at the very end, behind the counter, there is a gift with Freddie's ice cream. In the same corridor there is a red door, which is guarded by ordinary yellow robots. Come closer to the door so that Gregory will tell Freddie that the way to the VIP hall is closed.

Note . Regardless of whether you went to the Prize Corner or the loading dock, Vanessa will catch Gregory's ban at the lost property. So read the paragraph below.

If you chose "Loading platform"

Move to the first floor of the atrium. There are several robots in one corner. In the very corner there is a save station and a level 4 door. There will be open ventilation to the right of the save station. Move through it, accelerate when a spider appears. After getting out of one mine, do not get up, but go to another and jump slightly onto the ledge. At the end of the path, click on E to slide down.

Save, two gray doors lead from here. Go along the right corridor to get to the intermediate room with a gift, inside which is Freddy's FAZ pop. Chika will be in the next room. Lure her in or bypass her. Go through the room with the image of the "portfolio" on the wall, into the corridor with a gray door. Open it and you will find yourself in the security room. Take the second level pass. To distract Chika, you need to bake a pizza for her. Look for the first ingredient, the sauce, on the machine in the farthest corner (in the far right). It has the inscription Sauce. Then move counterclockwise to the nearest corner with cheese (Cheese). After that, go in the opposite direction and look for the Meat machine not far from the stove. Then return to the cheese and look for the Not Meat machine nearby. Finally, head to the oven and bake a pizza.

Return through the door opposite the guard to the office with the "briefcase" on the wall to the right of the entrance. Inside you can find a bag with a letter and a gift with Freddy's magnet. Return to the guard room, go down the steps and immediately turn right. This will reveal a red door leading to the kitchen where the robot was making pizza. Go through it, lure Chika on you and escape from her through another door. Go through the red door EXIT TO DOCKS. Chica will stop chasing! Having done this, inspect the loading dock. Go to the table with the computer. To the right of it there is a button of the 7th level of access. Freddie will say that it will be possible to leave this place only after you have such a high level of access. He will offer to go back.

Get out of here the same way. Pick up the bag and go back. Go through the door on the left where the flashlight charging station hangs. You will be taken to the changing rooms. Go around Chiku. There is a bag in one of the corridors with showers. Take it and go through the locker room with lockers, where there are also showers (in one of them - a gift with a star T-shirt). In the end, you must go to the laundry room on the right side of the map. In the far corner of the laundry room, behind the shelves, is a gift with an old poster.

Exit to the hall with cleaning robots and go right. Take the moment and run after the guard bot. Hide on the right and let the bot go back, and you run to where it drove away from you, to the washing machines. Between them there will be a passage leading to the right, to two doors. The far door leads to a back room with a Glam Roxy present. The nearest door will trigger a cut-scene. Vanessa will catch you.

Note . Regardless of whether you went to the Prize Corner or the loading dock, Vanessa will catch Gregory's ban at the lost property. So read the paragraph below.

Lost and found

Remove the screwdriver from the box as soon as possible and open the ventilation grill on the right. Get out of here into the main hall. In this lobby, you were at the beginning of the game when you passed through the turnstiles with a free admission ticket. All you need to do is run through the hall, go up the escalators and use any elevator.

Returning to the atrium, go left, past two security bots, and be sure to save. The fence was removed from here. Walk forward and take the gate on the left. This path leads to a dark room, at the end of which is the entry point to the Roxy Races ride.

Walk forward a little, turn right and right again to get into the container where the gift with Roxy's ball is hidden. Now move to the back part. In front there will be a gate of 4 access levels. In the middle of the room, on the right, where the security bot periodically drives, there is a bunch of boxes and bags. It's not far from the loader. Climb them to get behind the screen into the Roxy Races lobby. You will notice Freddy downstairs. Go down to him and listen. He wants you to help Freddie get from the parts department. Do not hurry. Turn around and go to the left corner. Climb up the metal scaffolding to find a gift with Roxy's mask. Be sure to save and charge your flashlight.

Rehearsal space

Go through the door, go through a small warehouse and soon find yourself on a large one. There are two security bots and Roxy here. Roxy walk around the far shelves. I recommend following her on the left side, or moving first on the right, and in front of the last row of racks, go to the left. Don't even go to the door - on the 4th access level. You need to go along the left distant corridor. It is long and narrow and there are a lot of security bots here. You can hide from them in containers or side rooms. Use surveillance cameras to understand your surroundings. In the first room, you can find a gift with an El Chip piñata, and in the last room on the right, among all the trash and wires, there is a gift with a Glam Chica figurine.

