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Passage of side quests in God of War (2018)

 Passage of additional tasks from gnomes and recalcitrant spirits in God of War (2018)

Passage of side quests in God of War (2018)

The open locations of God of War (2018) allowed the authors to dilute the storyline with many side quests. In the game, they are called requests, and they are issued by various characters. Since there is a rather generous reward for their completion, these quests should not be ignored, especially since they all have a rather interesting scenario background.

Dwarf Requests

Second hand soul

We will receive the first quest from the dwarf Brock after completing the "Light of Alfheim" story mission. He will ask us to find the alchemist Andvari, who lives in the Velunder Mines area. Having reached the place, we will go out to the large doors leading into the cave. We insert the stone issued by the dwarf into a special groove and step forward. Soon we will come across a soul-eating golem, which will pass through the bars on the right side. We, of course, need to follow him. Having caught up with him, the heroes decide to give the big man a fight. To get to the arena, we climb up the chain, and then go through the door on the left side. After we defeat the soul eater, we go to Brock for a reward. True, we ourselves will come to him with not very good news.

god from malachite

This request is a continuation of the Second Hand Soul quest. The dwarf will ask us for this favor after we complete the New Target story mission. This time, the heroes will again go to explore the mines, this time on the opposite side of the map. Having reached the place, we approach Brock, take a stone from him and insert it into the groove, thereby opening the passage to the mines. Then we crawl under the rocks and go out to the working area. On the spot, we notice wooden steps that will lead to the platform control lever. Pulling it, one of them will fall safely to the floor. We climb it and from there we explode the red crystals on the adjacent pile of stone blocks suspended on the platform, after which we go down into the resulting hole. Having overcome several zones of the cave, we will go to the last one, at the top of which we will find the object we are looking for.

Fafnir's treasure

Brother Brock Sindri also has a task for us. He will be ready to dedicate the heroes to its details after we have completed the Light of Alfheim story mission. He will send us to a certain repository of Fafnir. The destination will be marked on the map. Following the direction of the marker, we will come to another cave with a round stone platform in its center. Here we need to insert the camping stone issued by Sindri into the pedestal, and then clear the hall where the stone bridge will lead. There we will find a similar stone, which will lead us to another place. After performing similar actions a couple more times, we will finally go to the right room, where we will meet the spirit of the robber. After talking with him, we return to Sindri.

family business

We can complete the second task of Sindri by completing the "New Target" story mission. The starting point of the quest will be marked on the map. Having opened the way forward with another camping stone, we sail on a boat until we reach a huge grating in the Northrie Citadel region. The challenge is to find a way to raise it. To do this, we simply break the chain blocking the rotation of the giant wheel by throwing an ax at its vulnerable point. Having thus opened the way deep into the citadel, we sit in the boat and move forward. As a result, the heroes will get to the ship of the robbers, in which they will find the item they are looking for. On the way back to the boat, a task from the recalcitrant spirit "Time heals" will automatically be added to the menu . Having reached the transport, we return to Sindri.

Glory to the king

We will receive this task towards the end of the game when the dwarves finally decide to bury the hatchet. To do this, you also need to complete all of the above instructions. The blacksmiths will send us to Konunsgard in search of legendary materials. Upon arrival, we speak with Sindri, after which we go to the castle, which will be indicated on the map. By the way, in this region we will find a captive dragon that can be released (request "Flame of Reginn" ). On the spot, we notice another pedestal in front of the doors. To open the passage inside, we need to find three camping stones in the vicinity. We find the first one at the pedestal, and after the second we step along the path on the right side.

At some point, we will come to a small cave with a stream guarded by wolves. Ahead we notice massive stone doors that open with the winds of Hel. There we will find the key. In order to transfer the winds to the castle, we first need to create a light bridge (in the place where we walked along the ledge). On the right side of the door above the stream, we notice a suspended blue crystal and drop it into the water. Having picked it up from the shore, then open the grate and insert the crystal into the corresponding slot, located a little further on the right side. After the bridge is created, we step to the place where the golem rests, and we find the source of Hel's winds there, which now we can easily transfer to the desired door.

Having obtained the second key, we go for the third. We will find him behind closed doors, which are located near the place of detention of the dragon. We open them with the help of a red crystal, which we throw at the point indicated in the screenshot below.

Glory to the king

In place, we move along the path until we reach three stone arches, near which we will find the third stone. Returning to the entrance to the castle, we insert all three keys into the pedestal and go inside, where we step to the throne room. On the spot, we move the throne aside, and behind it, is a secret passage, we find legendary materials that we attribute to the dwarves.

Prayer of Recalcitrant Spirits

unfinished business

We will be able to take on this quest after completing the Light of Alfheim story mission. Will give us his spirit of the lake, which lives in the location "Raven Rocks".

The essence of his request is quite simple - to find and release three spirits that live in the vicinity of the lake. Their location will be marked on the map.

Anatomy of Hope

The task will be given to us by one of the recalcitrant spirits, whom we will meet in the "Mason's Canal" area. It won't be difficult to find him: at the beginning of the "Magic Cutter" story mission, the heroes will get to the shore, where they will need to open the gate leading to the giant. That's where the ghost will hang around. The task is to find three bones of his deceased lover. Their location will be marked on the map.

We will find the first bone on a rock located on the right side of the statues of rowers. We land on the shore, climb the crack and notice the object we are looking for ahead. We will find the next bone in the cave, climbing up the rocks to the very top. By the way, at its entrance, we will meet another spirit, ready to give us an additional task "Dead Freight". The latter is located on the shore, where the golem will roam peacefully. Having collected all the remains, we return to the customer. As a result of some events, a hated Velva will appear, after the murder of which the request will be fulfilled.

dead freight

We will receive this quest from the spirit of the lake, which lives on the shore of the Forgotten Caves region. The task is to kill three teams of wandering sailors who were subordinate to the ghost. We will find the first one on the opposite shore in the Iron Bay area. We will get there by sailing in a straight line. The second squad will be very close, however, before starting the battle with the sailors, the heroes first have to kill high-level werewolves. We will meet the third team of wanderers at the top of the nearest tower. Having defeated all the sailors, we return to the spirit of the lake for a well-deserved reward.

hammer fall

About the request "Fall of the hammer" we will be asked by the spirit that lives on the territory of the stone waterfall. We can get to it after completing the "Light of Alfheim" story mission.

During his lifetime, he quarreled with Thor a little, therefore he wants to destroy his statue that stands on the grave of his father. Well, let's go to her. The monument will be located on a small stone island in the Veitugard hidden region. Having reached the statue, we need to hit five vulnerable points on it. From the back - the lower part of the cloak and the right shin, in front - the elbow of the hand holding the hammer, the left shin and the snake that wrapped around the free hand. Having destroyed the monument to Thor, we return to the customer.

Time heals

The task from the spirit of the robber will appear in the menu automatically during the execution of the request of the dwarf "Family business" . We will meet the ghost itself even earlier, in the side quest Fafnir's Treasure . To complete it, all you need to do is return to the spirit in Fafnir's vault and just talk to him.