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Nobody Saves the World guide: how to get out of the dungeon by unlocking the Rat, the Guard and the Scout


Nobody Saves the World guide: how to get out of the dungeon by unlocking the Rat, the Guard and the Scout

Now available on Game Pass or for purchase on PC and Xbox consoles, the original Nobody Saves the World from DrinkBox Studios, the Canadian team that turned heads with Metroidvania Guacamelee! a few years ago. And as you can see now, he has taken to transform into different beings.

That ability to become another character is the most interesting thing about Nobody Saves the World, as it offers a lot of variables within what would essentially seem like a typical roguelike hack & slash role-playing game. But as you know, there is nothing typical about DrinkBox Studios and you may need a push at first until you understand the peculiar idiosyncrasies of their new proposal...

The dungeon test. Requirements to get out

Nobody Saves the World starts its story with a Nobody. Leaving their humble "house", you will see a mansion on the left where you will be dismissed shortly after entering the room trying to be nice. The good thing is that when you fall through the trapdoor you are accompanied by the magic wand of the owner of the mansion, which is precisely what allows you to transform into endless creatures. It will be a slow process though.

To unlock a character you will first have to level up the previous one by completing a series of simple tasks. And for this dungeon you will have to break everything you see in the room and interact with the bed, the toilet, the door and the save stone. After this, you will unlock the transformation of the tiny Rat.

However, it will not be enough to escape from there, since the door needs 8 stars from the magic wand. And this translates to completing eight tasks. So with the Rat, you will have to poison the enemies with the gnaw attack, consume them later, and regenerate mana based on simple attacks. And what enemies? Well, the ones you will see if you sneak through the hole in the wall at the top of the dungeon. That little path will lead you to a simple dungeon that will be essential for farming.

To check the progress of each task, simply press the LB button on the controller and then go to the menu to redeem each completed task. When you level up the Rat you will have access to the Guard and the Scout , which will be essential to continue completing tasks until you get eight stars.

The normal thing is that when you return to the door you have more than the necessary eight stars if you have stopped to level up at least one level for each of those three additional characters, without forgetting that for completing the dungeon you will get a star. And that's it, with this you will have understood that one of the main cores of Nobody Saves the World lies in completing tasks to level up and also get stars that give us access to other special areas.