Go through the red door at the end of the hallway. In the dark room on the left, look for a gift with an upgrade for the flashlight battery. There is a save station on the wall to the right in the main room. In the back, look for a bag with a message and a gift on the table. Inside you will find a backstage ticket. Exit here through another entrance to return to the lobby with the animatronic rooms (from the beginning of the game). there are two doors that lead backstage (with red signs). Use them, go upstairs and find yourself in the security room. As soon as you take the pass of the third level, the task will be completed and the mission described below will begin.

Behind the scenes

The mechanics of this guard room are different. There are four doors. Between each pair of doors there is a monitor on which you can see what is happening outside - Roxy and Monty will try to break down certain doors. Each door has a safety factor - a blue scale. The previous time, she pointed to the supply of energy. There is a green button next to each door that allows you to apply electricity to it and hit the animatronic. Watch out for large monitors and turn on those doors that enemies break into (be guided by the drawings on the doors, which are the same on both sides). There are several monitors in the center, on both sides. Freddie will appear on them. Look at the monitors periodically and look for Freddie waving his arms. He asks you to open the door for him. Click on the green button under this monitor. Continue until Freddie gets to you.

Show time

First, follow down and save. Then follow Freddie, who will stop in the large hall, in the atrium, on the first floor, on the stage. He asks you to go to the sound booth and activate the main scene. Move forward along the left or right edge of the hall, avoiding all security bots. Monty sat on the tower in the center, at the end of the hall, and use the projector. After passing the central part, first turn left. Leave one more time to the left and already along the edge of the hall move in the opposite direction. On the right there will be a room with a model of the ship. Walk around the ship and find a gift with a toy moon inside. I don’t know how he does it, but for some reason, whenever I enter this room, Monty, who comes running here, finds out about it. Escape from it using the ship (run around) and other obstacles. There is also a lighthouse with an orange chimney. Approach the lighthouse and the door will open. Inside there will be a gift with a Golden Sun. In the next jungle room on the right, another gift is hidden in the layouts. This time, you will find a Glam Monty figurine inside it. There is a robot nearby that will not let you inside as it needs a ticket to the party. To the left of the robot, behind the mock grass, there is a gift with Monty's ice cream.

Exit this room to the main call. The gate on the right leads back to the lobby from the start of the game. Walk past the bottom just to the corner of the hall, where there are chairs and tables for visitors. On one of the tables there will be a gift with a T-shirt with Monty's name on it. Under the canopy on which Monty is standing and a spotlight is installed, you can find another gift - with Monty's piñata. In the far right corner relative to the main scene from where you start, you can find a save station. Next to her on the table is a gift with Freddie's first upgrade.

Now go to the booth with Monty and the spotlight and go up to the second floor. Roxy is walking around here. You need to follow her to the right to the save station. Only next to it there is an open staircase leading to the third floor. You can hide in the booth and wait out Roxy. Then go to the third floor. There will be a passage to the dance floor nearby, but you need a dance ticket to get there. Beware of Chiku. Go forward along the floor and turn to the consoles on the left, a little further than the elevator. Interact with the remote to install the disc. Then you will need to return to Freddie on the main stage. Proceed with caution. Having done this, click on the button on the stage to go downstairs. Darkness will come. Run through the gate and follow forward to the door. To the right of it is the charging station. Climb inside and watch the cut-scene. Luna will kidnap Freddie.

Parts and Service

The door next to it is closed, so head back and left. There will be a robot screamer with a map of technical corridors. Take her. Save with the station on the wall to the left and proceed further. In the hallway, you will find a metal animatronic. It moves when you turn away from it. First, stand in front of him so that his eyes turn red, and then back away, periodically turning to face him. Lure him into the previous room and go around. At the end of the corridor where the animatronic was, there is a bag behind the bars. You can pick it up from this side. There will be ventilation on the left. Make your way inside to start the Warehouse quest described below.

When you get a pass and open the red door at the charging station, you can continue this task. Eavesdrop on the conversation between Vanessa and Freddie, and then go into the hall. There are glazed rooms on the right. One of the glasses is broken. Go through it and search the gift with the Glam Roxy toy. Then collect three bags, charge your flashlight and save. Interact with Freddie's computer and go inside. Interact with the head and repeat the sequence of pressing the buttons. Do the same with the console that appears. If you are wrong, Freddie will attack you. After successful completion, interact with the computer. Freddie will tell you what to do next.


