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Albion Online is one of the most successful MMORPGs with a focus on PvP in 2022. In this guide, we give you some tips so that you can get started in the game in Germany as well as possible.

What awaits you in Albion Online anyway? Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG with open-world PvP, at least when you get to the higher areas. In the strongest endgame areas - the Outlands - there is also full loot. So you can lose your equipment and inventory.

Despite this, the game enjoys great popularity in 2022. One of the reasons for this is that the game systems and gameplay are very well thought out. In addition, a lot of good content has been implemented in recent years, including random dungeons, a revision of the Outlands, or the new content for your own shelters.

Albion Online – Download, Cost, and Premium Buff

Where can I play Albion Online? You can play the sandbox MMORPG on PC or mobile via Android and iOS. You can find the download on the official website ( via Albion Online ).

How much does Albion Online cost? The MMORPG itself is Free2Play. After the download, you can start right away.

  • However, there is an optional subscription for 10.70 euros per month, which gives you more resources, gold, experience points, learning points, and a 50% discount on market taxes.
  • You can also buy some special skins in the shop and gold for real money. The gold, in turn, can also be exchanged for in-game currency on the marketplace in exchange with other players.

The start: no classes, iso perspective, and an unfamiliar combat system

How does getting started with Albion Online work? In the beginning, you create a character. However, the editor is not particularly comprehensive. You choose a basic character from 9 male and 9 female models, for which you can then choose hair, beard, and accessories.

However, there are no classes in Albion Online. You determine your style of play via weapons, armor, and the Board of Destiny, your talent tree, so to speak.

After character creation, you can and should play the tutorial to learn the basics. This includes, for example, the rather unusual control for MMORPGs. Because you look at your character from above in Albion Online and control it by clicking with the mouse buttons. With such a click on enemies, you also carry out the auto-attacks.

Your three attacks, which are determined by the weapon, are on the Q, W, E keys by default. With them you mainly cause damage. The following buttons offer you further interactions:

  • R - A skill via the chest piece
  • D - A skill via the headpiece
  • F - A skill about the shoes
  • A - Mounting the mount
  • 1 - Potion
  • 2 - Buff Food

What are the effects of the different armors? Depending on the armor types you wear, you can expect other benefits:

  • Cloth armor has low defense but high damage bonuses
  • Leather armor offers a good balance of offense and defense
  • Plate armor has high defense but lower damage bonuses

The abilities on each armor are also different. Light armor has more offensive effects, while heavy armor has more defensive effects. In medium armor, there are useful effects such as additional movement speed or invisibility.

What is the max gear in Albion? Gear in Albion Online ranges from Tier 1 to Tier 8. You can also enhance it with up to 3 passive effects. The maximum armor is therefore called Tier 8.3.

How does Albion Online's general combat system work? In Albion Online you have to actively select your enemy with a mouse click and then attack him. The character performs normal attacks automatically. You can supplement these with your weapon skills.

However, Albion is less about doing rotations and blindly beating opponents. Instead, you must constantly dodge enemy telegraphs and be on the move. It's also important to interrupt enemies at the right moments. This is what makes the combat system so appealing.

Character development and new skills or also: the destiny board

How do I learn new skills? With the B key you open the destiny board. This is important for basically all game systems, because there you unlock new crafting levels, new equipment, new skills and even the difficult expeditions. Anyone who understands the Destiny Board basically knows how to play Albion Online.

In order to unlock a higher level in any area, you have to repeat the old content many times:

  • For example, if you want to become the perfect archer, you must first defeat level T2 or higher opponents with a Novice's Bow until you have earned 5,000 Glory. Then you can distribute a learning point and move up a rank in archery.
  • After that, you must defeat level T3+ enemies with a Novice's Bow or better until you have earned 25,157 Glory. After that, you can move up to another rank.
  • In the end, you can then specialize in a specific bow, such as a longbow or warbow. Again, opponents must be defeated.
With every level you reach, you unlock new levels, new skills, and damage bonuses for the respective weapon.

You then experience the same grind with the equipment (cloth, leather, plate), the collecting professions, the production professions, and generally adventurer content in order to unlock new activities such as endgame dungeons.

However, you need learning points to unlock each node:

  • Free2Play characters can earn a maximum of 10 Learning Points per day through the Adventure Challenges. These missions include daily gathering, refining resources, or defeating enemies. They are displayed to you directly in the interface above the quests.
  • Premium players automatically receive 30 learning points per day and can then earn 10 more.
  • After completing the tutorial, however, you will receive 100 learning points that you can use up for now.

