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Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem walkthrough - game guide

Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem walkthrough - game guide

 A detailed walkthrough of all story missions and additional missions, search for all secrets on the map

We bring to your attention a detailed walkthrough of all the story missions of the game "Cool Sam: Massacre in Siberia ". This is a standalone shooter with its own separate campaign, created on the basis of the fourth part. In this guide, we will not only give practical recommendations for destroying enemies but also tell you where to find all the secrets, easter eggs, and references.

Eternity smells like oil

  • Secrets: 16/16

Watch the introductory video. At the beginning of the game, familiarize yourself with the controls. Movement is carried out on the W, A, S, D keys, the Shift key is responsible for accelerated running, LMB, and RMB - shooting and aiming, respectively. In some weapons, RMB is used for alternate fire. For example, a pump-action shotgun will have an under-barrel grenade launcher installed, and RMB will allow you to release a grenade.

Use the mouse wheel to change weapons. At the bottom, in the middle of the screen, there are transparent icons of available weapons. If one weapon is above/below another, it means that the same key is used to switch. For example, the "1" key will later allow you to switch to a knife and slow grenades. The H key allows you to change the perspective - first or third-person view. Finally, press F to open the codex, which contains information about enemies, equipment, weapons, and the current quest, among other things. The latter is relevant because there you can find out how many secrets from the total number you have already discovered. So let's get started!

Move forward and kill the first enemy. On the easy difficulty level, such big men fall with one poke with a knife. And then you can find your first secret. Go to the beach and turn right. The path is blocked by a pipe. Near the place where it goes into the rocks, there is a pile of garbage, among which you can find secret ammunition (secrets 1/16). From the heap of garbage, jump onto the pipe and get over to the other side. Go forward and pick up the small doll. This is a parody of the bridge baby from Death Stranding. In confirmation of this fact, you will hear thunder, and a rainbow will appear in the sky.

Continue walking along the coast, killing the enemies. Soon you will pick up a new weapon - a pump-action shotgun. Great for destroying big guys and frogs. At the very end, there will be a marker that leads to the right and up the slope. But you are not in a hurry. After killing the enemies, go even further along the beach and find the container. There is an object inside it. Picking it up will activate a secret trap (secrets 2/16). Kill two enemies. You can use the E key for a melee attack. Or a knife.

Continue following the marker and head up the slope. Walk along the edge of the cliff on the right to find wooden supports. There used to be a bridge here. Walk along with the supports at the end of the bridge to find a secret armor (secrets 3/16). Go back along with the supports and look to the right. There is a wooden hut here. Before reaching the hut, between the trees on the right, look for a hole in the ground, boarded up with boards. Break these boards, jump down and swim out of the water to find a secret rocket launcher (secrets 4/16).

Continue towards the marker. Kill several opponents. I would recommend using a pistol, which is great at destroying enemies that resemble humans. Go to the drilling rig, go upstairs and enter the wheelhouse. Watch the video. A new marker will appear.

Exit the drilling rig and follow the path that leads to the right of the marker. This path leads to a house in a dead-end. Enemies will also start to appear. After killing everyone, get to the house and find secret explosives there (secrets 5/16). She lies on a box right in front of the house.

After that, return to the oil rig you just visited. The path leading along the tower goes to the right. And there is a note and a starting point for the additional task "Black Gold". To complete it, walk on the blue marker, kill all the enemies, enter the room on top of the second oil rig and take the purple orb from the box, which will give a skill point.

Don't rush out of here. Leave the tower and go to the right (if you look from where you came from). So you will find the edges of the cliff and another destroyed support. Walk through them, stand with your back to the armor, prepare your pistol, and take a couple of steps back to pick up the secret armor (secrets 6/16). The bull will appear. Shoot the pistol at the head. It took me less than a clip to finish off the bull before it crashed into Sam and knocked him off the cliff.