Once in the ventilation, Gregory will say that there must be a pass in the warehouse. Quickly make your way through the tunnel, as this monster is located here. Save in a new location and go through the gate. Now there will be some difficult sections. Click on the green button and go through the wall that opens. The same animatronic will appear ahead. Lure him into the corridor where you came from. On the side there is an additional corridor with two entrances. Use it to get around the monster. Then run and press another green button. Run to the third green button and click on it. Go to the new corridor. If you wish, you can go through the door on the left to open another wall and find a gift with a nightmare toy. But picking it up, you activate the animatronics.

Run back and find the green button. On the way to it, you may have noticed two animatronics. They will immediately come to life, so as soon as you press the green button, look at them and walk past them sideways, returning to the beginning of the corridor, where the passage is now open. Run there. Continue running along the corridors by clicking on the green buttons. The further path will be simple. In the end, you will find yourself in the security room, where there will be another pass of the fourth level.

As soon as you pick it up, run away from the room into the corridor and turn right, where the door has now opened. It leads to the very beginning, where you can re-save. Return to the parts and service department the same way, through the ventilation. The first animatronic in the warehouse will not work, so walk around it calmly. Open the red door near the charging station and the mission ends. You will be able to continue the quest above.

Party ticket

Walk through the gate with Roxy's picture and take the elevator. Upon arrival, exit the elevator and examine the gift on the left. Inside it is a T-shirt with four blocks. Exit through Roxy's room, hiding inside Freddy. The path to Chika's room is closed: you need a level 5 access card. If you went to the loading dock, now you need to visit the security room in the prize corner. If you were in the prize corner, then act the other way around - go to the security room on the loading platform, which we will discuss below.

So go out to the lobby with the rooms of the animatronics and go right. Go under the raised shutters. In this place you found a badge with a photo. Walk left through the other level 4 shutters to return this way to the first floor of the atrium. Move to the right. There will be a large gate of the Fazer Blast attraction. Go through them. There is a robot in front that needs a party pass. Climb the stairs on the left to find the present with the "Freddy in Space" keychain. Return to the robot and go behind the counter to the right of it. You will need to bend down. In the back closet, on the shelf, there is another present with Freddie's piñata.

Get out of here into the main atrium hall and head to the right corner where there is a save station. Go through the small door next to her. Move along the corridor with the conveyor belt and at the very end of this belt you will find a present containing a T-shirt with Freddie's face. There is also a large metal sliding door at the very end. This is an elevator leading to the loading dock. Opposite him, in the hallway, there is a gray door leading to the kitchen. Go there. In the kitchen itself, look for a bag, and behind the doors at the counter on the left, find a gift with an ordinary piñata.

When you get a level 5 pass (read the Loading Dock quest below), return to the lobby with the animatronic rooms and open Chika's room. You can pre-search Monty's room to get a bag and a gift with Golden Freddy. As soon as you take the party pass, the Moon Monster will appear. Run out of Chika's room and run to Monty's office. Go through the gray door and use the charging station.

Loading area

To get to this place and get the level 5 pass, go down to the first floor of the atrium. You can get there through the gate behind which you found a photo pass at the beginning of the game. Then go to the right corner where the save station is and open the 4th level door next to it. Move along the conveyor belt and find a large gray sliding gate. This is an elevator. Get down on it to get to the warehouse.

The warehouse has two red doors with the number “3”. Go through them to the main hall. Go up the stairs to the second floor and open the red door. There will be a gray door in this hallway leading to the guard room. There you can get a level 5 pass, but again there will be a sequence with an assault on animatronics. Another door opposite the security room leads to an office with a "briefcase" on the wall to the right of the entrance. Inside you can find a bag with a letter and a gift with Freddy's magnet. Go further along the bridges and enter the back room through one of the gray doors. Inside you can find a gift with Freddy's Faz Pop and another bag.

When you're ready, go to the security room and take the fifth level pass. To distract Chika, you need to bake a pizza for her. Look for the first ingredient, the sauce, on the machine in the farthest corner (in the far right). It has the inscription Sauce. Then move counterclockwise to the nearest corner with cheese (Cheese). After that, go in the opposite direction and look for the Meat machine not far from the stove. Then return to the cheese and look for the Not Meat machine nearby. Finally, head to the oven and bake a pizza.

