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Just when you're considering whether to start with Guild Wars 2 to match End of Dragons , every MMORPG player asks the same question: How long does it actually take to reach the maximum level? We at MeinMMO have the answers.

How long does it take? However, there is no clear answer to this question in Guild Wars 2. There are various ways to reach the maximum level, i.e. 80. We introduce them to you.

Some of these methods take several days, others only hours. Two ways even take minutes to get you to level 80.

But then Guild Wars 2 is by no means over, it's really just getting started. Many veterans like to refer to the path from level 1 to 80 as the Guild Wars 2 tutorial. Nevertheless, there is no reason to rush.

Why you should take your time the first time: Each character class in Guild Wars 2 has its own deep set of mechanics. It is imperative later in the game that you understand how your class works and plays.

Mainly because there is almost no progression through better armor in Guild Wars 2. All that sets you apart from your fellow players and makes you better is the skill of your class and the content you are currently playing.

Not to be neglected are the waypoints that you unlock when exploring the world. They serve as teleport points and let you return to places you've been to before.

If you rush to level 80, you will miss many of the points that you will need later in the game, which then leads to sometimes annoying walkways. But how long does it take to reach level 80?

How long does which route take?

The "normal" way: If you play the game normally, explore a lot and play your story missions, you need about 20 to 30 hours until you reach level 80. 

You slowly gain experience for every waypoint, every panorama, and of course every quest and gradually uncover the world. If you focus on story and exploration, by level 80 you will have completed about 60% of world exploration. In addition, you have already seen a lot of the world and got to know some events.

The "rush" way: If you only concentrate on world events in the level phase, leave exploration and story and also the little heart quests on your side, then the way to level 80 will cost you about 10 to 15 hours of your time.

However, you should find out beforehand which events are particularly worthwhile and when and where they take place. Because if you don't know when you have to be where and miss the events, this way can take longer than the "normal" way.

But if you have an idea of ​​the events and where they take place, you can even reach level 80 in under 10 hours, with the right preparation, EXP boosts and ideally already mounts.

The “cheat” way: Okay, it's not cheated. But: If you buy Guild Wars 2 with one of its expansions, you will get a level 80 boost in your inventory. If you click on it, your character will immediately be level 80 and moderately equipped, but ready for the big world.

The item even unlocks a few waypoints for you. As a beginner, however, we would advise against this method. It leaves you haphazard in the endgame with many questions about the world and mechanics.

You can also use the so-called tomes of knowledge. These books are available as a reward for various actions and will level up your character when used.

So if you have collected 80 of them, you can raise a new character to level 80 in just a few minutes with just 80 clicks.

Both methods are therefore more suitable for experienced players who need a new character in the endgame than for new players.