Go back along with the destroyed supports and go left. There will be a lonely withered tree, under which there is one bandage. Picking it up will activate a secret trap (secrets 7/16). After that, two huge walkers will appear, firing missiles. By the way, destroying them seems to be optional, so you can escape. On the other hand, you have a rocket launcher, so you can spend all the rockets on them. You will receive new ones soon. When I said "soon", I meant now. So, after the victory, go along the mountains on the left until you find a lonely house. Hidden behind him are secret missiles (secrets 8/16).

After collecting all this, follow the yellow marker and go up the stairs. Take the grenade launcher from the case. Use RMB to shoot. Once on the enemy base, kill the opponents. Use the pistol to destroy the enemies in orange suits. After defeating everyone, go to the right. Other enemies will appear here. Some of them will jump out of the round ventilation on the right. Pay attention to her. She is now open. Go around the corner to the right, climb up, kill the enemies and immediately turn right, onto the iron bridge. From this bridge, you can jump into the ventilation. Do this to get into the secret portal loop (secrets 9/16) and get one "K.A.Y.F." at the end of it. I remind you that to quickly activate this item (first aid kit), you need to press the Z key.

Follow the marker. A huge green demon is best destroyed with an under-barrel shotgun. After clearing the area, inspect the closed gate on the right. Near them, there is a box with a purple sphere - a skill point. Then go into the narrow corridor. Pay attention to the jets of steam, which indicate where the fire may appear. Jump away from the demons with hammers and shoot them in the back. You can shoot at the red balloons located on the sides. Don't forget the under-barrel shotgun. After defeating all enemies, go to the open area. Here you will have to kill two green demons. Once you've done that, climb up to the nearest hill on the right and go onto the bridges inside the building. In the far right corner, look for "K.A.Y.F." (secrets 10/16).

Follow the marker further, kill one skeleton and go inside the control room. Click on the red button and exit to a location with several columns. This is a very dangerous place. After the first wave of enemies, skeletons will appear. I recommend stopping all first-aid kits and red explosive cylinders on them. Constantly move from side to side and shoot at the tanks and from the under-barrel shotgun. In which case, don't forget about K.A.Y.F. when pressing Z to heal (I forgot, and experienced a lot of problems!). After the victory, enter the elevator.

After descending, go out onto the rails and finish off the enemies. You can use the rocket launcher. After that, go behind the cars on the right and look in the corner, behind the stone blocks, for secret rockets (secrets 11/16). Go to the other end of the location with rails. Move along the right wall and you can go around the concrete block near the train to find a secret cache (secrets 12/16).

Move through the smoky corridors, killing opponents. Use the under-barrel grenade launcher. Rising up on the elevator, go outside and go through the opened door. Pick up the machine gun and cartridges and go to the beginning of the location. Kill all enemies. Kamikaze will spawn on flying drones, so shoot them as soon as you spot them. After destroying all the enemies, move along the marker, but do not climb the stairs. Go under the metal bridges and in the far left corner you will find a hole leading to a cache. There is a secret explosive in this room (secrets 13/16).

Climb even higher and go through the yellow gate. If suddenly they do not open and dynamic music plays, then you did not kill someone. Enemies can get stuck behind the fence. Go back and finish them off. Clear the location. Do not rush to run forward headlong. It is best to hide behind the truck and kill the approaching enemies. In addition, you need to kill all the enemies on the bridge from above from a distance (from a machine gun). When you kill everyone, take your time to follow the marker inside the building. Instead, go around the room where the marker points, and behind the fence (white and red) you will find secret explosives (secrets 14/16). Don't waste any explosives!! You must have at least one.