After receiving the 5th level pass, go downstairs and go to the right of the stairs, into the room where the pizza was prepared. Opposite will be the entrance to the loading dock. Pick up your bag before entering. You can turn left. This path leads to a corridor. On the right, there is a niche with another bag. Also, the path to the left leads to the dressing room and other rooms. In one of the corridors with showers, there is a bag at the end. In another corridor, search the booths themselves to find a gift with a star T-shirt. In a room with shelves and sleeping linen, behind a distant shelf, in the very corner, look for a gift with an old poster.

Go through the EXIT door from the kitchen where the pizza was being prepared. You will be taken to the site. The gates are closed, as are the doors to the front and left. On the right, look for a gray door. You will be taken to the warehouse with a forklift. Look for a generator in the far corner. Run it to energize the trash press. In the laundry room with washing machines, go behind the back row of cars and turn right. There will be two doors. There is a gift with a Glam Roxy toy behind the yellow-labeled door.

Moonlight Serenade

As soon as you get your ticket to the party, a familiar monster will appear. Run to the back room of Chika's room and hide in the charging station located in front and to the left.

Golf Monty or Fazer Blast

Now there will be a division. You have a party ticket, but you can only use it once. On the first floor of the atrium, in the left wing, there is a jungle with a robot that allows you to get to the Golf Monty ride. And on the right side is the purple door to the Fazer Blast. There is also a robot to which you need to hand over a ticket. Decide for yourself, and we will describe one of the options.

Fazer Blast (Room to Room)

Use your party ticket. Upon arrival, turn left and enter the security room to get a 6th level pass. In the next room next to the security room there is a gift with a Roxy in Space keychain. There is also a bowling ticket hidden in a drawer inside the security room. Get out of here. Robots and Chica will appear in the main hall. Save and go through the door near the reload and save stations. In the room with the robot talking about the blaster, between the seats, look for a gift with Freddy's ball.

Move on and in the next room take the phaser-blaster from the table on the left. Go to the war zone. You need to find three flags, initiate their capture and defend the point from enemies. Shoot robots. Try to make accurate shots, as the Phaser Blaster takes a very long time to recharge. There is one flag at the bottom, in the red area. Another one downstairs in the green area. Finally, look for the last flag at the top, in the purple zone, right in the center. In addition, next to the red flag, behind a screen, there is a door that leads to a back room with a golden gift - an old poster. By capturing all the flags, you will win. All robots will disappear. In addition, Chica is wandering around the hall. You can stun her with shots from your phaser blaster. Walk around the first floor and find the gray elevator doors. There is a device near them, into which you need to drop a phaser-blaster. After taking the elevator, enter the room on the right and take the phaser blaster. Now he is with you forever.

Return to the Fazer Blast Common Room and go to the toilet through the last door. There you will find a gift with a "Chica in Space" keychain.

Golf Monty

Go to the left side of the first floor of the atrium. There will be a robot. If there is a ticket to the party, then hand it over to the robot. In addition, there is a staircase to the right that leads upstairs. Climb up and move through the corridor to the door, which can now be opened. When the gate rises, you will see a corridor with robots. There will be a diner on the right. Inside you can find a bag and two gifts with a Monty magnet and a hoodie. In the main corridor, in the corner by the photo booth, you can find a gift with Chika's magnet. If you have already gone for the phaser blaster, then you will not be able to get to the golf itself.

However, it will be possible to get on the golf after 6:00, but keep in mind that at this moment all save stations are turned off, and in case of death, you will have to start from the main entrance to the complex. Anyway, if you spent the first (or second, after 6:00) robot ticket, go to the elevator and go to the attraction. The lift is located in the jungle on the first floor of the atrium. After going down, you can look around. Immediately after exiting the elevator, I recommend going down the escalator on the left. There will be a pit with balls in front of you. Find the descent into it to get to the house with the gift, inside which lies the mask of tragedy. Now in any way get to the premises in the far left corner. It is closed by a level 0 door. Go inside and find the bag on the counter. Go through the door on the right and follow the corridor to the security camera. Take two gifts inside it. In one you will find a FAZ camera, and in the other - a ticket to the training maze. There is also a bag that describes how to stop Monty. Return to the main golf course. There is a small house next to the counter and the level 0 door. Inside it is a gift with a card inside. And in the room next to the security room, where the bot is also located, there is a gift with an upgrade for a flashlight.


