Walkthrough Icarus - game guide

Walkthrough Icarus - game guide


Detailed walkthrough of all investigations - story missions and tasks of Icarus

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On the start screen, where you can customize skills and equipment, there is a "New Research" button. Investigation in Icarus means story missions that you can take in the appropriate order, and for which a limited time is allotted.

Beachhead: Recon

In fact, within the framework of this task, nothing really needs to be done. You are asked to land on a planet and explore it. I suggest you familiarize yourself with some of the basics right now. You can collect:

  • Stones
  • Reeds (blue flowers by the water)
  • Lilies (blue flowers in the forest, rare)
  • Branches
  • Fibers from regular bushes
  • Oxyite is a blue stone that, when consumed, allows you to restore 9 units of oxygen
  • Wild berries - satisfies hunger and (a little) thirst

To quench your thirst, you can drink water from the river at first, but keep in mind that in this case there is a chance of catching an intestinal infection. However, it will pass by itself, after the specified time, but while it works, any food becomes 50% less effective.

After collecting stones, fibers (from bushes) and branches, use the game menu. Click on I and go to the "Craft" tab. You will find that you can create two simple tools - a stone pickaxe and an ax. The ax is used to cut trees (small trees can be broken by hand, despite the ax-shaped marker that appears), and the pickaxe allows you to extract stone and oxy from large blocks.

After mining 100 units of stone and wood (do not confuse with branches - wood is obtained by cutting thick trees with an ax), you can create a pile of stones or a woodpile from them all on the same "Craft" tab. A little later, you will get a new level, talent points and crafts. The former allow you to unlock some passive improvements for the character, and the latter - new blueprints.

Note. You cannot take any resources from the planet. Even if you put them on the shuttle!

Livewire: Terrain Scan

Before starting the task, you can increase the level of your hero and spend points of talents and technologies. When you're ready, start the quest. To the northwest of your capsule is a container with a scanner. Remove this device from the container. It will automatically appear in the quick access slot and will be fixed through the G key. After that, three points for scanning will appear on the map. One is in close proximity to you, and the other two are equidistant. But for now, prepare to travel by creating:

  • Stone ax, wooden bow with stone or bone arrows. This is useful for fighting animals. You can create a spear, but it is more difficult to wield it.
  • Bonfire. At least one to cook food.
  • Oxytes - Several replenishing oxygen can be collected on the way to the scan site.
  • Sleeping bag and wooden structures. You must have at least one sleeping bag to use it as a temporary respawn point. Alternatively, you can build a small shelter, but it takes a long time.

Scan sites and wild animals

Visit any of the three designated locations. In each of these places there is a highlighted area with a hologram - this is where you need to install the previously received scanner. Once it is installed, press F to activate the device. Once you launch it, try to stay nearby until the scan is complete. The scale will begin to fill from 0 to 100%, however, upon reaching 50%, wild animals will magically begin to appear around it. These can be both deer and dangerous wolves. It is best to duck down and hide nearby, in the grass (if possible).

Here are the animals that appear in each area:

  • Scan site 1 (sectors L11 / 12, north of the landing site) - two bears.
  • Scan location 2 (sector Q10, northeast) - four wolves.
  • Scan location 3 (sector I13, in the southwest, you need to go around the mountain and climb the hill) - two cougars.

A pack of wolves and two pumas can be easily destroyed with a stealth bow attack. Especially when using bone arrows. Each of the mobs can be killed with one clean headshot. Bears are another matter. If you cannot finish them off quickly, they will simply tear you apart. At least before launching the scanner at this location, I recommend creating a sleeping bag and / or shelter.

However, each animal will leave the scanned area a few seconds after its appearance. So you can hide and wait. Then, when the beasts are gone, go back to the scanner and press F to continue scanning. Once the device reaches 100%, pick it up by holding X. Once you are done with each of the three areas, return to the landing craft to complete the mission.