Enter the room, read the note, and go to the room with springboards. Open two cases below. In one you will find a purple orb with a skill point, in the other, you will find slow grenades. Kill enemies until you empty the entire scale at the top of the screen. After the victory, go outside and jump onto the crate to the left of the doorway you just came from. Jump from it to the visor to pick up a secret armor (secrets 15/16). Finally, go to the left and look for boxes along the wall on the left, which can be destroyed with a shotgun blast. After doing this, you will see an exploding wall. Throw explosives at her (select with the "1" key). I hope you didn't waste the explosives? After the wall explodes, you will find a portal leading to a secret classic area (secrets 16/16). Destroy all enemies and get a "heart" that gives +100 HP. Go outside and follow the marker

Song of the Petrel

  • Secrets: 11/11

As soon as the level starts, go through the opened gate and go to the right. In the corner, there are blue pipes with a red valve. Jump up the pipes to find a secret gadget (secrets 1/11). Jump down, and then - even lower, into narrow corridors with railway tracks. Here are the wagons. Go on long journeys and find secret armor inside the container car (secrets 2/11). Go to other paths, find a ladder and climb it up. Press the button to raise the bridge and cross to the other side.

Before continuing the story, pay attention to the passage on the right. It leads to the side quest "Light it Up". Walk forward and to the left. Kill the first enemies. Go to the very end of this open location and look between the white tanks for secret explosives (secrets 3/11). Come closer to the door of hangar 05. It is closed, and you need to turn on the power. Make your way through hangar 04, killing the enemies. Turn left and finish off the enemies that come out of hangar 02. Enter this hangar and jump over the barrels in the near right corner. Behind the rack, you will find secret explosives (secrets 4/11).

Continue following the marker for the side quest. At the first opportunity, turn left, go up the hill and look a little to the left of the house. Near him is a snowman with a bandage. Pick up the bandage and the snowman will explode. This will activate a secret trap (secrets 5/11).

Follow the blue marker and jump down. Climb up the yellow ladder and press the red button to turn on the power. Jump down and kill all the enemies. There will be one mini-boss among them. Shoot him with a machine gun (you shouldn't use a rocket launcher because the enemy will constantly teleport). The enemy will move between three possible positions. Finish off all opponents and the gate will open. Pass through them and use the elevator to return to the surface. A small truck will appear here. Use it, but instead of returning along with the marker, turn right along the path in the snow. So you will reach the door in the ground leading to the bunker. Since you have applied power, the bunker door can now be opened. At the very end, you will find a box with a purple orb - a skill point (secrets 6/11).

Follow the side quest marker back, kill the huge enemy and enter hangar 05. Climb up and jump down. Defeat the big demon. You can use the rocket launcher if you picked it up on the first level. After that, go behind the screen and pick up a new gadget - rage serum. Gadgets are activated by the Z key, while you can switch between them using the M and N keys. Pay attention to which gadget is highlighted in the lower right corner. It will activate if you press Z. At the moment, you can have K.A.I.F., slow grenades, and a freshly picked up rage serum.

Go back and click on the red button in the place where the task started. There is a note on the box next to it. Cross the bridge and use the crane. Get the two containers out of the way. Also, drop the container to the right. Because of it, you will not be able to raise the bridge. To do this, use CTRL and Spacebar to lower and raise the magnet respectively. Grab containers with LMB, drop them with RMB. You can throw containers into tunnels with railway tracks.

When you've done this, go forward along the path where the containers were and click on the button on the right. Cross the bridge and enter the elevator on the right. Watch the video and destroy the new enemy. I recommend moving around it clockwise. In this case, he simply will not have a chance to hit you. Kill all the enemies, but don't rush to move through the hole in the wall. Go in the opposite direction from it and in the right corner, behind the concrete wall, look for secret armor (secrets 7/11). Go inside and watch the video.

After falling into the water, swim forward and rise to the surface. Kill the enemy and jump out. Climb to the bridge at the back and press the red button. You will switch the rotation of the underwater propeller. Go back and jump into the opened hole. Swim forward and get to the surface. Destroy the helicopter to open the door. Finish off all enemies and go forward. Do not rush to follow the marker! Ahead will be a passage with two columns with the numbers "1" and "2". Up to this point, there are containers on the right in front of the gate. Pass between them, duck down, and make your way to the cache with the secret drone (secrets 8/11).

