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Walkthrough Wartales - game guide


Walkthrough Wartales - game guide

Guide to the passage of all story and side quests

Before starting the game, select the desired squad settings.

County Tiltren - Independent State

On the first playthrough, I recommend setting the minimum difficulty level. The game is really hard. After the start of the game, take a look around, go forward and fight in the first battle. It is important to remember that some of your characters' attacks can damage allies. For example, the sweeping attack of a unit with a large hammer deals damage to everyone in range. In addition, when shooting from a bow (archer), you can hit your allies if they are close to the enemy. So be careful. At the end of each battle, you can spend raw materials to repair equipment and a medicine to heal.

Horseshoe on the hoof ...

At the beginning of the game map there is the Highlands Stable location. Go there and chat with a woman and a man. The groom promises to give you one horseshoe if you buy a horse from him. All horses cost the same - 180 coins. Once you've saved up the amount you need, come back here and buy a horse. The next horse will cost 270, the third - 360. When you buy a pony, be sure to talk to the merchant at the stable. He will give a horseshoe. The quest will end. Horseshoe increases the speed of movement around the world.


Go even higher on the map to find the settlement of Stromkapp. There are several places here:

  • Tavern . There is an informant inside him. You can buy information about the main quests of Tiltren County from this character. Each piece of information is worth 50 Influence points. At the same time, you can simply explore the entire location and find the characters who will issue these tasks. Here you can also rest for 15 coins to restore 3 points of Valor (needed to activate additional skills in battle). You can also hire new warriors. By the way, in order to increase the Influence required for new fighters, you can communicate with traveling merchants and give them food or drinks.
  • Tiltrenskaya pharmacy . Examine the potions workbench. After that, a new profession will open - an alchemist. Choose her for any fighter. You can also try to steal something from the pharmacist. After clicking on the "Steal" button while communicating with him, set the profession of a thief on any mercenary, and then select which item you want to steal. But keep in mind that unsuccessful theft raises the level of suspicion. Pay attention to the scale in the upper left corner of the screen. There is a label that indicates at what level of suspicion the guard will be looking for you.
  • Market "Three birds with one stone" . You can give Adrea bread to get 10 Influence points. you can chat with Mikar, Gabachnaya and Antlin. Renard can clean your armor for 10 coins. But if you do this, he will escape and you will lose another 20 coins. After that you can leave the location and go to the right, where Renard left. You will get your Crowns back, and you can also let go or attack.
  • City Hall . Madame Mayor of Gontranda sits here. Talk to her to start the quest "The Fate of Tiltren".
  • Forge . You can repair the armor, make a new one. After talking with the blacksmith, you will receive the Hammer for Hire quest.

Tiltren's fate

To start the quest, chat with Mayor Gontranda inside the town hall in Stromkapp. To complete it, you need to complete the main missions of this county. They are described below. When you complete the five main tasks and pump the purple strip to 100%, the mayor or the leader of the refugees will contact you. It all depends on who you helped the most. We'll either have to fight on the side of the mayor, or help the refugees conquer Stormkapp.

Hammer for hire

To start the quest, talk to the blacksmith inside the forge in Stromkapp. Read the quest below "Blacksmith without an anvil."

Sentenced to death (plot)

Walk to the left of Stromkapp to discover the Rich Farm. Go inside and chat with the poor guy's wife. Agree to complete the task. Travel up from the farm and through the forest along the lake to find the bandits' camp. Go to his territory and inform Isabeth that the farmer hired by her is about to be executed. Return to the farm and decide which side to fight on - thieves or mercenaries who want to execute the farmer. This will not affect the suspicion! If you help the robbers, talk to Isabeth at the farm (or Elder Oddi if you helped the mercenaries), go out and return to the farm, as the husband and wife will leave. You will be free to pick up the loot. This will not be considered theft.

