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Minecraft: With this trick you can look through lava in patch 1.18


Minecraft: With this trick you can look through lava in patch 1.18

Finding the most important resources in Minecraft's Nether is child's play if you can see through lava - with this trick you can do it.

Even in Minecraft patch 1.18, the Nether is still a dangerous place with many useful resources. But the most valuable of these are often hidden under lava and are not so easy to find. Reddit user ThatWolfie has now found a new trick to make lava transparent and get hold of the coveted Netherite.

How does this work? The trick is comparatively simple and basically only requires a grindstone. You place this directly above the lava and then remove the block underneath. Then you swim through the lava and push yourself onto the grindstone from below while holding down "crouch" and "up" at the same time. This makes the lava transparent from about half the screen and lets you clearly see where valuable resources are!

But be careful: for the trick to work, you need a fire protection potion, which you can make using alchemy. Otherwise, bathing in the lava should be a very, very short pleasure.

What's the point? For newcomers to Minecraft, the benefits may not seem immediately obvious, but the ability to see clearly in lava is immensely valuable. This is mainly due to the extremely rare resource Netherite. This is needed to craft the best and most effective tools. Netherite, as the name suggests, can only be found in the Nether and can be pretty much anywhere. However, since the Nether is very uneven terrain and most of it is covered by lava, Netherite is hard to find.

With this trick you can cover a large area, especially in large lava lakes, often see netherite in the distance and thus drastically reduce the search time for the rare resource. A tremendously useful trick if you want to get yourself the strongest pickaxes.

Incidentally, you can also mine Netherite in the lava - the material does not "burn" in the lava-like so many other objects do. Netherite withstands the heat of lava in Minecraft.

Is this an evil exploit? One can probably argue about that. There have always been little tricks like this in Minecraft or the exploitation of bugs, for example to look through entire "chunks" of blocks or to make certain parts transparent. This is generally accepted in the community as long as no cheat tools or similar are used. Basically, it's just one of many tricks you can use to make life in Minecraft easier and save some time.

Do you know any other tips and tricks that you can use to gain an advantage in the Nether or in particularly sticky Minecraft situations?