When you get your ticket to the training maze, head back to the atrium, go up to the third floor and open the door to the maze. It is located next to the door to El Chips. Having shown the ticket to the robot, go inside and examine the small room in the next corridor. Inside it is a device with buttons and a red lever. Do not press ANYTHING if you want to greatly simplify your task !!! If you click, the task "Find the control key in the kindergarten theater" will appear. Instead, head straight to the kindergarten theater or press the red lever. But not ordinary buttons (there are 10 of them)!

Move to the theater inside the kindergarten. You can get there through the blue gate from the bottom or top of the kindergarten. This is not difficult. In the main seating area, there is a bag with a letter and a gift with Roxy's piñata. Exit the hall to the left and go up the steps, picking up the moment so as not to get caught by the bot. Go along the upper balcony to another corridor and go downstairs. There will be an open gate that leads to the backstage. Go downstairs and you will see many iron bots. So far, they are inactive. To the right of the stairs, in the middle of the height, you can find a bag with a letter. In the far right room, look for a gift with a quest item inside.

As soon as you pick it up, all the robots in the previous room will come to life. But here it is simple: run out of the room and run back to the stairs, upstairs and to the theater. Nobody should catch up with you. The main thing is not to get close to bots. Upstairs, in a room with a single bot and a blue gate, there is a gift with a Freddie mask.

After obtaining the pass, return back to the labyrinth and to the control room. You can now use the keyboard. The rough principle is this: the red lever allows you to set the direction for the buttons. For example, there are two buttons "1". Flip the red lever and note the arrows on the left. So, depending on how the arrow is highlighted at the top button, each button from the top row will move elements to the left or up. In the case of the bottom row buttons, they will move to the right or down. But if you just saved, managed to press something, then reboot and press the following buttons:

  • Set the up and down arrows with the red lever, and then press the 3 button three times.
  • Set the red lever to the "left" and "right" arrows and press once on the top button "1".
  • Set the up and down arrows with the red lever, and then press the 3 button three times.
  • Set the red lever to the "left" and "right" arrows and press the upper button "1" twice.
  • Set the arrows "left" and "right" with the red lever (after the previous action, it is enough not to touch this lever) and press the upper button "2" three times.
If done correctly, you can enter the maze and reach the ventilation grill in the far left corner. One way or another, the main thing is to make sure that dark green screens are chosen in the far corner, where the grill is located. To keep the grate open. In the square to the right of this cell, you need to choose yellow or orange screens so that there is a passage there. To select a design in a cage with ventilation, use a different position of the arrows and keys "1" (upper and lower). Press until you see the item you want.

When you get through the ventilation, you will need to eliminate Monty. First, shoot the green cannon at the purple targets. When you can jump down, do so, and you will see Monty appear. Run away from him. The camera and blaster do not work on Monty as he is wearing protective goggles. Your task: using different guns, shoot shells at the same purple target. If you hit it, the shells will gradually fill the bucket. As soon as the bucket is full, run to it and click on the green button on the right. Watch the cut-scene. Pick up Monty's claws and find metal structures near the wall with smoke, along which you can jump into the ventilation. Get out of here.

Bowling Bonnie (Monty's Secret Blend)

Return to the atrium and go up to the third floor. Look for the entrance to Bonnie's bowling alley there. There is a security bot at the entrance to which you need to show a ticket found in the Fazer-Blast office. There's a bag on the walkways in the corner. Go into the corridor behind the cafeteria on the left and find a gift on the boxes, which contains Monty's secret mixture. There is also a bag with a note nearby. It says that park staff fears that Chica will end up in a garbage press. And they even hid Monty's secret mixture from her. You just found her. In another part of the corridor, there is a staircase that leads down to the gift with the Golden Monty.


Now go to the first floor atrium, go through the level 4 door in the far right corner, where the save station also hangs. Walk along the conveyor belt and take the elevator. This will take you down to the loading dock. Go through the far door marked "3" and through the red door EXIT TO DOCKS. You will be taken to the kitchen. There is a garbage press on the left. Go inside and immediately install Monty's secret mixture at the entrance. On a white sheet of cardboard. Go through the door on the right to the main loading dock building. Walk right to the far gray door. Exit through it and turn right to enter the workshop where the generator is located. Launch it to activate the trash press. You can also walk along the black wire from this press. Return to the garbage press and opposite its entrance, look for the hanging remote control near the tables. Click on it,

Chiki's beak

After destroying Chika, remove the module from her beak. Take the only route through the technical corridors. Ahead you will see a locked door with a disabled button. Move away from it to the right, into the large hall, where you are looking for the first generator. After activating it, go around Chiku. I had a phaser blaster, so I just blinded her. Go back to the door, which can now be opened with the green button.