Locked Room / Dastardly Slavers

Walk up from Stormkapp to find a new location, Tiltren Lumber Mill. After passing to the territory of this location, examine the box under the roof to find a key. Use this key to unlock the wooden hatch to go down into the cellar. Here you will find two slaves and a loot box. Be sure to read the book to receive its bonus. The task is completed. But that's not all. Exit the location and the slavers will attack you. You can avoid the fight by paying them 5 Influence Points. Or you can fight (one archer and two first-level melee fighters) to save Influence and invest it in something else.

Siha's fangs

Climb up from Stormkapp and from Tiltren Lumber Mill move to the left, up the snow-covered mountain, where the Mountain Rangers camp is located. Talk to the Rangers. From one of them you will receive the quest "The Fangs of Sikha" related to the Tiltren hunt. Return to the stable near which you stood at the beginning of the game. Interact with a corpse nearby, and then follow the bloody trail until you find wolves with Sikha. They are located in the forest just to the right and above the Rich Farm. Return to the bounty hunters after winning.

Mine on Mount Pedre

The trail that goes down from the Rich Farm (to the right) leads to the mine on Mount Pedre. Clean it from the bandits, then you can go inside. Also, you will automatically explore this location. Once inside, examine the iron ore in the wall on the left to unlock a new profession - a miner. You can also unlock the profession of a fisherman by exploring the fishing spot near Stormkapp or to the right of the mine on Mount Pedre.

A new beginning

Chat with Tecela Pavia at the location "Old Wilbert's Sheepfold", just below and to the right of the mine on Mount Pedre. She will say that they just bought this place and they need wood. If there are 10 units (can be found in the forest), then exchange them for a recipe. You will also complete this quest.

New owners (plot)

This is a story mission. There are five such assignments in Tiltren County. Chat with Danae Pavius ​​at the location "Old Wilbert's Sheepfold". Agree to help. Head up to the lake where Old Wilbert's fishing spot is. He refuses to give the sheepfold to the Pavia family. If you threaten Wilbert, you will earn suspicion points. You can bribe him for 100 CZK or support him. An ideal solution that will suit everyone - bribery for 100 CZK.

Old lighthouse

You need to free this location from the bandits. Look for her below Old Wilbert's sheepfold, on the lake shore.

Lund Farm

At this location, you can steal food or pick a complex lock on a chest under the roof. No assignments.

Bounty Hunt (plot)

Walk right and up from Stormcapp until you find (follow the road) a camp with blue tents. This is the Guardian camp. Talk to the captain inside the camp to learn about the story mission. Nearby is the Ominous Cave. Go inside, talk to Bertram and decide who to kill - the guard or the robbers in the cave. If you kill Bertram, be sure to search his body (separately, while in the mine) to get the golden key. Use this key to open the chest in the center of the cave.

Hand over the prisoner

You need the Titleren Prison location. Inside it, talk to the prison guard. You can buy chains and a rope to catch robbers, and then hand them over to prison (reduce the level of suspicion by 20 points). You can also hire prisoners, exclusively for Crowns. If you have sheltered a robber from Stormkapp Mill, buy shackles from the jailer, open the squad menu, select the robber, open the window with him and click on the "gear" icon below, above his image. There will be a new item "Catch". Having put him in shackles, talk to the jailer.

Miner's failures

Look for the "Altis Mountain Salt Mine" location. You can get inside for money or Influence. Or threaten, having received several points of suspicion. This is how the mission begins. Choose the miner profession for one of your mercenaries, and then get iron ore from two deposits on the walls. Then talk to the man again.

Wounded thief

At Stormkapp Mill, you will find the corpses and the wounded thief Huckert. Talk to him. You can finish off by gaining influence and crowns. Or you can give medicine, and then take it to your squad. The task will end immediately. The thief will have a third level. There is also a barrel with a manual, after reading which you will receive a point of knowledge.

Tower on Altis Mountain

You just need to free this location.

Lost lumberjacks (plot)

This quest can be taken at the Refugee Shelter. After completing any story mission, you will receive a message that the leader of the refugees wants to meet with you. Travel to the location marked with the purple circle on the map and talk to everyone inside the shelter. Climb a little higher, to the lumberjack camp, chat with Antes, and then go to the map and fight either against mad farmers or against refugees. Choose the side yourself.

