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GTA Online: Suspend and Get Rid of Bounty - How does it work?


GTA Online: Suspend and Get Rid of Bounty - How does it work?

In GTA Online you can put a bounty on other players. If you are unlucky, other players or strangers will put a bounty on you. We'll show you how to put one out and get rid of it.

What's that bounty? Bounties in GTA Online can be distributed to all players who are not in passive mode. Various bonuses can be placed on the death of another player, which the killer then earns.

In this overview we show you the options that are available for bounties:

  • How can you put a bounty on?
  • How can you earn a bounty?
  • How can you get rid of a bounty?

Put a bounty on in GTA Online

What you have to do: First you have to be in a lobby of GTA Online, in which other players are also playing. You cannot put bounties on NPCs, only on other players.

  • Open your smartphone in the game.
  • Navigate to your phone book “Contacts”.
  • The list is in alphabetical order and shows players first and then NPC contacts.
  • Navigate to Lester and select the option “Post Bounty”.
  • Then you select the player from the list who should receive a bounty.
  • Now choose the amount of the bounty - it can be an amount between $ 2,000 and $ 10,000. Lester picks a fee of $ 1,000 from this.
  • The bounty now stays on the player you selected for an entire day in GTA Online (about 48 minutes in the real world).
  • The player is highlighted on the map by a symbol and is therefore attractive to other players in the lobby.

You have to keep this in mind: Every player in the lobby can secure the player's bounty. So if you want to redeem a player's bounty, you have to kill him before everyone else. If you get yourself a bounty that you set yourself up, you are minus $ 1,000 (the fee you pay Lester for the bounty)

Players who are in passive mode in a public lobby cannot receive bounties from other players.

If you steal enough cars from NPCs, you will get a bounty from “Unknown” - the game will then be allocated to you and no other player.

Earn Bounty Rewards

How does it work? If you want to get another player's bounty, all you have to do is pay them. You can drive him over, shoot him, or kill him in any other way possible. What matters is that you are the killer. The money will then be paid out directly to you.

It is important: A bounty can only be bagged by one player. Note that players with a bounty will be made aware of this and know full well that the lobby is after them. So expect them to defend themselves.

On the map, players with a bounty are indicated by a large, red skull.

But you can also earn the bounty yourself:

How can you get rid of your bounty?

What you have to do: To get rid of a bounty, you have to stay alive for 24 in-game hours (about 48 minutes). You cannot wait in jobs or safe real estate for the time to run out as the timer will be paused in these cases. When you're back outside, the timer continues.

If you manage to stay alive that long in the open air, you get paid the bounty yourself. The first time there is an achievement for surviving a bounty.