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Survival guide in Rainbow Six Extraction: 34 tips and tricks to not die so easily against the deadly archaea


Survival guide in Rainbow Six Extraction: 34 tips and tricks to not die so easily against the deadly archaea

Being one of the launch incentives on Xbox Game Pass, Rainbow Six Extraction will undoubtedly have a higher influx of players. And this means that many people will be surprised by its high base difficulty compared to other games like Left 4 Dead or Turtle Rock's recent Back 4 Blood.

Rainbow Six Extraction inherits part of its formula, but the sensations are clearly different as soon as you delve into this work by Ubisoft Montreal, which forces you to immerse yourself in its universe and use certain tactics to survive. So let's get to it without delay with a series of tips and tricks.

What you need to know about the R6 Extraction universe

Take your time, because the learning curve of Rainbow Six Extraction is high and to top it all off you won't have easy mode as such. The minimum you have is moderate difficulty, which is a significantly higher challenge compared to the bulk of cooperative shooters when you see how they can kill you with few hits.

  • Do the Virtual Reality training first, because the basic guidelines of what you will find later in the real game are explained to you. It's a longer tutorial than usual, but you can get through it in less than 30 minutes having played three types of standard missions that are often repeated.

  • Stop to analyze the map for a few seconds, noticing where the lock is to advance to the next area and remembering well where your extraction point is (in the first section it is exactly where you appear). Then draw a mental route where you want to go to cover areas... and also those two escape routes in case something goes wrong, which is something to always keep in mind.

  • If you have failed a mission, nothing happens: there are two more. Apart from that you always have the option to perform an extraction to try again later.

  • In relation to that, if you are in a bad way of life, it is better to perform an extraction than to be disabled and lose the agent until you rescue him in a later mission. As the saying goes, an escape in time is a victory. And here with more sense, since not rescuing a disabled partner after a while will cause him to lose part of his experience and we will be penalized until another attempt.

  • What's more, if you don't feel comfortable with the objectives on a map, perform an extraction and repeat until the "affordable" ones appear.

  • Important: you do not heal yourself with the medicine cabinet, but you do create a "reinforcement" as if it were a shield. So as long as you have that "shield" your life will not go down and therefore your agent will not suffer any injury. Keep it in mind to take first-aid kits no matter how much you appear with 100 life. Also, that "reinforcement" will gradually decrease, forcing you to pick up more medkits.

  • Pay attention to footsteps or alert sounds, since they indicate that there is an enemy presence or an objective that you must fulfill. After all, each map, no matter how much it maintains its design, changes everything else in terms of the availability of enemies or tasks that you must complete.

  • Always use stealth as a first resort. Whether it is to destroy nests so that no more archaea and mucilage come out, or to eliminate the presence of enemies in the area without alerting the rest, it is better to be cautious so that the baggage and the rest of the archaea warn their entire troop to surround us in a very short time. seconds.

  • Controls which weapon has a silencer, which will not always be the main one. Just because an agent has a shotgun doesn't mean he doesn't have a silenced pistol.

  • If, despite everything, you don't care about stealth, know that you can remove the silencer from the barrel and replace it with a compensator to reduce the recoil dispersion generated by the rapid-fire or a muzzle brake. With both the damage of each shot will increase relative to the silencer.

  • In this sense, you should also weigh what type of grip you prefer: with the vertical, the recoil of the weapon is reduced, but with the angled grip the transition between shooting from the hip versus shooting from the scope is streamlined.

  • Don't just look at what's going on ahead - look to the ceiling for Ooze or other small-sized archaea like Blinding Spores. If the latter is attached to a teammate, you can instantly destroy them with melee attacks. And the sooner you destroy them, the better since they randomly explode blinding you for a few seconds.

  • Keep an eye out for broken walls or windows for barricades like in Rainbow Six Siege. Not that they're indestructible afterward, but they do give you a few seconds of leeway against the archaea rush.

  • Use ping to notify your teammates of anything you see, because all notifications are fixed: from enemies to objects, everything is of little help.

  • And if for whatever reason you don't have a headset with a microphone, know that you can also use the chat wheel by holding down the ping button (up arrow). So you can ask to be healed, look for ammunition, etc.