Strange Harvest: Bio-Research

Take with you a wooden bow with regular or bone arrows, as you will have to deal with wolves. You can also take a stone knife, which allows you to kill enemies in melee and skin the wolves. Alternatively, you can craft a sleeping bag that is used as a spawn point.

Zone "Alpha"

After landing, open the map and look for the yellow marker in the southwest. This is the first search area. Double click on the center of J14 to place the waypoint where the target is. Move there, collecting sticks and stones along the way to create a knife and a bow. You can make a pickaxe to speed up the extraction of the stone. However, a knife and half a dozen arrows will be enough. After collecting several varieties of food and killing 1-2 animals, make a fire and cook food. Chop down nearby trees, pumping experience while cooking. If you are going to create a respawn point with a sleeping bag, the upper left corner of the K14 sector will do. Excellent position between the first two goals. When you enter J14, head towards the lake in the center and find the first target on the northeastern shore. Move closer for interaction and press F to collect the first sample.

Zone "Beta"

The next search area is on the road back through the K14 mountain pass, so mark the top left corner L14 and head east. You will find a snowy valley leading to the southeast - go through it to find the next sample. High-level wolves often roam here as we are near the arctic biome. If you are unsure of your fighting abilities, move slowly and carefully.

Zone "Gamma"

Now you need to leave the valley to the north, and then move even further, to the last search zone. Open the map and place a marker in the middle left part of sector L12 to determine the compass direction. Head there and look for the last bio-specimen near the mountains on the western edge of the middle section of L12. When you collect it, you can return to the capsule. Open the map and double-click on the capsule icon to place a marker. Arriving at the place, press the F key to leave the planet.

Headstone: Geo-Survey Bring a wooden bow with regular or bone arrows as you have to deal with wolves. You can also take a stone knife, which allows you to kill enemies in melee and skin the wolves. Alternatively, you can craft a sleeping bag that is used as a spawn point. Also, ideally, you should have a full set of fur clothes, a spear, and a fire.

Quite a simple mission if you know a few key points:

  • There are steep cliffs from which you can fall.
  • You will encounter cave worms that attack the hero.

Otherwise, no problems should arise, especially if you follow our guide. As soon as you arrive on the planet, you will see several boxes on the map. Go to the nearest one. The path is not short, so bring oxyte, water and hunt wild animals to prepare your food.

Base construction

You will walk a lot. Although the quest is not related to battles, you can still be attacked by wild animals. Build a small hut near the lake and place a sleeping bag there. You will find yourself in the center of all target markers, creating yourself a spawn point. From here you can easily reach all the boxes on the map. It is not necessary to create something unusual, since the mission can be completed without the means at hand.

Find other supply crates

As soon as you fill up all the supplies, direct to other boxes. You can reach them in one day, but while traveling, you should be careful, as you need to move along the rocks, and in the event of a fall, the character may be damaged. Repeat the steps you followed when placing the first station. The final goal is the fourth crate, and it is marked on the map.

Use the found transmitter from the last container to download all the data that was collected during the mission. Return to your ship to finish.

Kill List Extermination

As before the previous quest, go about leveling up and unlocking skills. At the very beginning, you will have to prepare a little by collecting resources and creating a number of tools:

  • Wooden bow, stone or bone arrows. Needed to destroy the target.
  • Sleeping bag and wooden structures - used as a respawn point in case of death.

Tracking location 1

First you need to catch the trail of a deadly predator. The first one will appear on the map southwest of the drop capsule. You will see blood and footprints in the clearing in sector G15.

Tracking location 2

After interacting with the first point, the second place will appear. It is located even further northeast of the capsule. You should find bloody footprints at the edge of the tree line near the gentle path in sector I13.

Tracking location 3

The third location is east of your current location. Move along the base of the mountain, skirting it until you find a dead carcass in sector K13.

