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Animal Crossing New Horizons: help! My villager's house is ugly, what should I do?

 You finally managed to get your hands on your favorite villager, but you had never thought to look at what his house looks like, and it is not up to your expectations? Don't panic, we have the solution for you!


You've spent all your Nook Miles to buy tickets and have just spent hours exploring the mysterious islands with Rodrigue, the airplane pilot dodo when you finally see him: the legendary villager, your favorite little one who seemed like a myth, it took you so long to find it. There he is, all cute and dressed in pixels, and he agrees to move in on your island in just 2 minutes. You're over the moon and can't wait to see him again, so you travel back in time to the next day.

And then you see his house for the first time. She doesn't look like that, but you decide to go home to say hello to the newcomer. The suspense builds when you realize that the villager hasn't unpacked his boxes yet, but you're already starting to wonder when you see the wallpaper he's chosen. You have no choice but to jump back in time, and this time, when you push the door open, you come face to face with this:

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons

You are puzzled, and doubt begins to set in. How can your favorite taste so bad? You're not sure you're strong enough to ignore it. And once upon a time, you would have had no choice but to make do with or replace your new arrival, but it all comes to a head who knows how to wait because now there is a way to change the look of your villagers, and they don't. will not have a say.


Happy Home Paradise, the DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, was released last November and brought a lot of new stuff to Nintendo's game. In this extension, you have the opportunity to create vacation homes for all the villagers in the game, including those on your island by inviting them to the paradise archipelago where Lou the Otter's construction company is located. . You can modify the interior and exterior as much as you want thanks to the new customization features, such as room dividers, columns or ceiling decorations.

But the customization doesn't stop there, as soon as you're done with the story-driven portion of the DLC, you'll have access to new customization possibilities on your island. Namely, the customization of the houses of your villagers. And yes, you can then get rid of interiors like these and replace them with your most beautiful creations.

To do this, you will have to play Happy Home Paradise to the end, that is, furnish 30 vacation homes and create all the community places, with the clothing store last. The opening of the latter will bring a festival and the end of the narration related to the DLC, and the next day, you will receive a call from Tom Nook who asks you to come to see him.

He will explain to you that your villagers also want to be able to benefit from your talents as a decorator, and you can therefore customize the house of your inhabitants as you see fit. You will only have to choose the most unsightly house and Tom Nook will ask you to pay the modest sum of 9000 bells to transform the exterior and/or the interior.

When the job is done, Tom Nook will be so grateful that you saved the island's reputation that he will reward you with Nook Miles. You know what you have left to do !