A blacksmith between a rock and a hard place

This quest can be taken at the Refugee Shelter. After completing any story mission, you will receive a message that the leader of the refugees wants to meet with you. Travel to the location marked with the purple circle on the map and talk to everyone inside the shelter. Read the quest below "Blacksmith without an anvil."

The Mediator's Story I

At a certain moment, when you pump the path of the merchant to the third level, Aldebert will appear in the Stormkapp tavern. Chat with him and accept the assignment. You need to convince Tiltren's merchants to become his sales representatives. You have to intimidate or sacrifice influence. Then head to Gosenberg, in the city of Markheim, and chat with a vendor in the market. Pay her 100 Influence Points or Crones. If you pay the money, you will have to get amber from a camp nearby. In the case of the merchant from Tiltren, you will have to get the spices from Markheim, where you will be taken to meet with the second merchant. In the case of the Markheim merchant, amber is needed. It can be bought from the merchant located at the western (left on the map) Tiltren gate leading to Edoran. Bring both merchants what they want, and then destroy the detachment that has appeared near their city.

Plague husband

Head east until you find the Forest Farm location. Here you will meet your wife and husband. The wife asks to take care of the infected Thoria. You can kill him or hire him for 5 pork (finish off the boars). Accept his squad, then return to Stormcapp and purchase the Plague Cure from the Herbalist. Open the menu with Thorium, find the icon with his wound in the upper right part and right click to heal! Later, you will stumble upon people from another kingdom. You can give Thorium for 30 Influences and an amulet, or refuse (you have to fight).

Advice . To prevent companions from leaving your squad, make sure that there are four fighters in the camp who are sitting around the fire. Each of them generates happiness. And buy the corresponding skills in the "Reference".

Man in chains

Above the woodcutters' camp, you can find an abandoned tower. Chat with Clay, who is sitting inside this tower. Help him to pick the lock, and the task will be completed.

Forge without an anvil

After the quest "Man in Chains" described above, Clay will follow you. You can attach him to a refugee forge or take him to a blacksmith from Stormkapp. This will successfully complete one of the two quests. On the way to Stormkapp, you will be attacked by the Count's men. Give them Clay or fight in battle.

Province of Vertruz, Kingdom of Gosenberg

Gosenberg borderlands

Yoren is standing here. He asks for 200 CZK, but promises that his cousin, the owner of a jewelry store from Gosenberg, will pay this amount three times. To get to Gosenberg, you will have to pay 200 CZK or provide an official pass.

Vertruz mill

The first place you will find when you visit the area. Here you can take the quest "Gladiator's Legacy". Talk to the miller, who will say that you must prove yourself in the arena of Smot.

Gladiatorial Legacy / Arena Smot

After taking the quest at the mill described above, head up the map to find the Smot arena in the upper right corner of the area. Win three battles using your top four fighters, then kill Smot. You will receive his weapon and arena medal, as well as learn about the Grand Tournament. To get on it, you have to win in all arenas in the world. Also available to you is a merchant inside the arena. One task completed. Return to the mill to unlock the Assassin spec. You will have to spend 200 Influence points.

You will also receive a Book of Mastery as a reward. To apply it, just open the menu of any character and move the cursor over all his skills (in the center of the window). Each character has 1 or 2 level 5 skills. Only you can improve them. The corresponding tooltip will appear with the image of the mouse and RMB.

Children of the Beast Camp

Just above the mill there is a sandy shore with this place. Go there. Defeat enemies or convince them by spending 35 Influence points. there is a merchant here. You can also open the chest and take the valuable tapestry from the tent (you need to threaten, win a battle, or pay with Influence). This will be the quest "Exquisite Tent". Decide for yourself what to do.


Head up the road from the mill. There is nothing special about the forge. Talk to the Apothecary to receive the Lost Apothecary quest. Recruit a pharmacist for yourself. He will be an ordinary civilian, like Clay the blacksmith of Tiltren. You can relax in the tavern. There is also a companion emissary who will have a task for you. It is necessary to destroy the fortified camp of bandits in Tiltren. All tasks that are taken in Markheim:

  • The history of the Companions I of . Speak with the Companion Emissary at the inn.
  • The missing pharmacist . Talk to a pharmacist.
  • Assignment of crowns . Open the chest in the town hall and take the mayor's card from there. Examine it by right-clicking on the map in your inventory.
  • Strange smell . Talk to the mayor.

