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Hiring a robber for another player in GTA Online is easy and doesn't cost you much money. We will show you how it works and what advantages it has.

What is this function? You can organize robbers through your contacts in GTA Online. These are NPCs that you can direct to specific players in your session. Many people use this to get revenge on annoying griefers since the robbers show up quite unexpectedly.

In addition, hiring a robber is also a daily objective in GTA Online that you can easily complete. In this short guide we will show you:

  • How you hire robbers
  • what you get out of it
  • How to solve the daily goal “Hound 1 player 1 robber”.

Hiring Raiders in GTA Online - Guide

How much does hiring cost? All you have to do is spend $1,000 in GTA Online. If you rob a few stores afterward, you'll quickly make a profit again. You must be at least level 50 to unlock the option.

How do you hire robbers?

  • Open your smartphone in the game
  • Select Lamar from Contacts and call him
  • You only have one option with him: Hire a robber
  • Select the option and confirm which player you want to set the robber.

Then Lamar confirms your order and sends a robber to the appropriate player. It depends on where the player is at the moment. Flying high in the sky or in a safe house, the culprit can't do anything against the player. He then tries again at a later time. If the selected player just can't be reached, Lamar will refund you the $1,000.

However, if the victim is near roads on the map, then the robber will strike. He surprises the player and tries to rip him off.

What is the robber doing? A Hijacker looks like any other NPC in the game. If he is near the player, he suddenly rushes towards the player from the crowd. He attacks the selected player and steals a random amount of money from him. The higher the victim's level, the higher the potential loot. However, the robber can steal a maximum of $10,000. However, the carrier must have cash with them. Nothing can be stolen from the account.

If the victim is in a car, the robber will arrive, throw the player out of the car, and drive away in the vehicle.

As a robbed player, you have the chance to finish off the robber afterward. If he flees on foot, it's much easier. If you shoot him, you can get your money back. However, if he steals one of your super sports cars, the pursuit will be difficult.

To solve the daily goal, you just have to rush the robber on a player. The robbery doesn't even have to be successful. The order alone is enough to solve the daily goal.