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FIFA 22: How To Get Top Player Zakaria Without Coins - Insanely strong midfield card


FIFA 22: How To Get Top Player Zakaria Without Coins - Insanely strong midfield card

In FIFA 22 you can get the new Headliners card for Denis Zakaria. The Gladbacher has really strong stats and is a great option for Bundesliga teams because you can get him without coins.

This is the card: Zakaria belongs to the Headliners cards, which are dynamic items. They get an upgrade whenever the player gets a performance-based special card, such as TOTW cards.

There is also another upgrade once the real-world team in the game has four straight league wins. Zakaria's team Gladbach have just started with a win against Bayern Munich - so it's possible that an upgrade will happen in the coming weeks.

But even without possible upgrades, Zakaria's card is already damn strong:

Zakaria is damn strong defensively
Zakaria is damn strong defensively

  • Zakaria has a very strong pace for a ZDM card
  • Dribbling and Passing stats are also looking good - if you need a ball distributor from deep
  • High physical and defensive values ​​promise a very good defense

In addition, you can still improve Zakaria with chemistry styles - and the prospect of possible upgrades.

Overall, players in the FIFA community are already talking about one of the best "free" tickets of all time. Because: You don't even need luck with packs or large coin reserves for Zakaria. Because you get the Swiss through simple tasks.

Here's how you can snag headliners Zakaria

Here you have to play: You have to complete several tasks in the friendly match mode “Headliner Challenge”. The requirements for this mode are already quite simple:

  • You play under “Max. Chemistry” rules. That means: All your players simply get full chemistry and you don't have to pay attention to links among each other.
  • You need players from at least 7 leagues.
  • You may only use one loan player.

The advantage of friendlies: You neither lose contracts nor are results included in your statistics. So you don't have to worry at all if you lose a game. Abandoning a game does not result in any sanctions either.

These tasks are pending: There are a total of four tasks to be completed. These are:

  • Top Scorer: Score in Live FUT Friendlies “Headliner Challenge” using a ZDM (1 time).
  • Crossing in style: Set up 5 goals with crosses in the Live FUT Friendlies Headliner Challenge.
  • Win Streak: Win 4 matches in Live FUT Friendlies “Headliner Challenge”
  • Score in 10 separate matches in Live FUT Friendlies Headliner Challenge.

Task tips:

  • The ZDM task is easier to solve if you retrain your forwards to “ZDM” using position modifiers. Then they can be considered for the solution and you don't need to use your defensive midfielders.
  • Many players use a "golden goal" rule in friendlies. It basically says: Whoever hits first wins and the other player has to leave the game. Of course, this isn't mandatory, but it's used by many players in friendship modes to keep tasks like "Scoring in 10 separate games" short.
  • To prepare with flanks, you don't just have to rely on the "normal" flank. For example, use R1/RB and Cross to use a charged, low cross that can almost double as a powerful cross pass into your player's foot. Corner goals are also an option.