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 In Pokémon Arceus, it will be possible to capture the creatures of the game, but the mechanics are different from previous titles. We explain how it works.

Pokémon Arceus is a game awaited by many players and the wait is soon coming to an end since it is officially released this Friday, January 28 on Nintendo Switch.

This new installment of the license will add multiple changes including the method of capturing Pokémon within the game since now players will find themselves in a partially open world. We tell you how to catch the creatures that can complete Hisui's Pokédex.

How does catching Pokémon work in Arceus?

If you are looking to know how to capture a Pokémon in Arceus, well, the mechanics are very different, since in some cases you will be able to catch them by surprise by throwing a Pokéball directly at them, but be careful, the chances of capture will depend on their character. Here is how to recognize the temperament of a Pokémon:

  • If the Pokémon does not run away from you, it is calm or assertive in nature.
  • If the Pokémon has an exclamation mark appearing above its head, it is aggressive in nature. When faced with this kind of Pokémon, remember to dodge, because it will charge you directly and can knock you out.
  • If the Pokémon flees as you approach, it is timid or cowardly in nature. In order to capture them easily, we recommend that you approach them discreetly using tall grass or smoke bombs
It should be noted that it is also to ensure an easier capture by using a Berry to attract it and to throw a Pokéball at it while it is eating.