Deadly Predator's Lair

After interacting with the third point, you will be shown the location of the predator's lair. However, the marker will only appear on the map at night, from 18:00 to 04:00. The lair itself is located south of location number 3, behind the ravines and ridges in sector J16. The deadly predator will have a random name and only appear at night. If you can get to the right place before the sun goes down, make your task much easier.

How to kill a deadly predator

It is a good idea to place a wooden ramp to climb to the top of the cliff. Stay there while shooting at the predator with your bow. A bug may occur, and the predator will get stuck in scripts at the entrance to its hideout. His head will stick out, and you can easily destroy the beast. But if everything works out as it should, and you can't find a safe place, get ready for a hectic battle. From time to time, he will run away and restore health. He will then scream by summoning a pair of common wolves. If you are lucky, that is, you can climb the hill, be sure to kill all the summoned wolves to get additional experience points. After that, return to the landing ship and complete the task.

Icestorm expedition

Before starting the mission, make sure you can level up to at least level 20. Ideally, you need to complete the task after a set of fur clothes is available.

Location of device component 1

The initial challenge for this assignment is to find 3 components for the device. The first is located southwest of the shuttle in sector N12. Go through the tree-lined ravine and you will see a ridge to the side. Open the large container and take the quest item from there.

South glacier

After getting the first component, make sure you are fully prepared for the frosty area. Although you are currently in a temperate region, you will soon be heading into the frozen wastelands and the Southern Glacier Gorge. Bring extra food and oxygen with you as it is difficult to replenish them in the South Glacier. However, you can melt the ice to get water easily. Likewise, you can use a pickaxe to gouge a room in the icy cliffs and create a temporary shelter. If you bring a sleeping bag with you, you can even turn it into a mobile spawn point.

Finally, beware of polar bears. They are extremely dangerous and can have levels 30-40 and even higher. If you have discovered a talent that reduces the sound when moving, then try to sneak past these predators.

Location of device component 2

The second component for the device is located on the ridge to your left, when you exit the ravine, in sectors N14 / 15.

Location of device component 3

The third, last component should be sought to the west of the current position, in sector M14. You should see a blue circle indicating a frozen lake. This means you are close to the desired location.

Activating the destroyer

Now that you have all three components, it's time to craft the device. Open the Crafts tab and create an Acoustic Cavitation Cannon. To activate the destroyer, you need to find cover. It is useless to build wooden structures as the blizzard will destroy them. Enter the cave north of sector M14. Stay at the entrance until the blizzard subsides and watch out for the cave worms located at the back of the cave.

Unfortunately, although the cave is considered a refuge, the destroyer will not work inside it. Look for a rock nearby and cut down a room in it using a pickaxe. Place the destroyer inside. Press F to start the device and wait for the scale to reach 100%. Can also set up a bonfire nearby. When done, return to the shuttle to complete the quest.

Searchlight Scan

Before starting this mission, make sure to level up your character to at least level 20. Ideally, a full set of fur armor is needed to improve cold resistance. You will be taken back to the same location where the Icestorm Expedition quest took place. Gather materials and craft the equipment you need to survive.

Radar location

When you're ready, head to the gorge that will lead you to the South Glacier. The desired container is located next to the ridge in sectors O12 / 13. Unlock it and take away the radar (it is tied to the slot with the G key). Be aware that there are polar bears and grizzlies nearby. The following steps should be familiar:

  • Go to the scan location and align the radar with the yellow dot by pressing G.
  • Activate the device by pressing F.
  • Hide or fight with wild animals, the level of which will be much higher than your character's level. Beasts appear at the moment when the scanning progress reaches 50%. Better to be secretive.
  • If you were hiding, when the animals disappear, continue scanning by restarting the radar.
  • Hold X to pick up the device when the scale reaches 100%. Go to the next scan point.

Scan location 1

Continue south through the valley to find the first scan location in sector O14. A polar bear will appear here, so stay away from it. Turn on the radar when the beast disappears.