After getting out of the containers, go forward and jump down to the boards. From them, jump into the pit where the portal is visible. Once there, pick up the item to get the inscription "Pills have a price!" (secrets 9/11). Finish off all the bots so that a portal will appear leading back. Move along the marker and finish off all opponents. Once you've done that, go through the building and pick up the purple orb in the crate. This is another skill point. Follow through the basement, read the note and go downstairs. Finish off the enemies and enter the mech hangar. Move on it along the marker, killing all enemies. RMB allows you to attack opponents with a built-in chainsaw. When you reach your destination, you will be forced to leave the mechs, as the energy supply will be depleted. This is a scripted scene.

Walk forward and find a secret gadget, explosives (secrets 10/11), to the right of the white containers. Then return to the place where the furs were left, go back a little more, and look at the containers on the left. On the doors of one of them, there will be two points for the installation of explosives. Throw explosives on the doors and blow them up. Climb down and go to the secret classic level (11/11). On the secret level, at the fork, you can turn left to find a room with letters. Jump through the letters to make the word MENTAL. This will open the cache on the other side. Jump into it to pick up a secret "heart" that gives +100 HP. Then complete the level without getting hit by the falling blocks. After that, go to the marker to complete the task.


  • Secrets: 27/27

This will be the longest mission in the game. A large open world awaits you. At the very beginning of the level, go through the gate and open the chest in front to get a purple orb - a skill point. Kill all the enemies and get on the snowmobile. Let's take a good look at this map before heading to the story marker. Move forward along the road without turning anywhere. Then you will need to turn left. You will see Mental flags (black with red) on the road, and there will be an enemy base on the hill. Destroy all enemies. The right building is closed, so enter the left one and examine the pipe puzzle. It is necessary to rotate the parts of the pipes so that power is supplied to all outputs. It is not necessary to use every part of the pipes! The screenshot below shows one possible solution. After opening the vault, enter the adjacent building.

Leave this place and drive to the left. On the left, you will find a hunting estate sign and a note that says about the missing girl. A little further will be the start point of the additional task "Hide and Seek". Move forward until you reach the house. Come closer. The girl will ask you to find a key and a sled with a teddy bear. Follow forward and finish off two enemy waves. In the second there will be bulls. Further, you will pass between the rocks. At the top of the left is a purple object. Move along the left mountains and jump up. Go back to pick up the very secret gadget (secrets 1/27). This will be the Time Warp grenade.

Keep moving, get to the lake and pick up the girl's things. Defeat all enemies. Be as careful as possible and don't fall into the hole. Sam can't get out of there. After the victory, return to the girl's house to receive a reward. It will be a hover scooter. Do not lay it out inside the house, otherwise, you will waste it. (it cannot be driven through a doorway). The hover scooter is unfolded with the Z key. You must first select it with the M and N keys (icons in the lower right corner of the screen). To get off it, press E.

Go back, drive forward and you will see a sign pointing to a sawmill. On the right is the enemy base. Follow there, destroy all opponents, including a huge scorpion. There is another pipe puzzle in the building on the right. Rotate some parts to connect all outputs. After that, you can get a second key card. A box on the right will also open. Inside it lies the T.A.K.T., which allows you to call airstrikes.

Get back on the road. Follow the sign for the sawmill. Turn left along a barely visible path in the snow. She will lead you to a secret cellar (secrets 2/27). Inside it is a note from Dimitri and a rage serum. Now follow the sign to the sawmill. There will be a huge green demon. Kill all enemies. Climb the logs to the canopy and the roof of the building, go through the pipe and climb up the stairs. This way you will find secret explosives (secrets 3/27).

Continue down the road towards the story quest marker. To the right on the slope will be the third enemy base of Mental's minions. Clear it, go inside and solve the pipe puzzle. You will receive S.E.R.D.C.E., C.A.Y.F., and a third key card. Go back to the compressor station, which was cleared of a large scorpion. There you also found the second key card. Go through the station to the other side and see some oil pumps. Run the ones that don't work to make the secret oil golems appear (secrets 4/27).