Crowns appropriation

Steal the mayor card from the chest in the town hall, and then go to the top of the map without crossing the bridge. There you will find a sandy beach with a den of rats. If you open the map through your inventory, you will see a "question mark" next to this lair. Find the brown touchpoint and pick up 200 crowns. A message will appear stating that you have found the treasure. Return to Markheim, go to the town hall and talk to the treasurer. Explain that the mayor is embezzling money. The task will end.

The missing pharmacist (plot)

Go with the pharmacist across the bridge going to the left to the west (take the quest from the pharmacist in Markheim). Go over the two bridges to the left and you will see large stones between the trees. There is a brown spot among them. If you look at the map from the inventory, then you can find just the same place. Interact with the slick and defeat the arriving mercenaries. After the battle, you will receive a golden key. To the left and just below there is an abandoned manor. Open the hatch with the golden key, go downstairs and kill the enemies to complete the task.

Strange smell

The assignment is taken from the Mayor of Markheim. The woman will tell you about the strange stench from the market. Go to the market, break open the wooden hatch with master keys and go downstairs. Defeat the moles. There are many of them, but they are very weak. Then use a torch to burn the debris on the drains. If there is no torch, set up camp and craft one at the workbench. Pretty simple. Return to the mayor for the reward - 30 Influence Points.

Poisoners / Scapegoats (storyline)

Just above and to the left of Markheim is Johan Molen's vineyard. Go there, chat with Johan and agree to help. Move up the map, where the purple marker is pointing. There is the abbey of Saint Leenede. Fight with representatives of the abbey. Once inside, listen to the abbot and Johan. Then decide who to support. You can kill the abbot, but then the peasants will slaughter all the plague. Or you can convince the peasants or fight them. Please note that the reward will be different, but the main thing is that this quest is story-driven.

Wild Beast Tamer

Above Markheim, there is a bridge behind the vineyards. There is a camp of jugglers in front of him. Go inside and chat with their leader. He asks to return his beast. Head right and up without crossing the bridge past Markheim Castle. On the bank on the right you will find a fisherman's house, and just above it - a lone wolf cub. You can kill him or try to grab him using the skill that appears. In any case, success or failure must be reported to the quest giver.

City of Burokamensk

There is a smithy and an inn, nothing special. You can sleep in the comforts.

Femme Fatale (plot)

A little higher than Burokamensk there is the Alazar monastery. Chat with the woman inside and agree to complete the task. Return to the right to the vineyards and go down below. Look for a caravan in this area, marked with a shield marker. These are the Companions. Fight the caravan. Use the ability that stuns enemies on Koren. This woman must not be killed, she must be captured! Having done this, return to the Alazara Abode for your reward. Please note that you must bypass the guards and companions, as they will immediately attack you.

Locked hatch

Walk to the left of the Alazar monastery and climb the hill, moving towards the bottom of the screen. An old manor house is located here. Examine her. There is a wooden hatch here, but it cannot be broken. Requires a golden key.

Country Fools / Pig Hunt

If you go straight down from Burokamensk, you can stumble upon local stables. Talk to Gaberana to take the Village Fools quest. Head left and up to the Burokamensk mine. Go inside and look around. examine the trap in the center. Inside the mine, two civilians set a trap for the pig. Talk to them. Spend 20 Influences to avoid combat. Or if you want to save Influence, then attack the men. You will get saddlebags anyway that you can apply to any pony. Then return to the stable for a reward (50 CZK).

Colonel Alexa Gratan

To the right of the Burokamenskaya mine there is a descent to the champion, Colonel Alexe Gratan. To go down to it, buy a hook and rope, stand near the cliff, open your inventory and right-click on the hook. Select the point where it should be installed, and then interact with the structure that appears. After going downstairs, you can fight the champion of Vertruza. This is a dangerous opponent that causes bleeding.