Can I reset learning points? No, if you've mis-skilled, you can't reset the learning points. So think about how you want to spend the points in advance. There is also a button that automatically skills you, but we would advise against this.

Can you unlock all abilities on the destiny board? Yes, but it takes a lot of time and you have to grind for a long time. But there are players who have unlocked all skills.

How do I equip skills? Once you've equipped a weapon, you can choose from different abilities for the Q, W, and E keys. To do this, simply click on the equipped weapon. You don't have that much choice at first, but later you'll learn some additional skills until you've unlocked the maximum number of skills at T4.

The same applies to your armor, by the way.

Information about crafting and trading

How exactly does crafting work? There are 5 different types of resources in Albion Online: Wood, Stone, Ore, Leather, Wool. You can easily mine them in the open world or you have to skin animals that you have previously killed for the leather.

However, certain materials are only available in certain areas. You only get the particularly rare raw materials in the endgame zones. You will also need stronger mining tools later to get the rarer materials.

Note that you only have a limited number of inventory slots and inventory weight and that you only have to have the tools in your inventory and do not have to equip them.

You can refine the collected raw materials at various crafting stations and then later process them into new equipment. However, the processing at the blacksmith is more like a purchase system.

Does trade play an important role? Yes, because Albion Online relies on a special crafting system in which you always have to craft the lower-quality items in advance. This also allows low-level players to sell their materials well in the trading post since high-end players do not necessarily grind in low-level areas.

On the other hand, you need a lot of silver at the beginning to repair equipment or to buy your own land.

In addition, the MMORPG dispenses with classic NPC dealers. If you want to turn something into gold, you have to put it in the trading post. The marketplaces are not connected to each other and there are different offers in each city.

The only exception is the black market in Caerleon. There you can sell items to NPCs, who then turn these items into loot from mobs. Depending on the equipment, there is even a chance of getting better prices than in the player marketplace.

Get your first mount: In Albion Online you will learn what mounts are in the tutorial and you can buy your first mount for 3 silver. If you want to earn faster mounts later, you can buy them in the trading post.

Shortly after the tutorial, however, the first priority should be getting a new mount. Either the faster horse mount or a pack mount if you like to collect and craft. The easiest way to get the mounts is through the in-game marketplace.

Note, however, that you must have unlocked the Adventurer's Journeyman on the Destiny Board in order to use these mounts.

The different areas, first dungeons, and first PvP content

How are the areas structured in Albion Online? After the tutorial, you end up in the “Royal Continent”. On this island, you will be busy for a long time. Territories in Albion Online are instantiated and divided into cities - which cannot be fought - and territories.

First, explore the low-level areas there. These have a blue mark and there is no PvP there and you don't lose any items either. However, this changes over time:

  • Higher areas are marked with a yellow marker. There you can optionally fight against each other if you mark yourself for PvP.
  • The red areas are PvP areas. Here there is the first action in the fight against other players and you also lose equipment, inventory, and your mount if you are defeated by a player. You only keep your silver.
  • In black areas, it's all about PvP. You are automatically flagged and also lose your inventory, your equipment, and your mount when you die. However, these areas can only be found in the Outlands, another island in the north of the map.
However, it is precisely in these black areas that you will find the best resources in the game. That's what makes it thrilling to a certain extent.

Also, while you open the large map with the "M" key, you should know that you can open the maps for a specific area or dungeon with the "N" key.

What should I do first after the tutorial? Basically, you are well-advised to do the given quests in the first city first. They give you the first tasks and further explanations about the game.

One of these quests leads you into the first, personal expeditions. You can enter this via a portal in the cities.

Many mobs and bosses await you in the dungeons. You also unlock checkpoints in the course of a dungeon where you can be revived. You can experience the first dungeon in Albion Online after about 15 to 20 minutes if you quickly go through the tutorial.

In general, dungeons are a good source of income to get silver quickly. You can run the first dungeons solo, later group dungeons are also possible.

The next level after the dungeons in the cities is the dungeons in the open world. These are also portals, but you have to find them first. In order to enter these, it is recommended to have a T3 equipment set.

