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How to get free gold in Clash Royale

How to get free gold in Clash Royale

 To advance in Clash Royale you have to gather certain resources that help to do a lot of things in the game, one of them is Gold, the most used because with it the cards are improved or bought. Similarly, it can also be used to join tournaments or challenges in the game.

As you progress, you will need more and more Gold to be able to improve your cards, since the more levels they have to raise, the more the price you have to pay. However, there are many ways to obtain this resource, and you have to take advantage of all of them in order to get a lot. Next, we leave you our complete Clash Royale guide where we explain the various methods that can be done to get Gold totally free.

Daily Deals

Every day in the Store we can find the Daily Offers, where we can find 6 sales boxes where we can buy cards at a good price with Gold, and one of them is always a reward that you receive for free. Most of the time its Gold, so don't forget to claim it every day, sometimes they can even give you gems.

season rewards

As in other mobile games, you do not need to pay for the Royale Pass, you can get rewards every time you accumulate 10 crowns by playing normal battles. There are a total of 35 rewards with which you can directly obtain an amount of Gold or chests that contain this resource. In conclusion, if you get 350 crowns during a season, you are going to acquire a lot of Gold.

battle gold rush

Sometimes the game activates the Gold Rush, a type of bonus that consists of obtaining extra Gold in the games. This event is for a limited time and there is a limit of Gold that you can acquire, it is indicated just below the name of "Battle". To get this extra, what you have to do is knock down towers in the games, so you will get more than a thousand gold coins every time you enter a Battle.

Victory Chests

When you win, you always get Arena chests, these are distributed in several types, the better you play and take care of knocking down all the enemy towers, the better chests you will get. These, in addition to containing cards, also reward Gold. This is one of the most used ways to collect Gold since in one way or another you have to unlock chests or they will end up accumulating.


Events are a game mode that many users overlook, it is not very popular, but the reality is that it is one of the best ways to obtain rewards, especially when it comes to Gold. Normally, the challenges are usually distributed in 10 stages, each of them is a battle that you have to overcome, and the further you go, the more rewards you will earn. However, you must prepare very well, since you can only lose a total of 3 times and if you want to have another chance, you will have to use gems.

Another option is the Clash Royale Tournaments, you can join or create one where you have to pay an entry with gems or gold coins to enter many battles against other players. If you are champion among the first 3 places in the tournament you will receive a good amount of Gold and other rewards.

Arena Rewards

Each Arena is divided by cups, by getting more cups you will rank up until you unlock new Arenas where there are new cards and rewards such as rare chests and Gold coins . For this reason, you always have to take into account all the tricks to win in Clash Royale and thus be able to progress to obtain Gold.

level rewards

Tier rewards are the hardest to get as it's quite a process to get enough experience due to having to upgrade a lot of cards. Similarly, it is one of the methods that can help you, if you are about to level up, try to complete the bar at once and you will receive good rewards.

These would be all the ways to get Gold in Clash Royale , so when you have enough, focus on upgrading your cards to make your deck more and more powerful.