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Sailing in Lost Ark brings you many advantages - This is how life as a pirate works


Sailing in Lost Ark brings you many advantages - This is how life as a pirate works

In Lost Ark, you have to sail at the latest when you want to leave the first continent. But in the MMORPG, sailing is much more than just a method of locomotion. We have all the information for you.

What is sailing? In Lost Ark, you get your own boat at the end of the quest of the first continent. This boat can then take you anywhere you want to go.

That only sounds like locomotion at first, but there is more to it than that. You can steer your own boat completely yourself and have to defy the dangers of the high seas.

If you succeed, fame, fortune, special quests, and hidden islands await you. However, not all corners of the ocean are immediately accessible to you, since you have to upgrade your boat first.

But even if you are not interested in all this, you will have to go sailing more often. The teleportation stones only work as long as you want to travel on one and the same continent. If you want to go to another continent, there is no way around your ship.

In this article, we will tell you how it all works and what the basics of sailing are all about.

when can you sail There's no getting around sailing, so you can't just walk past it. The main quest sends you to East Luterra at level 35, more precisely to Wavestrand Port, where you will then receive your first ship.

You will then also receive the quest “Starting with Sailing Basics”, which will roughly explain how you navigate through the world of Arkesia with the ship. 

Your ship isn't the best at launch and the rewards are also rather modest, but if you sail regularly, better and more exciting rewards await you in the endgame.

Many of the islands, some of which even contain special quests, can only be reached with your ship. So it's always worth keeping your pirate eyes open.

These small islands can hold more than meets the eye
These small islands can hold more than meets the eye

Plenty of booty awaits on the ocean

What ships are there? In total, you can choose from 8 different ship classes in Lost Ark. These differ in health points, damage, agility, speed, and more.

Which ship you then choose is up to you. Each type offers its advantages, whether you choose the big Brahms sailing ships or the motorized Stormbreaker. 

No matter which ship class you choose, you can continue to upgrade and improve your boat afterward, either to compensate for deficits or to further support its strengths.

There is also an urgent need to improve your ship in the long run. It's not just the beach and sunshine that awaits you on the Ocean of Arkesia. Underwater monsters, storms, fog, and high waves regularly afflict your ship.

If it doesn't survive that, you won't be able to reach certain parts of the world and you'll have to save up for an upgrade first in order to progress further.

It's not just the ship that counts, but also the crew: it's not just your ship that has certain values, strengths and weaknesses in Lost Ark. The crew you choose also plays a big role.

Which sailors you let on your ship can decide the outcome of tricky situations for or against you. So it's important to consider which people you're bringing on board.

Each potential member of your crew has different stats, strengths, and weaknesses that you can address to maximize your own potential. Some special members even bring new skills for your ship and are therefore particularly valuable.

You can partially unlock your crew via quests, but you can also hire many sailors for a special currency that you can appropriately earn on the sea with your ship.

Each crew member has their own benefits
Each crew member has their own benefits

Your ship can be really beautiful

What can you customize? After you have your ship and crew ready for the trip to sea, you also want to look really good. Lost Ark also offers you this option.

In each port, you can customize your sails and your ship according to your wishes for a certain price. But there are not only different sail shapes, patterns, and colors, complete reskins of the ships are also possible. With all the options in appearance, crew, and values, every player can specialize as he wants.

Well-decorated is half the battle: Once you've adjusted everything the way you want it, nothing stands in the way of your pirate adventure. From now on it is important to collect various currencies, brands, and stuff that you can exchange for valuable pirate coins in the various ports.

Pirate Coins are the most important currency for the modern seafarer in Lost Ark, as you need them to service ship and crew, as well as to recruit new sailors.

How do you get pirate coins? Pirate Coins are a reward for some activities you can perform on the high seas. But you can also exchange almost all other currencies that you can earn on your ship for the coveted coins.

Alternatively, you can also get the coins for lost cargo that you can earn along the way. This is mainly done through four different activities:

  • fishing
  • Explore sunken ships
  • treasure hunt
  • recover cargo

These tasks are all marked on your mini-map so you can target them to earn and collect the rare coins. 

Ships want to be well maintained

Does your ship last forever? In short: no. Your ship has a health bar, which is shown as a large, blue orb in the bottom center of the screen. If your ship's HP drops to 0, you will sink and have to go to the next port.

There you have to repair your ship. This not only costs a lot of silver, but also a lot of time. By the way, you always have to carry out these repairs, since your ship slowly loses life points the longer it is at sea. However, if it is completely destroyed, the cost of repairing it increases significantly.

Depending on how strong the waves are or whether you might even be attacked on the way, your ship's life will drop faster. Accordingly, it sinks more slowly in calm and shallow water.

What else do you have to pay attention to? So you shouldn't necessarily visit areas with your ship that you can't handle yet or areas that overwhelm your ship. If you do so, a red bar will fill up on the right side of the ship status.

If this bar is full, a large part of your HP will be deducted. So you should always keep this in mind and reckon with it before you carry out daring maneuvers.

The red bar on the right should not fill up, otherwise your ship will be damaged
The red bar on the right should not fill up, otherwise your ship will be damaged

Regular events for determined pirates

How can you participate? If you press the little clock in the top left of the game, you can see all upcoming events and also set timers and alarms so you don't miss them. This is not only possible for sailing events, but for all events in the game.

If you have opened the clock, you can click on the gear wheel and filter specifically for sailing events. So you can find out immediately when and where there is something to get next time.

You can then participate simply by showing up in the right place at the right time. You can find the appropriate location in the event description.

How are the events going? In the events at sea, you then have to complete 4 mini-games and try to be the best of the players present. If you complete these mini-games, which by the way are very similar to the 4 activities mentioned above, you will get Navigation Coins.

You can either exchange these for the well-known pirate coins or directly at the event dealer for any exciting rewards. If you don't want these, then you take the pirate coins, they always help.

Do you have any other tips and tricks that could make sailing in Lost Ark easier? Did you even know that ships are such a big part of the new MMORPG? And do you find this part exciting, or does it scare you more that you have to jump in at the deep end? Write it to us in the comments.