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Guild Wars 2: 9 Things to Do Now to Prepare for End of Dragons

 The MMORPG Guild Wars 2 is getting a new expansion this year. We are already giving you tips with which you can prepare for End of Dragons.

What happens in Guild Wars 2? In April the current season of the Living World ended with a great battle between two Elder Dragons. This laid the foundation for the upcoming expansion.

End of Dragons is slated for release in 2022 and will take us to Cantha, the Guild Wars Factions area.

We would like to give you 9 tips that you can use to prepare yourself for End of Dragons in any case.

Is it still worth getting started with Guild Wars 2 in 2022? Yes, because newcomers in particular have an incredible amount of content and stories to discover. Due to the constant level cap and the same item level, you can quickly catch up with veterans.

Play through the story

The most important tip to prepare for the upcoming expansion is to look at the previous content and, above all, the story. After all, we will start again with our group of heroes in End of Dragons and it makes sense to know these characters beforehand.

The fact why we fight dragons in the first place should also be clarified beforehand.

Most veterans will have ticked this point by now, but this is particularly important for newcomers and returnees.

If you want to know how this visually stunning battle came about, you should play the Guild Wars 2 story.

This is how the chronicle works: You experience the history of Guild Wars 2 in different phases, which you can follow in your chronicle in-game:

  • From level 1 to 80 you experience the so-called personal story. It's free for everyone.
  • Then it continues with the Living World Season 2, in which you have to buy extra.
  • This is followed by the expansion Heart of Thorns, which you automatically own when you buy the latest expansion Path of Fire.
  • Then it continues with the Living World season 3, which again costs extra money.
  • This is followed by the Path of Fire expansion.
  • Then comes the Living World Season 4, again at a cost.
  • Finally, the Living World Season 5 - also known as the Icebrood Saga - of which the last episode is currently free.

Save the precursor for a new legendary

In May 2021, the developers started a special event for newcomers and returnees. In addition, episodes of the Living World were distributed free of charge. However, if you missed the event, you can unlock each episode for 200 gems (2.50 euros or in-game gold).

New successes have also been brought into play, which you can find in the “Side Stories” tab. There are new tasks for each episode. Whoever completes all of these tasks receives a legendary amulet. Whoever completes 10 episodes will get a precursor for the new legendary weapons in End of Dragons.

Completing the tasks is therefore worthwhile before the expansion is released.

Farm material for Legendary

With the new roadmap for 2021, the developers of Guild Wars 2 have already revealed that with End of Dragons new legendary weapons are coming into play. These are special skins that are very expensive and have a cool effect: You can change the stats constantly and at will.

Veterans, in particular, can therefore begin to farm certain materials that have been needed for legendary up to now and will probably also in the future, including:

  • Mystical Coins (which are rising in price incredibly fast right now)
  • Obsidian shards for karma
  • Badge of honor in the WvW
  • Mystical lucky clover
  • Ectoplasmic spheres
  • T1-T6 materials of all kinds
Tips for Farming Mystic Coins: Currently (May 8th) a Mystic Coin costs over 2.6 gold. It can therefore make sense to farm these coins yourself rather than buying them. You can get it via:

  • The daily login rewards (just log in briefly every day)
  • About the daily success “Mystischer Schmied”, which can be locked at irregular intervals
  • Via the daily fractal chests
  • Once a day when defeating the Ley-Line Anomaly
  • From daily automated tournaments in PvP
  • With a lot of luck from the fluctuating mass; the pouches that you can get through daily converters

Collect hero points

In Guild Wars 2, hero points are used to unlock new skills and properties for your classes. You can find these points in the open world and can interact with them or have to defeat certain tasks or enemies to earn them.

The hero points become interesting again, especially with End of Dragons, as each class will get a new elite specialization and thus new skills and properties.

The Guild Wars 2 system is designed in such a way that you can already collect hundreds more points than you can actually spend. So if you want to test the new specialization right from the start of End of Dragons, you can collect hero points in advance.

Generally farming gold

In addition to the legendary weapons, the new expansion will also include new skins and possibly even new stat combinations for your equipment. And that costs gold first. That is why it makes sense to start the new expansion with a full budget.

Unlocks the skimmer and other mounts

The mounts in Guild Wars 2 are a cool form of transportation, with each mount having its own function. Therefore it is sometimes necessary to own every mount in order to experience certain contents and to be able to explore areas.

Guild Wars 2 offers the following 8 mounts:

  • Raptor - can jump particularly far
  • Jumper - can jump particularly high
  • Skimmer - can swim above and underwater
  • Jackal - is particularly fast and can teleport
  • Griffin - can fly fast
  • Roller beetle - rolls the fastest downhill
  • Skyscale - can fly and cling to rocks
  • War Claw - useful for WvW
What is special about the skimmer? The skimmer was revised in 2020 so that it can now be used not only above water but also underwater. To this end, a new quest has been brought into play that you have to complete first.

Get “Quality of Life” items

There are some useful items in Guild Wars 2 that I can only recommend to other players. These include account-wide inventory slots, which are then shared by all characters. You can only get these in the gemstone shop, where you can either buy them for real money or in exchange for gold.

Other useful items are:

  • A copper-powered recycler - gem shop
  • Tarkin's personal delivery portal, which also functions as a mobile retailer - a reward for success
  • Endless trade expresses, bank access expresses or hairdressing kits - very rare drops and the easiest way to get them through the auction house
  • Various converters such as Mauldrey, the shimmer of feeling, or Herta - rewards for success
  • One of the merchants passes like the airship captain's pass - Edelsteinshop

Farm and store transmutation charges

The last tip is especially important for fashion fans. Because of the constant level of equipment, the appearance of the characters in the endgame plays an important role.

You can change your appearance at any time through the cloakroom, provided you have enough transmutation charges. Since new skins come into play with the new expansion, you should farm these loads in advance:

  • The easiest way to get the transmutation charges is through the login rewards
  • A great alternative to farming is to explore maps. For the complete exploration of cities like Götterfels or Löwenstein or the area Südlicht-Bucht, there are guaranteed 5 pieces, otherwise there is a chance
  • Those who like to be out and about in PvP and WvW will receive the transmutation charges via many reward paths
  • In an emergency, they can also be bought again via the shop by converting their gold into gemstones

Play Guild Wars 1 Factions

If you want to get the first glimpse into the coming continent of Cantha, you can enter it in Guild Wars 1. There will be clear differences between the two versions - after all, over 250 years have passed - but ArenaNet will most likely include some Easter Eggs for fans of the first part, which will be better understood if you have already played Factions.

With these 9 tips, you should be ready for the start of End of Dragons. Do you have any other ideas and additions to prepare for the expansion? Then she likes to write in the comments.