Now follow the story marker that leads through a checkpoint with two enemies. After killing them, exit on the other side, turn left and find the entrance to the next room. There will be a box with a secret skill point (5/27). Get closer to the church after killing all opponents. When you deal with the enemy wave near the church, you can go inside and chat with Olga. Then pick up a new weapon - the Perun crossbow.

Exit from the other side of the church to the cemetery. Look on the left for the grave on which the orb is located (a symbol of power in Ancient Russia). Picking it up will activate the secret holy kamikaze (secrets 6/27). After the explosion, a lot of bandages will fall out of it. Follow next. Destroy bulls and huge demons. To do this, you can use a crossbow and assembled bolts. To the right, there will be a small hut with a garden. You go left until you find a small altar. This is the secret shrine of Intertani (secrets 7/27).

Continue walking towards Kalinovka. After the destruction of another portion of the bulls and big men who sat down on the rocks), find the field with a red object on the right. Get closer to activating a secret trap (secrets 8/27). Destroy all rolling exploding balls. Near the same field and ruins where the red scorpion spawns, there is a crate with the Multi-Rocket Launcher upgrade.

Next is the enemy base. From it, go to the right to find a building with a control panel. There are four panels, you need to make them blue. First, use the two middle buttons (second and third) and make the left and right outer panels blue. Now click once on the far left and far-right panels to make the blue panels in the middle. The left panel switches the second, the right - the third. There is also a crate with a purple orb and a skill point in this location. There is also a small building in the backyard. Behind her, you will find secret cannonballs (secret 9/27).

Go through the checkpoint. Under the bridge where the enemy stronghold is located, you can find a secret gadget (secrets 10/27). Behind the bridge, Igor Ledov will contact you. In addition, on the right, there is a corpse and a note labeled "Top Secret". Get out of here and immediately turn right. Go right and jump down into the gorge. Move to the end of the gorge to find a pipe. Go through it to the catacombs. Ahead will be a bunker door that needs to be opened. Go back a little and turn right. Immediately go into the room on the right and look for the button behind the generator. Click to enter the secret classic level (secrets 11/27).

Ahead will be the first tower. Use the crossbow to destroy the two side machine guns. Then get closer, killing the normal enemies, go around and find a heart in the back. Shoot him. Access to the heart can only be obtained after the destruction of two machine guns. Kill new opponents, but do not rush to follow the marker. Turn right to see another tower in the distance. When you pass by the house, go around it on the right and find the secret gadget (secrets 12/27) - the hover scooter. Destroy the second tower and take the second key card. The first fell out of the first tower. In the field where the first turret is located (or rather, where it was), there is a silo. Climb it to find a secret gadget (secrets 13/27).

Continue following the marker. There will be a tractor on the left, with which you can speed up moving around the location. You will pass by an enemy checkpoint, the entrance to which is blocked. Go around it and jump over the fence from the snow pile. There is a secret gadget in the building on the left (secrets 14/27). Climb down the slope and turn right to find the river. Go through the waterfall and find a secret potion (secrets 15/27). Get ready to fight huge monsters.

Keep following the marker. There will be a huge bridge on the right. Go down to the river and look a little to the right on this bank for a small building. Secret cannonballs are hidden inside it (secrets 16/27). Before moving to a new location, get a secret skill point from the case on the right (secrets 17/27). A little further will be the end of the level. Unfortunately, at this level, we were not able to find all the secrets.

Roadside Picnic

  • Secrets: 16/16

At the very beginning of the chapter, go down under the bridge to find boards that you can use to climb onto the supports. There you will find a secret gadget (secrets 1/16). Walk along the coast to the right and climb the slope. Follow on until you find yourself in a spacious field. Go along the cliff on the left to find a passage behind a bush to a hut on chicken legs. In fact, this is a monster familiar to everyone. He has regeneration, so it will be quite difficult to win. Shoot at the open door. Destroying the secret hut on chicken legs (2/16) is optional. You can run away from her back so that the hut gets stuck in the gorge, and calmly kill. Her projectiles will hit rocks.

