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All the secrets of Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem


All the secrets of Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem

We tell you how to find all the secrets on the levels "Smell of Oil for Eternity", "Song of the Petrel", "Siberiade", "Roadside Picnic", and "Crime and Punishment".

Each part of Serious Sam consists of several levels, in which the game developers have hidden several secrets. Standalone add-on Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem for the fourth part of the shooters was no exception. In this article, we will tell you how to discover all the secrets of the game at each level.

Smells like oil forever

There are a total of 16 secrets in this level:

  1. After arriving, move forward and pay attention to the rusty pipe on the right. Go to its end by the mountain to find an ammunition cache in a pile of garbage. By the way, if you jump onto a pipe from a garbage heap, then on the other side you can find a doll. Picking it up, you will hear thunder, and a rainbow will appear in the sky. This is a reference to Death Stranding.
  2. Keep moving along the coast. When the marker points to the slope on the right, do not rush to climb up. Instead, find a container at the end of the beach, go inside and pick up an item to activate a secret trap.
  3. Now leave the beach by climbing up the slope, and note the broken wooden bridge on the right. Walk along the supports of this bridge to find a secret armor at the very end.
  4. The brightest secret of this level is the hidden rocket launcher. Not far from the broken bridge there is a wooden hut. To the right of it you need to find boards in the ground. Break these boards and jump down into the flooded cave. Get out on land and take the secret rocket launcher.
  5. Follow the marker to the oil rig, inside which a cut-scene will play. As you exit the tower, you will see that the next marker points to the complex ahead and to the left. But to the right there is another road between the mountains. Follow there and to the right. At the very end, in addition to the enemies, there will be a building and several boxes. On one of them lies a secret explosive. Be sure to save at least one explosive you find for the end of the level!
  6. Near the oil rig where the cutscene was played (and where the story marker was or is still pointing), there is a side quest start point on the road. After reading the note, move along the path to the spare oil rig. To the left of it there is a cliff and another destroyed wooden bridge. At the end of it lies a secret armor. Picking it up, you activate the appearance of a bull. It is best to kill him with a rocket launcher. Or you can try using the recently found explosives.
  7. Leave the bridge and go left, along the cliff, to find a tree that stands out from the rest. It has a lot of branches, but looks parched. Get close to pick up an item and activating a secret trap. Two large biomechanoids will appear.
  8. From this secret, move along the mountains to the left. Please note that instead of mountains in the future, the path to the left will be blocked by a minefield. Don't step over the warning signs! In the end, you will find a house with secret missiles hidden behind it.
  9. Continue following the story marker. Deal with several opponents, after taking the shotgun upgrade in the form of an under-barrel grenade launcher. A little further you will need to turn right, passing through a kind of channel. There are round screws in the walls to the left and right. One of them will be broken by enemies. Now there is a hole, and you can jump into it. But for this, pass by, go upstairs and kill the exploding big man. Turn right to find a bridge from which you can jump into that very hole. From there, jump into the portal. This will reveal a secret portal loop, as well as a reference to the game of the same name.
  10. Continue moving until you find yourself in a spacious courtyard, where two green demons attack you at once. They stand on two hills on the right. After the victory, climb to the nearest one and go along the blue bridge into the building. In the far right corner, behind the wall, look for an ammo stash.
  11. When you go down the elevator and find yourself on the railway, kill the enemies and go around the train that you saw when you first got to the location. Secret rockets are hidden behind the crates.
  12. In addition, there are two more trains on the opposite side of the railway, which supposedly block the way. But the train has a concrete wall on the right that you can walk around to find an ammo stash.
  13. When you pick up the machine gun and kill all the enemies, the marker will point up. You go downstairs, under the metal pipes, and in the far left corner, look for a hole in the wall. Behind it will be a secret room with secret explosives.
  14. A little later, a difficult battle awaits you at the location where there is a bridge at the top. On it are opponents using red target designators. There will be a huge enemy on the far right building. Go around this building and find concrete blocks. Behind one of them lies a secret explosive.
  15. After taking out the enemies inside the trampoline building, go outside through the door on top indicated by the marker. There will be a box on the left behind the door. Jump on it, and from there - on the visor above the door to find the secret armor.
  16. In the same place, move to the right and destroy the wooden boxes against the left wall. A fragile wall will appear behind them, which can be blown up by one of the three secret explosives found earlier. To switch to it, use the "1" key (it is also responsible for the knife).