Scan location 2

The next scan location is on a frozen lake in sectors M14 / 15. There are several ledges that you can jump up to. Launch the device and climb higher. Two wolves will appear. They will not be able to reach you, so you can kill the animals using a bow.

Scan location 3

The last scan site is at the end of the canyon in a temperate zone. At the top of a rocky cliff. You can get to it using wooden ramps. A snow leopard will appear shortly after starting up the device. Most of the time he can't get to you, so shoot him from a safe position.

When you're done scanning, take the radar and return to the shuttle. You can follow the same route, through snow storms and polar bears, or you can move along a longer route, north along the foothills of the mountain and south in front of the ravine. The path is long, but you will be moving through a temperate region (forest), which is not so dangerous.

Resurgence: Bio-Research

Take with you a wooden bow with regular or bone arrows, as you will have to deal with wolves. You can also take a stone knife, which allows you to kill enemies in melee and skin the wolves. Alternatively, you can craft a sleeping bag that is used as a spawn point. And a set of clothes. You can make it easier for yourself by unlocking talents that increase movement speed and improve stealth skills.

Bio samples 1 and 2

After landing, open the map and look for the yellow circle northeast of the shuttle. Double click on the middle of the line that joins sectors L11 and M11. The waypoint appears. Run to the northeast, collect sticks and stones along the way to make a knife and a bow. A stone pickaxe can come in handy to quickly collect stones for making arrows. Knives, arrows and bows should be sufficient. After collecting several types of food and killing 1-2 animals, make a fire, prepare food. While she is preparing, chop down trees to gain experience. The wood will come in handy later to create a shelter. When you come to the marker, find a large rock to the north of the lake, which you passed earlier. On the southeast side of the cliff is your first target: get close enough to interact with it on the F key. Collect the first sample.

The next search area is even further to the northeast, through the N9 mountain pass. Place a marker in the middle of N10 and start moving in that direction. After reaching it, place another marker at the bottom of the sector O8 and continue moving. You will find extremely low-level wolves here, so don't worry. Collect the berries along the way and eat one at a time regularly to keep them from spoiling.

The next sample is harder to find than the previous one. To get to it, go to where the lake turns into a river in O8 and follow the western bank of the river to the north. Walk around the medium-sized boulder and see a strange tendril extending into the river. Behind the stone is a deer corpse that you can interact with to collect a second bio-sample.

Bio sample 3

Now you will have a huge journey towards the third sample. Place a marker in the middle left part of sector O12. There will be few predators, but the situation will change when you get to the pass at the bottom of the O11 sector. There is a bear in this area. When you get close to the transition in the Arctic biome, it will be great to set up a camp. Build a shelter, place a sleeping bag in there and get at least 10 servings of grilled meat. If you haven't created a complete set of fur garments, do so while you wait for the meat to cook. It will also be great to replenish your oxygen stores by collecting some oxyte. You don't need a water tank as you should have enough berries by now. If there are not enough berries, refill the water supply by the stream north of your base. If you are close to leveling up, level up to the entrance to the Arctic. In this part of the mission, you will surely die, and in this case, you will lose all progress from the current level to the next. So it's better to pump so that the experience does not go to waste.

It will probably be dark, so get some sleep. In the morning, place a marker in the lower right corner of sector N14 and head to the Arctic. Move slowly past the corners in sectors O12 and O13, as there are polar bears here. Squat to remain invisible. Then the predators will disappear and you can move faster. The last specimen is in the lower right corner of N14, in a hole in the snow. You can easily fall in there and be seriously injured. There are several holes here - the one you are looking for is wider than the rest, further round.

Despite the quest description, you don't need to carry anything to the shuttle, as nothing will actually appear in your inventory! If you do not have experience and items from the Orbital Workshop, you can safely die. Otherwise, pump up and do it. Or, if there are items and you do not want to lose them, do the same way back to the shuttle. Set the point in the middle of sector L14. A polar bear appears right at the border of M14 and L14. It can sometimes be on the other side of the cliff, right where the area is narrowing, so be careful. There may be several predators in this area, so be careful on your way back to the forest. Once you leave the Arctic, open the map and place a new marker on your shuttle. Return to him and leave the planet.

