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Does Elden Ring have crossplay between PC, PS5 and Xbox? This is known so far

 Elden Ring has some multiplayer components like co-op and PvP. This raises the question for many: Can I also play with friends on other platforms via crossplay? We tell you what is known about it.

What is cross play? This feature allows you to play multiplayer with other players across platforms in many games. For example, you can play on PC with friends who are on PlayStation or Xbox.

For several years, this feature can be found in more and more multiplayer titles. In the earlier games from Elden Ring developer FromSoftware, this was not the case. The Dark Souls series offered no crossplay, despite co-op and PvP.

Unfortunately, one has to hold on to Elden Ring: According to the current status, the action RPG only offers a very limited crossplay feature.

Elden Ring has CrossGen multiplayer, but no real crossplay - at least in the beta

We know that so far: In mid-November 2021 there was a network test in which the Elden Ring could be tested by participants. All multiplayer components were also available.

There was no real crossplay in this beta test. It was not possible to play as a PC player with friends on Xbox or PlayStation, for example.

After all, the Elden Ring beta allowed PS4 and PS5 players to play together, as did Xbox Series and Xbox One players.

But that's not surprising, these platforms probably share the same servers.

How about the full version? So far it is not clear whether there will be differences to the beta in this point. FromSoftware has not really commented on this so far.

So there's a tiny possibility that the full version will provide even more extensive crossplay options.

Crossplay between PC and console is almost impossible

How likely is that? Keep in mind that this is speculation. There is no official statement on crossplay yet. But if you look at the Dark Souls series and its multiplayer, you shouldn't count on it.

The PC version in particular is likely to be ruled out. Hackers are particularly common there in Dark Souls multiplayer, as can be seen from various clips on YouTube.

For example, here is a video from Dark Souls YouTuber Prod:

Here you can also often see the absurd character creations that players can come up with using hacks. Such crazy characters are also likely in Elden Ring, as we know thanks to a leaked early version of the character editor.

At least the PC version should be pretty much ruled out. Traditionally, there are also numerous mods built by players that can make profound changes to the mechanics.

This is not possible on consoles, problems could arise with crossplay in multiplayer.

FromSoftware may still allow crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation. But you shouldn't count on it.