Walk along the wooden planks, climb the stones to the white pipe on the right and continue moving. Get to the save point. Save your game, charge your flashlight, and head left from the locked door. Once in the cave behind the bridge made of a thin board, go along the left side to make a circle and find a generator. Be careful as Chica is wandering around here. After turning on the generator, return the same way and go through the door.

You will soon find yourself in the parking lot. Move to its far end and find the last generator. We'll have to bypass the robots, although with the phaser blaster everything is very simple. After turning on the generator, ignore the wire. Next to him, look for a latticed door through which you can go. This path leads to the stairs. Climbing up it, take from the table with robots a gift, which contains an old poster. Going upstairs, you will update the task. We need to improve Freddie in the parts and service section.

To do this, return to the Artist Rooms Lobby. Enter Roxy's room and take the elevator. Only he works. Interact with the computer, enter Freddie's room and now interact with him. Remove the bow tie and chest plate. Watch which buttons light up, and disconnect the wires in a strictly specified order. You need to press the buttons. Then remove the voice module and connect the wires, again observing the order of pressing the buttons. After that, install the butterfly lid and go through the test by pressing the colored buttons. The sequence will increase to 5 different buttons. If you followed our walkthrough, then after taking the phaser-blaster and installing the Chiki module, the hour will end. Run out of the room where you made the upgrade and turn left (behind the second red door) to find the charging station and escape from the moon.

Time to recharge!

As soon as you install the Chiki or Monty module, listen to Freddy, and then go out through the two red doors opposite the improvement booth and enter the charging station on the left to hide from the monster.

Roxy's weakness

The task will appear in the last game hour. Head to the atrium and go up to the second floor above the Fazer-Blast. There will be two doors here, and one of them is open. This is where you went the last time you climbed through the crates near the Roxy Races. Now you can open two doors. The one ahead leads to a dead end, so open the door in the far right corner. This path will lead you to the Roxy Races location. There will be a diner ahead. Go into this building and look into the room with the hairdresser (the inscription Hair on the wall). Inside it is a bag with a letter and the first Princess Quest slot machine. You need to complete mini-games on three of these machines to get the true ending!

There is a gift with shoes in the restroom. Gregory will run faster! Return to the main diner room and head up the stage on the left to find the gift with Roxy's magnet. Return to the very beginning of the location. there are colored steps in the rock on the left. Go upstairs and enter the room with the gift - Roxy's piñata.

Return to the warehouse, where you moved through the boxes, and go through the large gate on the right. I wrote that this path leads to a dead end. But this is not the case. Take advantage of Freddie. If Chika is killed, you will have a special voice. Walk forward until you hit the gate with a yellow chain. There is a ramp to the left of them. Climb up it and go to the grate in front. Press LMB to apply Chiki's voice (behind this grate in front, on the left side there is a microphone; it reacts to Chika's voice). If you've dealt with Monty instead of Chica, then just climb onto the platform with Freddie.

Once in the big hall of "Race Roxy" (first take your bag), go left and go down the stairs. Ahead you will find another bag and a level 0 door. Behind her is a descent down to some old elevator (and another bag). This elevator is used to get the true ending. Return to the main hall and head back. But do not climb the stairs, but follow the left, to the blue gate. You will be taken to a garage with maps. There is a level 0 red door on the right. Go through it to find a bag and a gift (under the rack) with Freddy's upgrade.

In one of the distant small garages, there is a gift with a dance ticket. Go to the right corner (closest to the entrance) to find the information desk. it is a small building with the INFORMATION sign. Walk inside and follow the robot to the right. Pick up the letter bag. It talks about Roxy's weakness. The task will be updated. Also on one of the shelves there is a gift with a "Roxy in Space" keychain.

Exit here and follow the right wall. Here you will find a kart with a robotic driver, but it has no head. We need to find the head. There is a save point on the wall to the right. You can also climb the metal stairs and find a gift with Roxy's Faz-Pop. There is a bag near the conservation station. Inside it is a note stating that for safety reasons, the only working bot driver is hidden in the northwest part of the track, by the stairs. Go to the opposite wall. Let me remind you that there is a level 0 red door that leads down to the old elevator. But you are interested in the boxes to the right of the building with this door. Go behind the box where the bag was and find the Driver Bot inscription. Get close for the robot to fly. Take his head to start the "Repair the Robot Head" quest. If you haven't found a dance ticket, please do so.