Above the Alazar monastery, you can find an iron mine. Go inside. Talk to the owner and workers. Choose what to do next. For 50 Influences, you can convince the workers to continue working. Or you can threaten the owner, but in this case, raise suspicion. To the left and below the iron mine, you can find a man trying to feed the boars. Kill the animals or bring the man grapes (x5). The reward will be the same - you will receive a backpack upgrade that makes picking locks easier.

Flooded mine

Located above the Alazar monastery, you need to kill several level 2 enemies.

The Winemaker Attacked / The Tuber Saga (Storyline)

Above the jugglers' camp is the Loop Vineyard. From the camp, go up along the river along the right bank. Chat with the mistress, who will ask you to eliminate the killers in her vineyards. Go to the right and find robbers among the fields. Defeat them in battle and return to Loop. Go down the area, past Gerolt's manufactory. There is an observation tower below. Walk past her to the left, towards the purple marker, and chat with people in the ranger camp. You will learn important information. Going outside, fight the robbers who were chasing you. Pathfinders will help in battle.

Drive the vertruz flock

The task can be taken by everyone in the same ranger camp. Go to the Burokamensk mine and just below and to the left of it, look for a small corpse among the stones. Examine it and follow the bloody trail, which will lead to the forest to the left of the ranger camp. When it gets dark, the right pack of wolves will appear. Defeat them and return to the trackers to complete the quest.

Life's work

Below the vineyard of Johan Malen is the manufactory of Master Gerolt. Chat with him. He is looking for a valuable tapestry. Remember the Children of the Beast camp at the start of this area? If the tapestry was not taken away from them, do so and return to Gerolt. As a reward, he will give a valuable scarf - a backpack accessory that gives a small chance that the stolen item will become yours (will not be marked as stolen).

Talisman for failure

Walk down from Master Gerolt's manufactory to find the Observation Tower in the forest. Kill all the robbers and look around. You can open a couple of boxes to get some useful loot. Also talk to the captive fisherman. To free him, again, you will need lockpicks. There will be three bolts. After that, the task will end. The fisherman will say that he will go to his home, near the Smota arena.

Weed-parasite (plot)

After completing the "Attacked Winemaker" and "The Tuber Saga" quest, when a couple of days have passed, Loop will tell the governor from Marheim Castle about your investigation. He will want to meet the mercenaries. Go to the castle and accept a new mission. Now you need to visit three vineyards, collect tubers (search through the ALT key) and destroy them. Each vineyard marked on the map contains one tuber. Now they need to be destroyed. Open the directory on G, go to the alchemy tab and learn the recipe for a weed potion. Craft three Weed Potions, then visit the three marked vineyards. It turns out that these potions need to be poured onto large tubers that have nothing to do with the tubers you might be picking up. Look for even larger driftwood in the middle of the vineyards, interact with them through LMB and pour out the potions. Each vineyard will have to defeat a group of enemies. When you destroy one tuber in three vineyards, the task will end.

Wedding feast

When you find Winfells, go inside the house and interact with the two tables. On one you need to put wine (buy in the inn in Markheim) or remains, on the other - herbs. The task will be considered completed.

Glitter in the water

If you rescued a fisherman hostage from the Observation Tower, go to the fisherman's house to the right of Markheim Castle. Talk to the fisherman to start the quest. Go fishing and instead of fish you will catch a chest. Open it with a pretentious key that you received from the same fisherman. You will find fragments of an object. If the camp has a lecture hall, then make one of the mercenaries a scientist, and place him near the lecture hall (assign it to him). In the lecture hall itself, select the wreckage. You will only complete the exploration after 5 stops.

The Great Escape / Abandoned

In the lower part of Vertruza, just to the right of the Observation Tower, is the Vertruza Prison. Go there and hire the only prisoner by spending 200 coins. You can get sandstone from the boulder near the wall. A passage will open. Go downstairs, into the hole (be sure to take the quest by talking to the guard at the grate), then talk to the escaped prisoner. After interrogating her (you can give medicine or sacrifice Influence), release her or try to capture her. Exit through the hole to the outside. Examine the smoldering bonfire on the right to find a powerful mace.