Waterfall expedition

You will find yourself in the desert, so you have to prepare well. Ideally, you should equip one of the following sets of armor, which will provide resistance to high temperatures and reduce the risk of illness and injury:

  • Desert Suit (Rank 2). Creation requires fibers, sticks, rope. You will have to spend talent points to get to this costume.
  • Hunter costume (third rank). Crafting requires fibers, leather, rope and epoxy. There is no need to acquire talent. But since we are talking about a set of the third rank, you can get it upon reaching at least level 30.
Moreover, you need to stock up on oskite, oxygen and water, filling it in a wineskin or flask. Try to fill several containers. When it comes to food, there are many enemies in the desert, so you can hunt them for meat.

Border and lighthouse

The target is to the west of the shuttle, in sector I13, but you need to make your way through the desert valley. In the end, you will find yourself in a region with a temperate climate and hear the speech of the commander. Time to pick up the lighthouse. It is south of your position, so follow the mountain to J4. This path also leads to a snow-covered trail in case ice is needed for the water. When you take the beacon, it will be added to the shortcut slot with the G key. I will tell you where and when to apply it, otherwise you will catch a bug and have to start all over again !!!

How to overcome a stone barrier

This is how it should look like:

  1. Go back to the border and stand on the circular marker. Build a small shelter at this location and add some amenities inside (make sure there is a sleeping bag that acts as a spawn point).
  2. Start cutting down nearby trees by collecting firewood. Collect fibers from bushes. You will need a lot of fiber!
  3. Start creating wood ramps and stairs using wood beams and flooring.
  4. You can climb the ramp to the roof of your hideout to add additional bridges.
  5. Wooden floors should be used as a flat platform to stand on or as a means of connecting ramps.
  6. Timber beams maintain the integrity of the structure. If the floor or ramp turns red, it will collapse in seconds. Use wooden beams to support them and avoid collapsing.

The idea is that we build wooden platforms from the base over the ridge. Once you are above this ridge, you can install more ramps on the slope of the mountain. Ideally, ramps / stairs should be angled slightly against the mountain. Since the objects are leaning against the mountain, their outline will be blue, which will strengthen the structure as a whole.

What's next?

If you have already built a ramp across the stone ridge, but the task itself is not completed, do not worry: you need to get to the valley on the other side. At the peak, look to the right. You should see a path going down. Carefully climb down, as you can get fall damage here. After a safe descent, move slightly to the left, next to the target marker. The commander will contact you and the task will be considered completed. But this is not the end ...

Beacon installation

You still need to get to the right place to install the beacon. Just in case, build a shelter and a sleeping bag so that you can respawn. Start collecting resources. When you're ready, head west through the valley. There are many wild animals here. You will soon reach Riverlands. There is a large waterfall here, and a little to the south, in sector F4, there is a smaller waterfall. You can place the lighthouse on the rock.

Mission accomplished. Now you need to leave the planet using the same shuttle. If you did not use a sleeping bag in this place, you can die and be reborn near the shuttle, receiving an experience penalty. It's imperfect, but fast. Or build a ramp on this side.

Deep Vein: Extraction

Take with you a wooden bow with regular or bone arrows, as you will have to deal with wolves. You can also take a stone knife, which allows you to kill enemies in melee and skin the wolves. Alternatively, you can craft a sleeping bag that is used as a spawn point. An ax is also useful.

Use a Stone Pickaxe or a Pickaxe from the Orbital Workshop to increase your loot by 100%. You will be able to collect more exotic ore. Leather armor and a wooden torch with a rag will also come in handy. If possible, buy a water flask from the workshop, which will eliminate the need to collect a lot of berries. Talents that reduce the noise level while moving and enhance the skills of stealth will come in handy. Unlike the previous tasks, you need to return to the ship, bringing with you exotic ore.

