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Clash Royale: tricks, secrets and tips to create the best possible deck


Clash Royale: tricks, secrets and tips to create the best possible deck

Now that Clash Royale has returned to our lives after an explosion of players caused by Ibai, surely many of you will be wanting to start playing but you need help. Well, here goes a portion of Clash Royale tips, tricks, and secrets to create the perfect deck .

After many years of playing Clash Royale , the trick that I have followed to create my decks has been to follow the slot method . A series of simple tips that will help you find the most devastating combination possible and start winning games.

Ever since I discovered it, whenever I've wanted to build a new deck or use a new card I've turned to it. So if you're looking for a way to integrate a card like Montacarneros or Pekka into your deck but don't know where to go, this Clash Royale deck guide will be of great help.

Tricks to create the best Clash Royale deck

Step 1: Choose what type of deck you want to play

First of all, you must be aware of what cards you have and what type of deck you want to play. If you're looking for a very fast deck with lots of bugs, you'll need to have low-cost, powerful cards. If, on the other hand, you want to maintain control at all times, then you should bet on more defensive cards or magic.

Step 2: Pick a Win Condition

With which card do you want to give the finishing blow to the enemy tower? Do you want the balloon to sneak into the kitchen to bombard your rival? Do you want to see how the Pekka advances without pause until it destroys the tower with three blows? Choose your favorite card and build the deck around it.

Step 3 – Choose a second win condition

Cards don't always arrive the way you'd like, so having a second win condition is key to turning the game around in any situation. Of course, keep in mind that if the first winning condition is high cost, it should be lower -and vice versa-.

Step 4 – Choose defenders and support

Try to imagine what the game will be like and anticipate which units your opponent might launch. If you go with a Golem the worst thing that could happen is that it launches an army of skeletons or a Horde of minions in the case of the Globe. What cards are going to help you avoid those situations? Those are the ones you should choose both to defend yourself and to support your advance.

Step 5 - Test and Modify the Deck

Until I found the deck with which I felt completely comfortable, I spent a lot of time messing around, seeing how the enemies countered me and when my units worked better. From here it's all down to testing and tweaking based on your wins and losses.

And remember, losing is much more useful than winning to get the perfect deck. I leave you a copy of my deck in case you find it useful to understand the process. Good luck!