Princess Quest at Roxy Racing (Roxy Beauty Salon)

To complete this mini-game, first remove an extra life from the chest. Use LMB to interact. Then go through the wooden door and light all the bowls. A stone door will open. Light all the bowls in the next room, avoiding the ghosts, and head right. Go around the hill and get to the chest on the other side to get the key. After taking it, return to the right and wait. Monsters will arrive. Walk around them on the other side. Open the door with the key and follow. Light all torches. There will be even more monsters. Walk up. There will be a locked door ahead, you need a purple key. Walk right. Go around the pits and monsters, mainly moving to the right side. You will find yourself in the cemetery. You need to light the bowls in order. Each slab has or had a certain number of points. For example, on a whole slab, there are 2 points in the center, and it needs to be lit second. A slab with one dot is lying on the right and below it. You have to figure it out. And then go across the bridge, go downstairs and take the key from the purple chest. Walk to the right and open the door with the purple lock. Walk up until you get to the monster.

Repair the robot head

Having obtained it, you will have to find the head of the robot driver. But not before you find the driver bot itself on the map (read the quest above). Return to the atrium, go up to the third floor and go to the elevator with the Fazcade sign. To get started, go right onto the dance floor. There will be a huge DJ here. A little further, to the right of the DJ, there is a shield on the wall. Remember it. Go back and down the corridor to the right, where the toilet stalls are. In the distant booths with Freddie there is a utility room with a second dashboard. Now go to another part of the hall, where there is a staircase leading upstairs. Upstairs, you can go to the far right corner, where there will be a level 0 red door. It leads into a hallway with slot machines. At the end, there will be another shield on the wall to the right. There is also a Princess Quest II slot machine at the end.

Back out and go through the gray door to the guard rooms. The pass cannot be improved here. Instead, when you examine the room and device in the center, the lights will turn off. The first thing to do is go downstairs, walk to the left of the elevator and activate the red switch on the side of the DJ. After that, you will be asked to activate three more switches. Move away from the DJ and turn into the corridor on the right. Enter the men's toilet with Freddie's picture and look for a utility room with the first switch. Activate it and go out through the right door of the toilet, as the robot sticks its huge paw into the left one.

Walk to the right of the elevator, looking at it, and move along the left wall with slot machines. It is advisable to bend down. There you will find a second shield. Turn it on and continue along the left wall to climb up the steps. On the top floor, go left past the bar. Be careful as Chica is here. There will be a circular path. Move along the wall to the right and look for the third switch between the slot machines. After activating it, run to the security room. Walk past it and follow to the very end, where there is the Princess Quest II machine gun. Not far from it, on the wall to the right (if you move towards the machine), there will be the last switch. Activate it. A huge robot DJ will appear. Run back from him, enter the guard room and place your head inside one of the two holes in the center.

Princess Quest at Fazcade

When you follow the head of the driver bot with a dance ticket, take the elevator and head left. Follow up the steps and on the topmost floor, run to the far right corner. There will be a red door. It leads into a corridor with a gray door. Behind it there is a room with a bag and a present - a "Roxy in Space" keychain. Exit and head left along the long corridor with slot machines. At the very end, on the right, there will be a third shield. There is also a Princess Quest II slot machine.

Once you start the game, you will receive a sword. Go through the door below. Go right, kill enemies and collect lives from the chest. in the end, you will find yourself in a room where you need to light all the bowls. The way will open up, across the bridge. You go even lower to find a room with bowls and a chest. Inside is the key. After taking the key, return to the king and go through the door above. Activate the red and two other bowls. Go across the bridge, kill the enemies and light all the bowls. A stone door will open on the bottom left. Go through it. At the bottom there will be a chest with a heart. Go right, back to the old man, but now there will be bowls. Activate all bowls. When new ones remain, one brown and one purple. You need to attack the yellow and purple bowls so as to rotate the bowls on the left and the bowls on the right. Place the same pattern out of them. Purple bowls should be on the left, yellow bowls on the right. Go through the opened door to the right, to the right of the king, and you will enter the guard room. The episode will end.