Fate of Vertruz (plot)

Above Markheim is the Castle of Markheim. Go there to hear a conversation between Alazar and Markheim. This is how this quest begins. After completing 5 story quests, return to Markheim Castle and talk to Clemens. He will add up "two plus two" and understand that Brunhilde Alazar is to blame for everything. Go to the Alazar Abode and help defeat Brunhilde. Or help her defeat the Companions that Clemens sent. After that, the storyline of the region will be completed.

History of Baron I

When you pump the path "Crime and Chaos" to the third level, return to the border between Tiltren and Gosenberg and talk to the quest giver. You need to go to Tiltren Prison and recruit Septella by paying 75 coins. Leave the prison and Septella will speak to you. Go to Stormkapp, catch the guard squads and fight with them. You can rest between battles to gain strength. After the destruction of three detachments, Septella will say that you need to take a break, a lieutenant will appear soon. Travel to Stormkapp and sleep in the tavern. Then go outside and rest at the camp. After that, a message will appear stating that there is a lieutenant to the west of Stormkapp. Go there and you will see a detachment of guards standing in place in the field. Interact with him and win the battle. It is not enough to destroy the lieutenant.

County Atres, Kingdom of Edoran

Edoran borderlands

Located in the west of the map, to the left of the Wealthy Farm. You need to pay 200 CZK or give a pass for the pass.

History of Scientists I

A quest giver will appear on the Edoran Borderlands. This will happen after you pump the path to the third level. Talk to the woman to receive a puzzle piece. When you can, go to Eleor Abbey and look around. There is a grate in the left corner. Hack it with lockpicks. The hash is not marked via the ALT key. Go downstairs and open the chest using the puzzle piece. You must solve the puzzle in the form of standard tags. Having done this, get out and walk to the left of the abbey, to the very shore, where the reed plantation is located. Walk to the left of her to the shore and look for a brown spot there, as shown on the map from the chest. follow the trail that appears and fight the Inquisition. Report to the woman of the Edoran Borderlands.

Iron mine

Walk forward and down from the border to find a forest. Follow the snowy forest to the right and run into an iron mine. Go inside and attack the wall twice with the miner to save two people. Talk to the woman to get 20 Influence points. if you go down and to the right, then at the end of the location you will find the main champion of this territory. It will drop a good bow. On the way to it, you will be met by the local guards. Kill them or convince them with Influence. Please note that the reward will vary.

To the left and below the iron mine there is a den of rats. Strip it if desired. Move even lower and you will find the Great Uterine Grotto. Inside it will be a young cannibal. Don't kill him or decide his fate! It is related to the task, which we will describe below. Otherwise, the quest will hang as unfulfilled.

Praino village

Continue diagonally to the left and down to find Praino village. Already beyond the snowy hills. Talk to two characters to take on two quests:

  • Unhealthy cannibalism . Chat with the woman to start the assignment. Go to the Greater Grotto, which we wrote about above, then spare or kill the young cannibal. Return to the woman in Praino Village for your reward. Or spare the cannibal who was forced to eat the dead in order to survive. Then go outside and fight the inhabitants of Praino village. You will receive a good assassin blade.
  • Funeral offering . Can only be completed if you kill the cannibal.
Below and to the left of this village is the bandits' den. At the edge of the cliff. Strip it if desired.

Black caravans (plot)

At the bottom of the location is Lord Lahert's castle. Chat inside it with two characters. One of them will have this quest.

Deserters (plot)

At the bottom of the location is Lord Lahert's castle. Chat inside it with two characters. One of them will have this quest. Head left and find the first deserters. Bribe them for 50 CZK. Walk up and left across the rickety bridge to the camp. Two armies are fighting in front of him. Help the deserters from Lahert's army, talk to them and pay 50 more crowns. Return to the castle for your reward.