Keep moving, killing enemies, go past the church and soon you will find a canopy with a tank. There is a secret gadget on the roof of this shed (secrets 3/16). To get up there, jump on the concrete slabs on the side. Don't rush while driving a tank. Kill enemies sequentially, best from afar. In the case of towers, proceed as usual. There is an option to break past the enemies to the marker, but it will be difficult. Although, what the hell is not kidding?

When you get to the marker, go through the gate, go forward and turn left to go around the house (in front of the lake). There will be boards in the backyard of the house. Break them to jump down the hole and find an ammo cache (secrets 4/16). Keep walking along with the marker until the Alpha and Omega side mission is activated. Follow the marker and listen to the stationary drone. Follow the marker to the entrance to the bunker.

Once inside, move deeper, killing enemies. When you destroy the big red scorpion, listen to the recording from the voice recorder lying on the box on the left. The elevator doesn't work. Clear the hallway of the orange-suited enemies and enter the room on the right. Destroy all wooden boxes to reveal a descent down. Here you have to play around with the toggle switches so that they all turn green. Once this happens, you will receive a secret automatic shotgun (secrets 5/16).

Keep going until you find the next note. Do not rush to jump into the pipe. Instead, go straight past it and find the elevator. Call him to find the secret headless squad (secrets 6/16). Destroy the enemies, collect resources and jump into the pipe indicated by the plot marker. Examine the sewers, go to the stairs, and when it disappears, destroy the opponents. They will disappear when the scale at the top of the screen is empty. Get out of the bunker, clear a huge corridor with many skeletons. Use the rocket launcher. By the way, you can return to the first room. Skeletons will not slip through there: only enemies with hammers can get here. Use the elevator and destroy the opponents. Do not forget about various gadgets. At the very bottom of the corridor, examine the grate on the right. To jump over it use the nearby spotlight. There you will find an ammo cache (secrets 7/16).

Follow the marker and enter the portal. You will move to a large arena where you will have to fight two huge ice cyclops. Use the rocket launcher (multi rocket launcher) to destroy at least one of them. Fortunately, a lot of missiles are scattered around the arena. In addition, you can use a crossbow, and aim accurately at the eyes of opponents. After the victory, deactivate the portal. The task will end. Get out of here using the elevator.

Continue moving along the story marker. Kill the enemies until you get to Kalinovka, where Ledov's squad is waiting for you. After the video, play the guitar a few times until it flies up. You will receive God's secret guitar (secrets 8/16). Go to the neighboring courtyard and pick up a new weapon - a burner. This is a very powerful weapon that will come in handy for the rest of the mission. Also, behind the building in the far right corner is a secret armor (Secrets 9/16).

Move on along the marker. Use a burner, because there will be really a lot of enemies. When you pass through the hole in the wall, climb up and go along the train to the right to find an ammo cache behind the crates (secrets 10/16). In addition, at the beginning of the train, there is a box with a purple orb - a skill point. Go a little further and kill the enemies. Turn into the courtyard on the left. Ahead will be a building with a door and the inscription "Building 1". To the left is a broken staircase. Jump on its remaining parts to get to the roof and find a secret gadget (secrets 11/16). Kill the enemies in the neighboring courtyard and pay attention to the grate on the right. Behind it are boxes with a gadget. Go around the building clockwise, jump between the cab and the trailer of the truck and find the secret gadget behind the crates (secrets 12/16).

Destroy the enemies in the next location. Walk along the train on the left and look for an exploding wall on the right. Destroy it with the only explosive found in the level. This will give you access to the secret classic level (secrets 13/16). Destroy all the skeletons so that a portal will appear leading back. Don't rush to follow the marker. On the other side there are other rails. At the end of them, a secret gadget is hidden behind the crates (secrets 14/16).

