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 If you want to play Cavalier and want to know the best cards, here are our Cavabellar decks to win on Clash Royale!

The Cavaliere Card is in vogue right now as it is boosted this season and is part of the Rage Challenge, Cavalier.

The comeback of Clash Royale is pushing players to use new cards and renew their decks. That's why we offer you 2 different decks to beat your bad luck!

Easy to play Cavabelier deck on Clash Royale

This Cavabellar deck is the most complete because it allows you to defend as well as attack. For the attack, you will have to use the Cavabeler with the Mega-knight while throwing your poison to defend yourself against the Armies of skeletons and Horde of gargoyles or other Goblins. The Hell Dragon must launch at the bottom of the map and once arrived in the middle, use the Mega-knight. For the defense, you will have the Musketeer as well as the Thief who will constitute a marvelous counter-attack.

Average elixir: 3.6

Cavabeler - Mega Knight - Thief - Hell Dragon - Barbarian Barrel - Poison - Musketeer - Zap

Cavabellar Deck with PEKKA on Clash Royale

Thanks to this deck, you have a good attack, in particular, thanks to the Cavabélier and G argouilles combo because one manages the damage of the tower while the other defends it. The PEKKA as for him can be played mainly in defensive mode for example to take care of the Riders of pigs or other Cavabéliers. You can also build up the pressure with the Royal Ghost who can defend as well as attack. The rest of your cards will be used to defend your towers and constitute a fierce counter-attack that is difficult to defend!

Average elixir: 3.6

PEKKA - Gargoyles - Electro-sorcerer - Thief - Royal Ghost - Cavabellier - Zap - Poison