Black Steed / Empty Trough

Below Lord Lahert's castle is a poor camp. Chat with the characters inside to learn about the black steed by the shore. Now go left and up. Near the wobbly bridge is the cliff-side fishing industry. Examine it. There is a trough. Place 3 wheat (9 in total) three times for the pony to appear. You can hire him for your squad for free. Both quests will complete. It is noteworthy that this pony can be upgraded up to level 3. Select which parameters you want to increase (force to increase the load capacity).

Drive Artes' Pack

Find the ranger camp at the bottom of the location and go to Eleor Abbey. Cross the bridge to the left and look for a corpse a little lower in the fields. It's not far from the bridge. Follow the bloody trail, defeat the ghost flock and return to the trackers.

Everything goes into action

After discovering May's farm, attack the raiders or convince them to give up the loot by spending 50 Influence points.

Dangerous neighbors

Travel to the left side of the region to discover a reed plantation. You can transfer wood or food, or spend Influence and convince that the plague must be killed. After receiving the crude key, unlock the hatch on the right and kill the plague. Then talk to the woman for the Edoran Wine.

Buried memories

Find the Pavia Sheepfold. Take a look around. You need a fancy key to go down to the cellar. You can search the bags.

Father of the people

Below the sheepfold of the Pavia family is the village of Boethia. Chat with the millers to activate the task. Travel to Eleor Abbey and talk to the abbot. Recruit him and return to the sheepfold. Defeat Lahert's army.

City of Cortia

Walk to the left of the borderland and go down just below the Abbey of Saint Elleor, before reaching it. You can heal, sleep, repair your armor. There are no assignments. The merchant has amber, which is needed on the instructions of the Broker.

We are not fiends

Above Corti there is an impromptu stake to be burned. Chat with the inquisitors. Either kill them and save the woman, or donate wood to gain 40 Influence points.

Serah's Sheepfold

You can kill the wolves, then search the sheepfold. Open the chest, take wheat from the stack. You can kill two sheep. In the very north there is another breeding ground for rats.

Career in the past

Below Cortia is the Mill of Corti. You can buy a mercenary card from a woman for 10 crowns. This will begin the mission.

Old customs

Kill the bandits (skull icons) around the Old Customs, and then clear the location itself to complete the task. After freeing it, search it. You can open the chest. Inside - 60 coins.

Wrecking (plot)

Above the castle of Vernalia, along the road, you can find a spring. Go inside and talk to the knight. Agree to complete a story mission. Take the pork corpse from the bag and throw it into the spring on the right. If you don't want to do this, before talking to them, visit the castle of Vernalia and agree to help.

Secret supply (plot)

At the top of the location, to the right of the castle of Lord Vernalius, there is a bandit camp "Old Customs". Go up from him, along the right cliff, through the forest. Climb up the ledges. If you do not understand how to do this, wait for the trade caravan to arrive here. Follow him up and you will find the camp of the inquisitors. Kill everyone. Then release the captain or kill to claim three chests. All need to be hacked, and each contains 100 crowns.

Ruins of Artes

To the left of the camp of the inquisitors on the quest "Secret Supply" you can find the ruins of Artes. Go inside, for which you need a torch. Explore the ruins and complete the mission.

First aid

Visit Eleor Abbey and talk to the woman near the wounded. Give her 10 Snow Ibis to get the stretcher blueprint. The task will end.

Side selection (plot)

Go to the left on the map, to the mill, where they also took the "Father of the people" quest. Fight the army of Lahert, talk to the abbot and follow the right and down to the rickety bridge. Examine it, talk to the abbot, and then interact with the two supports on top. Break them down with a miner and then talk to the abbot. Move away from the bridge to the left and defeat another army of Lahert. After that, talk to the abbot, interacting with the bridge, and agree to escort him to the abbey. Having done this, talk to him inside the monastery and complete the mission.

Until the last drop (plot)

Enter the castle of Vernalia and talk to Lieutenant Acertia. Accept the assignment. You need to go into the spring above the castle (go down and go around) and finish off the soldiers who want to poison the waters of the castle. If you spoke to them earlier and accepted the "Wrecking" quest, it won't work.