After landing, find a marker in the east. You need to move north, turn east and walk south to get around the mountains. On the way to your goal, collect resources to create a knife, bow, arrows, pickaxe, ax and armor. After killing animals, create a fire and prepare food. If you didn’t take the flask, collect more berries. Or fill the container with water. Continue killing animals to collect at least 20 pieces of raw meat, as well as make a sleeping bag. Only attack low-level targets or defenseless animals. There is a bear in the northern part of O12, so be careful. Make your way to the southwest point of O12 to discover the crossing into the Arctic. Make camp by the woods and leave the sleeping bag inside. Make it a respawn point. Cook the leftover meat, collect the oxite and fill the container with water. A stream flows from north to south through the O12 sector.

If you wish, create a wooden shelter (4 walls and 2 floors), take a fire with you. However, there is a cave in which you can hide in case of bad weather. If you collected at least 50 berries, but did not take a flask, you will need a water wineskin in case you get lost in the Arctic. You can fill it with ice, melting it over a fire. Or in a stream from O12. Grab a torch, cooked meat and a set of clothes and head to the Arctic. Watch out for polar bears, hide from them, as it is difficult to fight. You will probably encounter one or two polar bears on your way to the cave at O13!

The cave is located on the eastern edge of the middle part of O13. There are a couple of cave worms inside, but they are quite easy to kill with a regular knife. Do not try to attack them from a distance, as this will take even more damage. Aim for the worm's mouth to do maximum damage. Before entering the cave, take out the torch and light it. Go inside and throw the torch by pressing Q, then take out the knife and kill the worms. There is one worm at the entrance to the cave, and a little further - another. After getting rid of two worms, get the pickaxe and get exotic ore. There is only one point with such ore in the cave, so as soon as you finish, you can leave this place and return to the shuttle. But you can linger to collect more ore.

Leave the cave and head south, staying in the center of the valley. There is a crevice in the lower third of O13. Moving in this direction, turn left, towards the east, to go down below and find the second node with exotic ore. If you wish, linger and get even more.

Influx: Construction

Take with you a wooden bow with regular or bone arrows, as you will have to deal with wolves. You can also take a stone knife, which allows you to kill enemies in melee and skin the wolves. Alternatively, you can craft a sleeping bag that is used as a spawn point. A spear is also required.

You have two options. It is best to move to the southwest, so as not to travel a long way. As you approach the border of the forest and the Arctic, you will find a strange rock with a flat wall. This is one of the many secret caves in the game. Take out the pickaxe and make a small hole. There are worms inside the cave! Kill them with a bow while staying in cover, beware of poison. Worms respawn after re-entering the game or landing on a location. After clearing the cave, you can create a shelter inside or next to it, outside. The current project requires iron and some copper, so get them in the cave.

Collect materials. You need to build a base with a campfire, a sleeping bag, a crafting table, a stone furnace (ideally two), and an anvil. By doing this, you need to increase your iron production. Gather resources and create the following objects: 6 floors, 10 walls, 4 corner walls, 6 roof pieces, 1 wooden door, fire, 6 sleeping bags, 1 cooking station, 1 oxidizer, 1 stove, 50 wood.

Now it's time to move out. Make sure to set a spawn point here. Don't forget about polar bears that you can meet on the way to the desired location. It is difficult to kill them without firearms. A longbow shot to the head deals a maximum of 300 damage, while a bear has thousands of them. Most likely, on the way to the goal, you will encounter 2-4 bears, and one of them may wander into the forest. Having reached the desired place, walk along it until a new part of the task is activated.

Now you need to build a building. Make a 2x3 floor, build walls, roof, doors, and then place all the equipment inside. Be sure to close the building with a door. If that's not enough, place and light a fire to heat the shelter. The mission will end soon, and all you have to do is return to the shuttle.