Stop Roxy

After fixing the head of the robot, go back to the location "Roxy Race". Place the robot head on the bot in the map.

Improve Freddy

After the cut-scene, remove Roxy's eyes from the animatronic crushed by the kart. Be sure to save. Then press the green button, but don't stand in front of the door! Roxy will kick the door. Run behind and move into the hole on the left. In the next corridor, run through the regular door and turn into the hole on the left. Get Roxy to knock down the wooden door in the hallway you came from. Then lure Roxy to the hole on the left. Go through the hole, follow through the knocked out door and go to another wooden door that has a fire behind it. Make some noise (run) in front of this door for Roxy to knock it down. Then run past the lines of fire to the back of the room, where there will be a ventilation grill. Open it and make your way into the adjacent room. You escaped from Roxy.

Go up the stairs to get to a new part of "Roxy Racing". There is a level 0 red door ahead. Behind her is a bag and a gift with Monty's balloon. Now follow the road towards the information center. You need to find a place where you can get around the barrier. There is still a bag nearby. Leave this area and return through Roxy's room to the Parts and Service Department. Install the second upgrade on Freddie.

The final

After that, you will be asked to leave the complex. You can do this in several ways. I will describe briefly, and in a separate guide I will consider all the endings of the game. So you can:

  • From the atrium, take the second floor elevator down to the turnstiles and main exit and leave the building.
  • Go to El Chips, past the security room to the prize area and find the fire door in the far corridor behind the room with the glass dome. You should have seen her if you decided to go to the prize area instead of the loading dock.
  • Go to any exit and tell Freddie that you are staying. If so, visit Golf Monti or Fazer Blast whichever location you have not been to. Please note that now there will be no save actions, which means that the task will become much more complicated. You need to find a security room in one place or another and get a 7th level pass. Then go to the kitchen through the doors on the first floor of the atrium, behind which there is a conveyor belt and an elevator. After going down the elevator, go through the kitchen to the loading dock, click on the button near the computer and go through the EXIT door next to it.
  • These are all bad endings. And now about the good ones. You can play three Princess Quest arcade machines. Two of them are described below. In the case of the third, you had to visit Fazer Blast in advance (or do it now!), Return to the room where you were presented with the blaster (after fighting with robots), and find ventilation there. Use it to find Vanni's room. Now, when trying to exit, you can choose the option with Vanni (instead of "Leave" or "Stay"). Freddie will move you to the right place. Run past Roxy and Chica, head up the steps and reach Vanni's room. Inside it is the third Princess Quest arcade machine. In the left room you need to light three bowls and take Vanni's mask. In the right room you need to move along the conveyors without stepping on the conveyors themselves !!! Right around the edge. Then make your way to the mask chest, and then on the conveyors make your way to the door on the right. There, activate the red bowl, purple (with the shadow of the princess) and yellow. When you play in all three arcade machines, after winning the third, you will see a secret ending.
  • Do the same, but instead of playing the machine, click on the green button in Vanni's room.
  • Finally, you need to install all the improvements on Freddie. You will definitely have two of them, and you will have to go to the remaining attraction - Golf Monty or Fazer Blast. Deal with Monty or Chica. In Monty's case, it's understandable. As for the Fazer Blast, this is where you find your bowling ticket and then visit the bowling alley and pick up Chika's secret mix. In general, when you install the third improvement, go to Roxy Races, to the far left corner of the first floor and through the red door that leads down to the old elevator. Break down the gates, open others with Chika's shout and take the elevator. Follow the only way until you get to the secret room (you will need to jump into the pit). By the way, it is completely optional to include generators. Inside, you need to press the buttons on the TV to burn the rabbit trying to hack Freddie.


With Chiki's module, go down to the basement by going through the red door in Freddie's body (as you did at the beginning of the game). At the fork where Freddie took you to the infirmary, there is a grill with a microphone on the left. Get closer for Freddie to use Chiki's module and the door will open. So you can get to the gift with the comedy mask.

Also take the elevator back from the second floor of the atrium to the lobby where you first met Chika. There are also turnstiles. Between the entrance and exit turnstiles there is a 2nd access level room. Open it to find Chiki's Faz-Pops bag and gift. Return to Lost and Found with a Level 4 Map. The door is located in the lower right store, if you go from the side of the elevators. There you still made your first pass for kindergarten.

Return to kindergarten with a fifth pass level. Go down to the place where the Sun is, and look to the left of its corner for blue shutters. Come closer so that they open up.

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