Go through the marked building. Inside it, you will find a grenade launcher and an upgrade to it - a cluster bomb. After getting out of the building, look behind the boxes on the left for secret armor (secrets 15/16). Defeat the enemies inside the depot and then take out the enemies outside while protecting the first train. When the task is updated, move along the left wall to the far building. Go around it and find an ammo cache (secrets 16/16). Use the crane to move the containers out of the way. You already know how to use it. After that, destroy a few more enemies. Then the largest army will appear. During the battle, be sure to use the gadgets you collected earlier! Without them, destroying enemies, even with a full supply of ammunition for the burner, is unrealistic. After that, get on the train to complete the task.

Crime and Punishment

  • Secrets: 15/15

This is the final mission of the game. Move between trains, killing enemies until you find yourself at the station. First, follow the right, to the very end, in order to find a secret vault behind a small concrete booth (secrets 1/15). Enemies will appear. Kill them and move to the opposite side of the platform to find the second secret vault (secrets 2/15). Note that there will be large bio-mechanoids that fire missile. Enter inside the station and pick up a machine gun. Do not hurry. Turn around and go to the restroom on the right. In one of the toilet stalls, there will be an ammo stash (secrets 3/15).

Exit the train station and fight Mental's huge army. Then return to the station from where you left, go to the right of the entrance, and turn the corner. At the end is a box. From it, jump onto the visor, jump even higher and find a secret gadget on the ledge (secrets 4/15). Use a machine gun and a burner, don't forget about gadgets. You should not climb on the rampage. It is best to meet opponents near the station. After the victory, move along the street until you see multi-story residential buildings. Kill the enemies and go to the right, to the far high-rise building near the blue wall. Open the entrance door to reveal a secret bio-mecha at ease (secrets 5/15).

Continue moving between the houses and fight the enemies on the long street along the fenced square. On the left will be the Burevestnik gas station. Go around it, climb onto the racks and jump onto the cistern. Climb even higher with the yellow pipe and find the secret gadget (secrets 6/15). Then go to the territory of the park and move in the opposite direction, to the gate that you saw earlier. There will be an ammo cache (secrets 7/15). Leave the park and move towards the bridge you need to cross. But first, go to the right of the bridge, to the very end of the street. At the end of the road there will be a secret kamikaze trap (secrets 8/15) - collect the ammo and it will activate.

Go to the bridge, which will be blown up. Destroy all enemies, jump down and move along the gorge covered with ice. But first, when you jump down, inspect the columns ahead. A secret gadget is hidden behind them (secrets 9/15). When you get out of the gorge, turn onto the bridge on the right. Go to the other side and turn behind the building on the left to find a secret gadget (secrets 10/15). Move to the other side, killing enemies to get to the other side of the bridge.

Follow the marker opposite the bridge and take a dead end on the left. In the far right corner, under the fence lies some small red object. Get close to activate a secret trap (secrets 11/15). Break through the enemy base and exit to the right. Walk forward along the road to find a locked gate. Walk in the opposite direction along the road and turn left. But do not go up the slope, but go down to the ice. Walk forward and to the river on the right. Go down to the shore and you will see a purple object on the right. This is a secret gadget (secrets 12/15).

Go to the marker, start the generator (you need to bypass the building) and deal with the ambush. Go back to the opened gate. To the right of them there is a pipe. Walk along it and enter the secret cave. Go down, go through the strange ominous gate (secret 13/15). The secret will be counted after the destruction of all enemies. Keep moving while killing enemies. When you pick up the cannon, move to the right along the road. At the very end of the gate is a secret gadget (secrets 14/15). Destroy enemies on a huge location. There will be several waves. When huge demons appear, after killing them, you will be able to go through the gate to the city. Move forward between the houses. On the left will be a garage cooperative. Turn left at the first opportunity to find armor and an open garage. Inside it, break the boards and jump down to the portal, which leads to the secret classic level (secrets 15/15). Go through the gate. Sam and Ledov's squad will be separated.

Use all your weapons to break through to the indicated point, where you will face the battle with Brand. Try to move, walk to the side, otherwise Sam will become an easy prey for the distraught general.