  • Solo dungeons glow green on the map
  • Group dungeons glow blue
The first expedition of the day also gives you a seal that you can either sell in the marketplace or keep for future armor upgrades.

But be careful: In higher areas, players can also join a dungeon who flag themselves for PvP and then attack you. This can be a lot of fun, but also annoying. After all, you can sometimes lose your equipment when you die.

Why isn't losing gear in Albion Online so bad? Gear in Albion Online is viewed by many more as a resource, much like potions in other MMORPGs. Because in Albion you can get T4 or T5 armor very quickly.

Many players then also use these to go collecting in red and black areas. Because already with the T4 armor you have unlocked all available skills. However, if you lose it through PvP, it doesn't hurt you that much and you just build a new one.

The higher and stronger armor is then used to play content where you don't lose your gear or where the rewards are big enough to make the risk worth it. Otherwise, they are stored permanently in the bank.

As a rule of thumb, don't go into a zone where you could lose it with gear that's worth more than 10% of your total money.

Housing in Albion Online

What does Albion offer in housing? In Albion Online you can buy your own island. You need a premium account for this, but only for the purchase itself. This can then expire and you keep your island.

Once purchased, you can construct buildings on the island, including craft buildings such as a forge, or agricultural areas such as fields or herb skeletons. But you need all sorts of silver and various materials for this.

Alternatively, there are plots of land in the cities that you can purchase and build a house on. However, since space is tight, you have to wait for auctions.

General tips for beginners

In this section we collect a few general but short tips for newcomers:

  • You can see on the map which resources you can find in each area.
  • Basically, it is cheaper to buy a mount in the marketplace than to breed one.
  • If you hold "ALT" you use abilities on yourself, such as healing.
  • With the "V" key you open an interface to change your appearance or that of your armor.

Important settings that you should make

What is important in the settings? Basically, you should adjust your settings in the way that works best for you. However, we can recommend a few useful settings.

  • Under General, it is a good idea to tick the “Skip intro video” checkbox after you have watched it for the first time in order to get into the game faster. In addition, it is usually more relaxed for the eyes if you uncheck the “Image shake” checkbox. The wobbling can be very tiring.
  • In the Controls area, you should move the mouse pointer to "Crystal" because it's the easiest to see. The “Double press to attack” option is also useful. This will prevent you from accidentally attacking an enemy when you really only wanted to run.
  • In the social section, you should issue invitations for duels if you are not interested in them. It can also be useful to activate "Automatically decline guild invitations". Because invitations are spammed, again and again, you shouldn't join a guild, especially at the beginning, because this is linked to taxes, and the advantages for you are rather small. You can also activate or deactivate a swear word filter there.

Useful chat commands: If you also enter /fps in the chat, you can permanently see your frames per second on the bottom left of the map. With /ping, you can also activate or deactivate the display for the ping.

You can also find many explanations about the game itself via /help.

What does the Albion Online endgame offer?

Albion Online's endgame is a little bit what you make of it. It is not for nothing that Albion describes itself as a sandbox MMORPG. This aimlessness can make you lose the fun of the game itself. That's why we tell you what you can roughly do in the endgame.

PvP Endgame: Albion offers a rich variety of PvP endgame content. Here's how you can:

  • Walk alone through black areas and gank other players
  • Battle with a guild for control of outposts
  • Play in the Crystal League. These are 5v5 arena battles in which the gear level doesn't play too much of a role either.

The icing on the cake is leading a guild or PvP team yourself.

Become a crafting expert: A special feature of Albion Online is the economic system. Because even the drops in the open world were made by players who then sold their items on the black market. That is why crafting plays an important role.

As a result, many players focus fully on the collecting/crafting aspect of the game.

Farming PvE content: There are also some tasks for PvE fans.

  • With the dungeons in the blue and especially the T5 dungeons in the yellow zones, you can certainly generate income without running the risk of losing your items to other players.
  • There are hardcore expeditions in the cities that are hard and where there is no PvP.
  • If you want it really hard, you can also run T7 to T8 dungeons. However, PvP prevails there.
  • There are also the Avalonian Dungeons for groups of 12 to 20 players. There is also PvP here.
Also, there are now mobs in the open world that get stronger the longer nobody defeats them. They can also be farmed as solo players or in small groups.

What do you think of Albion Online? Do you like playing the MMORPG? And do you have any other tips and tricks for beginners that we can add? Feel free to write them in the comments.