Song of the Petrel

At this level, you can find 11 secrets:

  1. As soon as a new level begins, look to the right and see a blue curved pipe with a red valve against the wall. Jump onto this pipe from the small ledges nearby and climb up to the top ledge to find a secret gadget.
  2. After that, you can go down and jump even lower to the railroad. There are two parallel lines here. On one of them stands a wagon platform with a container on top. Look inside the container for secret armor.
  3. On the other side of the railroad, where you can get on top by raising the bridge (press the button), on the right side, there is a passage leading to the side task "Light it up". Go there and at the first location with enemies and hangar 05, at the end of the fenced area, look for two tanks, between which, behind a box, a secret explosive is hidden.
  4. Go to the Hangar 05 door to update the quest. Follow through hangar 04 to the other side and enter hangar 02. Secret explosives are hidden behind the rack on the right. To get to it, find the barrels on the side of the rack, next to the gate, through which you can jump.
  5. Continue on the blue side quest marker. Move through the field with enemies, along the slope to the left. When the opportunity arises, climb this slope and go forward to the house. There is a snowman next to him. Get close to the snowman to activate a secret trap.
  6. Complete the next part of the side mission by turning on the power. Kill all enemies and get back to the surface. Transport will be nearby. Instead of going back, take the path to the right to find the bunker. It only opens when there is power! Inside the bunker, at the very end, there will be a box with a skill point.
  7. Continue through the game until you see a cutscene in which the sole survivor of the oil plant dies. Kill the enemy with plasma weapons and other opponents, but do not rush to follow the marker through the hole in the wall. On the opposite side of it, in the corner, there is a slab that can be bypassed to get a secret armor.
  8. After the cut-scene, when you get out of the water and destroy the helicopter, the path further will point to an area with large blue columns "1" and "2". Before entering this area, on the right, you can find containers. Between them, there is a passage leading to a secret drone.
  9. Opposite these containers, to the left of the passage, you can jump down onto wooden boards. Then jump into the hole, under which you can see the portal. So you will get to a secret location where you need to kill enemies.
  10. After a long section in which you control a large mech, when Sam gets out of it, turn around and walk back. One of the containers on the left has a door marked with red markers. Attach two explosives to it, activate them and go down to the secret classic level.
  11. Finally, before you go to the yellow marker near the place where Sam got out of the mech, search the containers on the right. On the side of the white (or gray) container, you can find secret explosives. It is convenient if you have already spent one of them before.


This is the largest location in the game, so there is nothing surprising in the presence of a huge number of secrets. There are 27 in total:

  1. Kill the first enemies, get on the snow scooter and drive forward along the road until you see tall blue oil pumps on the right. Some of them don't work. Activate them (2-3 closest ones) by interacting with the buttons outside. Secret oil golems will appear.
  2. To the left of the oil pumps (if you move up the slope of this valley) there is a rock that you can climb up there is a secret hover scooter hidden there.
  3. Drive further down the road. On the left, there will be an enemy base with a pipe puzzle. There you can get the first keycard, which is needed for one of the secrets on the level. But now you are interested in the forest opposite this base, on the right side of the road, if you move along it in the direction of the marker. So, in this forest, opposite the base (perhaps a little further down the road) there is a metal part of the pump, under which the secret TACT gadget is hidden.
  4. Move forward along the road. On the left, there will be a slope leading to the second base, where you need to solve the pipe puzzle. There you will receive a second key card. And the path to the right leads to the sign of the hunting estate. Move there to start the additional task "Hide and Seek". After the cutscene, follow the blue marker and kill the first two enemy waves. Walk between the rocks. There is a purple object on the mountain to the left. Go a little further, climb the rock on the left and go back to pick up a secret gadget.
  5. A little further than the hunting estate (the passage where you just start the task by reading the summary of the missing girl), on the right side is an oil complex. There you need to solve the third puzzle with pipes to get the third key card. Outside, near the buildings are square fuel drums, reinforced with a metal frame. Between the barrels, secret missiles are hidden in the middle.
  6. Drive along the road between this complex and the passage to the hunting estate, towards the marker. This path leads to a sawmill. On the right, there will be a building with a tractor. Climb up the logs in the courtyard to the roof to find a secret explosive.
  7. On the way to this sawmill, there will be a small turn to the left. Narrow snowy path. This path leads to a secret cellar with resources.
  8. It's time to move on the marker, but first, make sure you solve all three pipe puzzles and collect the 3 keycards. After that, follow the checkpoint marked with a marker, kill two enemies, exit from the other side of the building and immediately turn left. Around the corner will be the entrance to the next room, where there is a container with a skill point. It opens exclusively with the help of three key cards.
  9. When you deal with the enemies near the church (twice) and talk to Olga inside, grab the crossbow and go outside through the next door. You will find yourself in a cemetery. Behind the wall on the left, in the cemetery, look for a whole tombstone with a monument on which stands the orb, a symbol of the power of Russian tsars. Interact with her to activate the appearance of the holy kamikaze.
  10. Keep following the marker. After 100 meters from the cemetery you will find fields and some buildings on the right. There are two tractors (red and blue) in the far right building. Go around the barn and find some firewood, behind which is hidden a secret armor.
  11. Do not rush to move along the marker, but go to the left of it. Across the road, opposite these fields and a barn, you can find the altar of Intertan, one of the famous characters from the first games in the series.
  12. Keep moving forward until you see the ruins of a ruined church. A red scorpion will appear next to her. On the right, there is a field with a red item in the center. Pick up this item to trigger a secret trap.
  13. Opposite the field, behind the ruins of the same church (where the red scorpion appears), you can find an armed snowman. Destroy it for the secret to count.
  14. Continue through the game until you reach the bridge, which is surrounded by an energy barrier. Follow the cable and power poles to the right until you find a shed with four buttons. They need to be blue. Behind the shed is a small building. Secret cannonballs are hidden behind it.
  15. Look to the right of this small building with cannonballs, go to the cliff and behind the trees you will find a secret TACT gadget.
  16. Return to the bridge where the energy barrier was. Hidden underneath is a secret gadget.
  17. Do not climb back, but go right along the gorge under the bridge. At the end of the path there will be a pipe that leads to the corridors of the bunker. There is a door on the far side. It opens with a button that is hidden with the equipment in the room on the left. This will take you to the secret classic level.
  18. When you get to the first demonic turret, pay attention to the field on the right side. There is a lone silo with a secret gadget hidden on top.
  19. After destroying the first turret, you can go forward but first move to the right, to the location of the second demonic turret. This is important because after destroying each turret, you will be able to pick up a key card. Three keycards are needed for another secret in the level. So, on the way to the second turret, there will be a fence and a house. Hidden behind the house on the right is a secret gadget (hover scooter).
  20. Move into the gorge from the first turret, where the marker points. After that, on the left side, look for the enemy base, which is surrounded by an energy barrier. Go around the base and jump over the fence from the pile of snow. After killing the enemies, find the secret gadget in the building on the left.
  21. When you go down to the valley with the river, go to this river and enter the waterfall on the right to find a secret potion. Kill the enemies to get back.
  22. Move along the river until you find a wooden pier. Climb it and jump down through the hole in the middle to find an ammo stash.
  23. Near this pier and the river stands a mill with rotating blades. Get inside, look up and shoot the boards to drop the secret cannon.
  24. Follow the marker to the railway bridge. This is where the task ends. Under the bridge, you can find the entrance. It leads directly under the bridge. At the end of it there will be a fire with a sword from Dark Souls.
  25. From the bridge, move along the coast to the right to find a small boat hut. Inside is an ammo cache.
  26. Climb the bridge and move along the car on the left. You need to go to the right of the car, to the ammunition. Jump from the box inside the car and search the cache.
  27. Finally, open the container located at the exit. To do this, you will need three keycards, which you can get for destroying three demonic turrets.

Roadside Picnic

At the fourth level, you can find 16 secrets:

