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The new MMORPG Lost Ark offers an enormous amount of endgame for its fans. This not only includes events and a bunch of PvE content but there is also a lot to do for PvP friends.

What is PvP in Lost Ark? First of all, we have to distinguish which form of PvP we are talking about. Basically, the game gives you two different versions of player-versus-player combat.

  • On the one hand, starting at level 10, you can challenge other players to duels in the open world. These duels must be accepted by the opponent and then take place in a marked-out zone.
  • Then there's Arena PvP, which you unlock at level 26 and through the Rebuild Luterra questline. There you fight in instanced arenas with normalized equipment and you can enter them from any city,
  • The third mode is GvG where guilds compete against each other. This happens in four full groups at a time, creating a 16vs16 situation on a larger map.
The duels in PvP bring you nothing but fun. You don't get any rewards there, but you don't lose anything if you die either. So you can understand this form more as banter among friends.

The arenas, however, are the core content of PvP and provide long-term engagement.

Lost Ark shines in Arena PvP

How does Arena PvP work? Arena PvP is all about your personal skill and how well you know your enemy class. Because in an arena, neither the environment nor a high Gearscore bring you any advantages. Theoretically, you can start right away at level 26 and can distribute just as many skill points as a player at maximum level.

The equipment will not set you apart from the others either, because you choose your own equipment for the arena. Also, in PvP, some of your skills will have different effects and stats so that the player vs. player experience in Lost Ark is not affected by the balance of PvE content.

So that this doesn't get too confusing, you can simply save your PvP skills in so-called books of coordination. You can then simply click on the required book for each PvP mode beforehand and have your build-ready.

Three game modes in Arena PvP that are fundamentally different

What modes are there? Basically, the Lost Ark PvP differs in "normal" matches, ranked matches and even custom matches, where you can let off steam together with friends or against your friends in the official arenas.

The basic 3 PvP modes are then:

  • Team Deathmatch
  • deathmatch
  • team elimination
You can choose the presets directly when entering the queue
You can choose the presets directly when entering the queue

What is Team Deathmatch? In this game mode, you are in 3v3, i.e. with two players against three other players. There is a fixed time limit and if you die you get back up after a short cooldown.

The goal is to get as many kills from the opposing team as possible within the time limit while, logically, dying as little as possible. 

In Team Deathmatch you can also play together with your friends and thus build exciting team combinations before the match. But beware, this is only possible in normal game mode. But more on that later.

What is deathmatch? Similar to Team Deathmatch, the aim here is to get as many kills as possible while you can respawn yourself over and over again. However, you are not in teams of 3 here, but always on your own.

You can therefore only search for a game solo in Deathmatch, this mode is not available with friends. Also, the Deathmatch mode approach is a bit more "fun" than Team Deathmatch.

In Deathmatch, there are also certain areas where you do more damage and bullets that you can pick up, which then give you a buff that helps you in battle.

What is Team Elimination? 3v3 is also played in this mode, but one after the other and without a respawn. This sounds strange at first, but it is the mode in which you can expect the most tactics.

First, you choose the order of the fighters in your team. The first starts first and the second is not allowed to start until the first is defeated. The actual fights always take place in 1v1 games.

The one who wins the 1v1 fight stays in the field and then fights the next opponent in 1v1. However, the survivor cannot heal himself. In the end, the team that is still alive wins.

You can also enter the Team Elimination together with a friend and thus coordinate things a little better.

Leaderboards offer great rewards

How do you get rewards? Proper rewards in Lost Ark are only available in PvP for the demanding ranked matches. Custom matches or normal matches are therefore nothing but pastime and training to prepare you for the ranked games.

As rewards, you can expect cosmetic items, titles, silver and gold, and even crystals. From the maximum level, you can also earn certain coins in PvP, which can then be exchanged for PvE gear. So it's even possible to improve your endgame gear through PvP.

When can you play ranked matches? In principle, this is already possible from level 26, but we would advise against it. You'll have the same stats as your opponents, even if they're much more advanced, but they probably know their character a little better than you do.

However, the only requirement to participate in ranked play is to have played a certain number of normal matches. Then you unlock the ranked games and the fun begins.

What is the difference between ranked matches? Almost not at all. You also have access to the same three game modes in a ranked mode that you already know from the normal matches.

The biggest difference is that you can only enter ranked matches alone. No matter which of the three-game modes you choose to play, your friends will be left out in ranked play. Unfortunately, you have to do this all by yourself.

How does ranked play work? The concept is relatively simple and you should already be familiar with it from games like League of Legends or Valorant. You play your games and get credited with points every time you win. If you lose, however, you will be deducted points accordingly.

You fight your way through a total of seven different ranks in different seasons, which always reset your rank when they expire. The higher you climb, the better the rewards become.

The rewards increase with the ranks
The rewards increase with the ranks

Ranks start at Bronze, which is the lowest rank and is credited to you after just a single point. That's why you don't get any rewards for bronze.

Then it goes through silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and master up to the grandmaster. The different ranks then contain better and better rewards the higher you can fight in the ranks.

For those of you who make it to Grandmaster, there will also be an official leaderboard to work your way up. So that eventually everyone can see that you are the greatest grandmaster of grandmasters.

Total chaos in GvG

The guild vs guild system in Lost Ark is a currently popular scenario on the game's Korean and Russian servers. However, it has not yet been officially confirmed whether we will also be able to experience the GvG in our version right at the start.

In GvG you play on a separate map with a total of 32 players for important resource points. You're trying to keep your points while trying to capture the opposing team's points. The distribution of the groups is particularly important here.

Since your team consists of a total of 16 people, you are traveling with four groups of four players each. So the buffs you get and distribute only ever go to your specific group of four. In addition, in GvG, similar to normal player duels in the open world, you can also use special items and bring them into battle.

Are you interested in PvP in Lost Ark or is the whole topic rather irrelevant for you? Are you focusing on PvE in the new MMORPG or are your fingers itching for the player-versus-player battles? Write it to us in the comments