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Games you most likely missed in 2021


Games you most likely missed in 2021

Adventures, horror, Pokemon, and other projects that deserved more attention in the past year

Although the COVID-19 pandemic continues in the world, due to which, among other things, some game developers have suffered, faced with the need to change plans and postpone releases, great games continued to be released this year, and there were so many of them again that it was difficult to keep track of all worthy of attention. Therefore, we tried to recall and collect in one material the most interesting projects that you most likely missed in 2021.

Call of the sea

A woman goes to a tropical island lost in the ocean to find her husband, who disappeared there along with the expedition. Having reached the goal, she finds traces of not only the missing spouse, but also a mysterious lost civilization, and very strange things begin to happen to her.

Call of the Sea is a rather unobtrusive adventure in a very unexpected style: its developers were clearly inspired by all kinds of Lovecraft but looked at it from a completely new angle. Let's refrain from detailed explanations so as not to spoil your pleasure, but let's say: you have never seen such a story about an unknown, ancient underwater garbage.


The clear spiritual heiress of Journey captivates with about the same as its great predecessor: simple but beautiful and expressive graphics, a mysterious empty world, a pleasant soundtrack, and the general atmosphere of light sadness. Here we also control an unnamed character traveling to some mysterious goal, solving simple puzzles along the way, starting ancient cars, and exploring the world. Omno, unfortunately, lacks a bit of polish (for example, platforming could be a little cleaner), but the game, which was developed by almost one person, is forgivable and does not cause any particular problems. But a few hours of fun are definitely guaranteed to you.

Moonglow bay

A simulator of life in a small seaside town. We catch fish, prepare food from it, sell it to local residents, fulfill their requests and try to figure out whether the stories about the monster that is supposedly found in the local bay are true.

A very relaxed game, which could be accused of a certain monotony, if this was not part of its meaning. Moonglow Bay is an opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle and do something simple and cute. It's certainly not Animal Crossing, but it's also pretty good. And there is also a plot (as opposed to the same AC).


Wildermyth was not easy to miss, but we decided to include her in the list - in case you are not following too closely even the discussed indie games. This tactical RPG is a real generator of fantasy stories: from the closest associations, board games immediately come to mind, in which the "dungeon master" leads a group of adventurers from one challenge to the next. You generate a team of characters, decide for yourself whether there will be some kind of relationship between them, and constantly make decisions for them: whether to climb into this cave, whether to grab this statue covered with rubies (the result may be sudden!), Whether to run away when you hear suspicious rustles in the bushes and so on. And the battles here are not just for show: planning turn-based battles in the spirit of Fire Emblem is quite interesting since the ranks of enemies are replenished with new ones,

Wildermyth puts the adventure together like a jigsaw puzzle, and if you start anew, it will definitely be something different from the previous one. And after your heroes grow old and their story comes to an end, the memory of them will live on in the next campaigns - you will come across references to familiar characters in books and legends, and, possibly, come across their descendants.

Pokemon unite

It seems that the days of MOBA fashion are over, but the creators of Pokemon Unite may not have heard about this yet - and thank God. Because their game turned out to be very successful. Short matches, a small map that is easy to learn, several additional modes, and almost 30 Pokémon, the list of which is gradually expanding, as genre standards dictate.

Pokemon Unite is great fun if you want to try out MOBAs but are afraid it will be too confusing, or you have loved the genre for a long time but are tired of its toxicity. Here, no one swears or brags about adventures with other people's mothers, and learning to play is very simple, although the game remains very deep and interesting.

Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water

A remake of a horror movie that was released once on Wii U, which ended (so far!) One of the most deserved horror series in the history of the industry. Starring: three characters faced with otherworldly forces. The main weapon in the fight against malevolent spirits annoying you is an old camera, capable of causing damage to spirits when photographing and expelling them from the world of the living.

Some elements of Maiden of Black Water turned out to be rather funny, for example, the plot, which more or less entirely consists of the attempts of the heroes in a circle to save each other or some unlucky NPC from the spirits who snatched the victim on the slope of a nearby cursed mountain. But even this does not harm the very oppressive and uncomfortable atmosphere that the game creates in the end. It is the atmosphere and the viscous, intense fights with the spirits that are the main advantages of Maiden of Black Water. And it is thanks to them that it should not be missed.

What about you? Did you enjoy any of the games that are not on everyone's lips this year? Share your findings in the comments!