Dry Run: Expedition

Take with you a wooden bow with regular or bone arrows, as you will have to deal with wolves. You can also take a stone knife, which allows you to kill enemies in melee and skin the wolves. Alternatively, you can craft a sleeping bag that is used as a spawn point. A spear, bandages, and a fire will also come in handy.

You will find yourself on a spacious map and can get into a new zone. The first task is to find the drill in the container in the north. Go to him. Craft a wooden spear to defend against wolves. Make a pickaxe, ax, bow, arrows, torch and stone knife along the way. Go to the box and take the drill. Collect berries and oxyte. Head towards the second container. It is located a little further, and there are electrical equipment and a solar panel inside. Go to the container, pick up the equipment, but do not rush to move inside the cave. You are far from the shuttle, and a dangerous place is waiting for you further, so it would be nice to create a small base. Build it on the western shore of the nearest lake. We need a small hut with a fire and a sleeping place. This will save time in the event of death. After creating a spawn point in the lake house, go to the cave. Don't fall off the rocks!

You need a second base outside the cave. There are many dangerous animals in this valley, which can be located near the cave itself. These are wolves, cougars, bears, wild boars, hyenas, bison and elephants. Set up a fire and sleeping bag in your shelter, chop down trees and scavenge bushes for a better view of your surroundings. If you are attacked, run to the hut. You need to drill in rock and it is not easy to install the drill.

Place the solar panel outside the cave. Make sure the green light is on. This means that it generates electricity. Enter the cave and place the drill on the rock. Select electrical wiring and connect it to the drill. Move as far as possible, connect the wires until you connect them to the solar panel. If everything is done correctly, the device is activated. Next, you need to fight the worms. Use cover and aim for the worms' mouths. When everyone is dead, go deep into the cave. You need to drill a piece of the second rock. Place the drill on the desired stone and wire it to the solar panel. Worms will reappear. Kill everyone, and then return to the shuttle.

Death ray: scan

Take with you a wooden bow with regular or bone arrows, as you will have to deal with wolves. You can also take a stone knife, which allows you to kill enemies in melee and skin the wolves. Alternatively, you can craft a sleeping bag that is used as a spawn point. You will also need a spear, bandages, a wineskin or other container for water.

You need to explore the desert and this will be a great opportunity to practice archery. If you're not careful, the wilderness can quickly kill your hero. Fortunately, you will find yourself in an open location, so you will see the threat from afar. Practice shooting and level up your hero! Craft standard items like pickaxe, ax, bow, arrows, spear and knife. It may not seem logical, but you need to create a minimum of stone arrows. Five will be enough. There are practically no fibers in the desert, but there are many animals and, accordingly, bones. Therefore, bone arrows will come in handy here. Make sure to unblock them. When you have created enough bone arrows, build 1 floor, 3 angled walls, 5 walls, 2 roofs, 2 doors, 1 bonfire, and 1 sleeping bag. This will create a shelter in the event of a sandstorm.

With your gear ready, head south and take the radar. It attaches to the G slot. Head west to the first scan location. Rivers on the map will help you stay on track. Move along the edge of the cliff until you reach a ramp going up. Gather fibers along the shore. Go to the target and install the radar. Start scanning. An elephant will appear shortly and the radar will be disabled. Stay at a distance from him and he will leave, and you can continue scanning. After completing it, return with the radar to the shuttle. Follow the river east, then head north along the river to get closer to the second scan point. Along the way, collect resources that will allow you to build a shelter near Scanning Site # 2. Make sure to make the sleeping bag a spawn point.

The second place is in the far north, and someone is standing on a hill. Place a shelter and activate the radar. Pull back as the hyenas are about to appear. Kill them and complete the scan. Go to third place. Do the same: build a shelter, and then start scanning. This time, cougars will appear, which also need to be killed. Then return to the shuttle.

