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Farming gold in World of Warcraft is not difficult at all. We reveal how you can get gold quickly and easily.

Gold has a variable meaning in World of Warcraft. Sometimes you absolutely need it, sometimes you can make ends meet even as a “poor guy”. But especially in patch 9.1.5 of WoW: Shadowlands, gold is very important because the new legendary items are expensive, as are many other rewards.

We, therefore, have a few tips for you on how you can earn a solid income without much effort and show you 3 ways with which you can farm good gold in World of Warcraft in 2022.

Please note that these are tips for beginners who simply want to have a solid gold income without much effort.

Earn gold through daily and world quests

While some might roll their eyes, this method shouldn't be forgotten because it's simple: world quests in the Shadowlands and daily quests in Korthia. So you can farm gold without having to use the AH (auction house).

The pure gold yield here is not as high as from other sources, but this income has a clear advantage: it is guaranteed. You don't have to hope that someone will buy your materials on the auction house. You get the gold "right on the claw" and don't have to struggle with trading with other players.

Make sure that you accept the calling quests for your pact. Most of the time, they want you to collect treasures or complete 3-4 world quests in a certain area. The world quests themselves give rewards, gold is often one of them.

In addition, for the completion of each calling quest, there is another whopping 1,600 to 2,600 gold in the form of gray items that you can sell directly to the dealer.

Don't forget your calling quests - they passively yield good gold.
Don't forget your calling quests - they passively yield good gold.

In addition, this method has other small advantages. When you complete world and daily quests, you collect anima that you can spend freely. If you want to earn even more gold, you can exchange excess anima in Oribos near Tu'kol next to the Great Chamber for coveted crafting materials such as leather, silk or corthite crystals, which you can then sell in the auction house.

The first 1,000 anima each week also give another whopping 2,000 gold pieces if you've already reached fame level 80 on your pact.

Last but not least, the gain in reputation ensures that you can pick up a bonus box ("Paragon box") from the respective faction every few days, which contains another 3,000 to 4,000 gold.

Earn gold by skinning

Due to the production of legendary items for rogues, demon hunters, monks, and druids, the current leather is extremely sought after. After all, it takes masses to produce legendary items from them - the perfect way to get gold very easily as a skinner.

Three places in Korthia are particularly suitable. There are a lot of wild animals here that drop a lot of leather and even have an increased chance of granting the green or blue leather. Just farm diligently at the locations marked on the map, they are teeming with involuntary leather donors.

If you want to be extra cunning, then also check what daily quests are offered in Korthia. For example, if a daily quest requires you to clear the area with the splinter hides, you should lie in wait there.

Numerous players will kill the animals there throughout the day - which you can then skin! Then you don't even have to bother killing the animals yourself and can simply swing the knife permanently to get the coveted leather.

Make sure you have the Gathering of the Shadowlands enchantment on your hands to make skinning much faster.

Herbalism and mining in duo

Another very simple method of earning gold is simply farming materials. To do this, you should have a character that is level 50 or higher and has both Mining and Herbalism. Also, you should already have Flying for Shadowlands unlocked, as this makes farming much more attractive and efficient.

Which of the 4 areas you farm should depend on the prices in your auction house. Just look at which ore and which herbs are currently fetching the highest prices and then decide in which area you want to collect.

  • Bastion: Selenium Ore and Stair of Glory
  • Maldraxxus: Oxxein Ore and Marrowroot
  • Ardenweald: Phaedrum Ore and Watch Torch
  • Revendreth: Sinvyrerz and Widow's Blossom

In addition, all areas have Deathbloom and Nightshade (herbs) as well as Laestritz Ore and Elethium Ore (mining).

Depending on the realm, you can easily earn between 30,000 and 60,000 gold per hour.

Make sure you have the Gathering of the Shadowlands enchantment on your hands so that you can mine herbs and ores faster.

Incidentally, this method is also lucrative as an alternative level route. Because you can quickly reach level 60 through mining and herbalism alone, skill mining and herbalism, and even go into the endgame with a few thousand flowers.

If you want to invest a little more time and research and have other craftsmen as characters, you can process herbs and ores and sell the final product - such as potions or bottles. But you should calculate in advance whether the effort is worth it and don't ignore the time factor.

One last tip: It is particularly worth using a druid here. Because he can sit up spontaneously with his flight form and thus save even more seconds, which ultimately translates into gold winnings. So if you want to create a farm character, you are well-advised to use a druid.

How else can you earn gold? Of course, there are numerous other ways to earn gold in World of Warcraft. If you have plenty of time, you can delve deeper into the auction house and become a feared auction house mogul, dictating prices and dominating the market.

If you are a particularly good player, you can also offer your services to pull other players through "Mythic+" or raids or sell them certain achievements.

However, all this is only interesting for a small percentage of players who want to invest that much time or play at a very high level.