  1. At the very beginning, go down under the bridge, climb onto its supports using wooden boards, go further along the two boards and look for a secret gadget on the side.
  2. When you go to a spacious location where kamikazes will appear (they will run down the hill), look at the rocks on the left and find a passage to additional territory behind the bushes. There you will find a secret hut on chicken legs.
  3. After destroying the kamikaze and other enemies, follow forward past the church to the shed with the tank. Climb to the roof of this shed to pick up a secret gadget.
  4. Overcome the segment on the tank until you get to the marker. go past the house, turn the corner and smash the boards on the ground to reveal an ammo cache.
  5. A little further, you can get closer to the flying drone to learn the details of the side mission "Alpha and Omega". Go to the bunker indicated by the blue marker for this mission. Go inside, kill a few enemies, and in the corridor, where there is a crowd of "orange" obsessed, in the room on the right, break the boxes to go down. Hidden in this part of the bunker is a secret automatic shotgun, but you'll have to fiddle with eight levers to get it. All of them should turn green.
  6. Continue through the bunker to the pipe you are asked to go down through. Do not hurry. Keep the pipe on the right as you keep walking forward. Call the elevator to make a secret squad of headless appear.
  7. Go down the pipe, kill the enemies, use the big elevator to take you even lower. Clear the corridor going down and look for a grate on the right. To jump over it, first, jump onto a working spotlight. Behind the bars, you can find a cache of ammunition.
  8. When you get to Kalinovka in the story of the game and meet with Igor Ledov and his squad, play the guitar on the right a few times. This is how you get the secret guitar of God.
  9. In the neighboring courtyard, behind the building in the far right corner, there is a secret armor hidden.
  10. When you clear the village and find yourself on the railroad again, go along the train on the right to find an ammunition cache behind the stones.
  11. Walk along the rails and kill the first batch of enemies. Turn left and left again. On the left hand, there will be parts of a metal ladder, along which you need to jump onto the roof. There you will find a secret gadget.
  12. Enter the neighboring courtyard and kill the opponents. On the right, there is a fence behind which a purple object is visible. Go around the building and jump between the cab of the truck and the container on the trailer. Look behind the boxes for a secret gadget (drone).
  13. When you're back on the rails and the marker points to the building on the right, move forward along the rails to the train car instead, and on the building to the right, look for an exploding wall. You need two explosives! This will give you access to the secret classic area.
  14. When you return, go around the same building in which the wall was blown up and find a secret gadget behind the boxes.
  15. Go through the building with the grenade launcher and the upgrade to it (cluster bomb), go outside, and inspect the crates on the left. A secret armor is hidden behind them.
  16. Finally, when you find yourself at a huge divided station with many rails, go to the far left corner and look for an ammo cache behind the building.

Crime and Punishment

The last level of the game contains 15 secrets:

  1. You will find yourself on the railroad. Move between the trains until you get to the platform. Go to the left along with the platform and behind a small booth, you will find an ammunition cache.
  2. On the same platform, move to the opposite end to find the second cache of ammunition behind the same booth.
  3. Enter inside the station from the same platform and search the restrooms on the left. In one of the toilet stalls, there is a cache of ammunition.
  4. Exit the station and move along the platform to the left without leaving the building. Turn the corner, climb the crate, jump on the visor, and even higher to pick up a secret gadget from the top ledge.
  5. When you get to the high-rise buildings, examine the building on the right. You can open the entrance door and find the Biomech in a relaxed state.
  6. Follow the residential buildings and move along the left road. There will be a gas station on the left. Go to it and find the boxes on the backside, on which you can jump up. There is a secret gadget on the roof of the gas station building.
  7. Enter the park and turn right. At the very end, at the gate is an ammunition cache.
  8. Go to the bridge, which will be destroyed by the flying mechanical worm. Move further from the bridge along the paved road and pick up an item at the gate to activate a secret kamikaze trap.
  9. When you jump down from the broken bridge onto the ice, look behind the concrete pillars opposite to find a secret gadget.
  10. When you get out of the gorge with ice cover, destroy the large Biomech and go through the bridge on the right. Behind the building on the left, look for a secret gadget.
  11. Move further along the marker to get to the destroyed bridge. Now you are on the other side. Go to the territory on the right and turn to the wall on the left. A small red item is hidden in the right corner, picking up which you will activate a secret trap.
  12. Get to the locked gate. The target will be updated: you need to apply power. To the right of the gate, there is a small pipe that leads to a cave. Follow there to find the secret ominous gate and the room where the green demons are.
  13. Move to the other side of the locked gate that needs to be opened. Instead of going up the slope on the left, go a little further and go down the slope on the same side. Go to the river and near it you will find two gargoyles guarding a secret gadget.
  14. When you pick up a cannon lying near the truck, move further along the paved road, to the gate, near which there is a secret gadget.
  15. Once you've cleared the huge field of enemies using your newly obtained cannon (although you might have found the secret one on the third level), head to the city. Behind the building on the right will be a garage cooperative. Walk forward and turn between the garages on the left. So you will go inside the cooperative and you can find an open garage. Inside it, you need to destroy the boards to gain access to the secret classic level.