Pyramid: Construction

Take with you a wooden bow with regular or bone arrows, as you will have to deal with wolves. You can also take a stone knife, which allows you to kill enemies in melee and skin the wolves. Alternatively, you can craft a sleeping bag that is used as a spawn point. This is a standard set, but other items listed below will also be required.

Gather resources and craft a pickaxe, ax, spear, bow, arrows and knife. Stock up on water and head north. You need to get into the same cave that you visited during the Dry Run: Expedition quest. Once you reach your destination, you have two options - create a shelter outside or inside the cave. By building a base in a cave, you will receive a number of benefits. It is completely protected from the storm and reduces the likelihood of collision with animals (not counting cave worms). On the other hand, you can get pneumonia, which will cut your stamina in half.

Make sure to create a sleeping bag, campfire, crafting table, and stone oven. Be sure to attach a spawn point to your sleeping bag. Enter the cave and start collecting iron. Throw it into the stone furnace to make iron ingots until you have enough to make an anvil. When you build the anvil, you need to make 2 iron ingots and 50 copper nails (requires 5 copper ingots).

Keep gathering resources and create 6 wooden walls, 2 angled walls, 2 floors, a door, 2 roofs, a trophy bench, a hide processing bench, a textile bench, a water tank. Leave all the items in your inventory and head north to build a pyramid.

You need to go through the desert: the area is open, so you can practice shooting. Move north, don't forget to kill boars, pumas or hyenas. Cross the river and enter the blue circle on the map. Ultimately, a hint will appear that it's time to start building. Believe it or not, the list of items created above is all you need to construct a pyramid. Install two pieces of floor, wall and roof. Put up the door. When you build the building, place the rest of the items inside. Leave the sump outside. The goal will be fulfilled. Return to the shuttle to complete the quest.

Broken Arrow: Recovery

Take with you a wooden bow with regular or bone arrows, as you will have to deal with wolves. You can also take a stone knife, which allows you to kill enemies in melee and skin the wolves. Alternatively, you can craft a sleeping bag that is used as a spawn point. Also, bring a workbench and a wineskin or other container for water.

Craft a Water Tank, a Textile Bench, and all of the Fur Armor pieces. You can complete the task relatively quickly if you know where to go. Also make basic tools - pickaxe, ax, spear, bow, arrows and knife. After that, start driving towards the Omega crash site, north. Kill beasts along the way to create a sleeping bag.

When you get to the Omega point, you will find a grounded satellite. Don't touch anything! Build a hut with a sleeping bag spawn point. Run to the warhead and activate it. You will be told that the enemies are on the way. In reality, no one will appear. This may be a mistake. The warhead will be rebuilt shortly. Take her with you and return to the shuttle. Heading south, you can create a base with a sleeping bag. Prepare food, and then go west. You need to get to the Chi crash site. Everything is the same as with "Omega". Create a shelter in advance, and then activate the companion. Kill all enemies, if any, and take the item. Return to base.

Point Psi is located in the Arctic. You need to take care of the cold and polar bears. Craft a set of fur armor. You will also need 1 floor, 2 angled walls, 1 roof, 4 normal walls, 1 bonfire, and 1 sleeping bag. So you can build a hut in the Arctic and create a spawn point. Don't forget that polar bears are so strong that they can easily break into a wooden building. Go to the Psi point while avoiding the bears. Follow the same steps with the companion, killing enemies that may not even appear. After that, take the item and return to the shuttle to complete the task.

Other missions

  • Payday: Extraction
  • Snowblind: Scan
  • Avalanche: Expedition
  • Headstone: Geo-Survey
  • High Wire: Exploration
  • Spirit Level: Survay
  • Sandblast: Exploration
  • Field Test: Recovery
  • Nightwatch: Geo-Research
  • Seven Pillars: Scan
  • El Camino: Expedition
  • Incursion: Scan
  • Argos: Exploration

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