  • Look at the studies. It is a section of each region, as optional tasks. They are basic things like killing in stealth, using ping, or performing actions in a special way. Experience is gained a lot and gradually based on each completed level of studies. And they change by region.

  • It is advisable to vary the agents, but without neglecting the fact of leveling up each agent to unlock improvements to their parameters or abilities.

  • You can lie on the ground, not just bend over. And it changes things quite a bit in certain types of situations. Better not expose yourself so much, of course.

  • Try out every REACT tech you unlock until you feel comfortable with several and know what kind of situations they come in handy for. For example, the smoke grenade is one of the first and works better than you think to flee or slash through the confusion of smoke; while the little reconnaissance drone can slip through certain gaps in the walls...

  • The more experience you gain in a match, the more health you can automatically replenish injured agents. If you complete three missions of a map it will amount to half its life, more or less: if you extract with one or two missions, it will be between 3 measly points to 25, so you get the idea.

  • If you touch Triangulation as an objective, you will be facing one of the easiest missions. First, you must locate points A, B, and C. Then eliminate all enemy presence. And finally coordinate with your companions, each one at a point, to activate the laptops and complete the mission instantly. This way you won't waste time going from one place to another... unless you play alone.

Tactics to survive against archaea

Each archaea is a world and there are more than a dozen different types. Some are humanoid in appearance, others are small bugs... The fact is that they are all lethal to a greater or lesser extent, so never ever trust any of them.

  • It is vitally important to know the weak point of each archaea. For example, both the Baggage and the Impelo can be killed with a single shot if you aim at the head. But with others, that point will not be so exposed.
  • Keep your distance from the Impelo, whose armor-piercing projectiles can kill you in the blink of an eye if you're not careful. And it's a standard enemy!
  • If you're surprised by an arc in the middle of reloading your weapon, the best thing to do is press the slash button to move it away from you a few meters. This is especially useful against Demolishers, as they don't blow you up close like this.
  • And since we are with the Demolishers, a trick: shoot at the head so that they do not explode and preserve their corpse with the explosive. This way you will create an ideal explosive trap for when several arches come together. You shoot and BOOM!!!
  • Another one from Demolishers (and by extension, Globular): if you catch them off guard to stab them stealthily, you will see that they do not explode.
  • It can be killed through certain walls, so use it to your tactical advantage. You will see that if you aim with the crosshairs on some that can be broken, the enemy on the other side of the wall will be slightly scanned.
  • Whenever you can, don't shoot at the nests: stab them to dissipate the mucilage they generate around them. You can also slash nests that are two or three meters high, by the way. So do it without hesitation.
  • If there is loose mucilage, use the melee strike or shoot with the silencer equipped. More than anything because the mucilage slows you down and causes the archaea to do more damage, a devastating combination

Which agent is the ideal to start playing

Rainbow Six Extraction has 18 agents, but initially, it only gives you access to nine of them. To unlock the others you will have to reach different milestones. With level 5 in development you enable IQ, JÄGER, and ROOK; with level 10 to FUZE, SMOKE and TACHANKA; and already with level 17 to CAPITÃO, GRIDLOCK, and NOMAD. Anyway, here we are going to focus on the nine agents that come from the beginning.

  • VIGIL's ERC-8 Inhibitor is the best stealth skill. It takes a short time to recharge and you have several seconds without being seen by the enemy to be able to stab him without fear. It's also great for running away when something goes wrong.
  • For its part, ELA is ideal to contain the archaea if they discover us since its Grzmot mine stuns them with an explosion when they are close. And what can you do afterward when they are stunned? Yes, stab them. Or run away, of course.
  • DOC can seem like a trashy doctor because he heals very few hit points and to top it off he has few charges. But if you play a lot with this agent and raise it to level 7 you will see that each cure will amount to 25 points and with 4 available doses, which already begins to make a difference until it reaches its limit at level 10 with 30 and 5, respectively. Needless to say, you can heal yourself.
  • If you want to know where the enemies are, LION is your man. Thanks to his EE-1-D drone you will be able to see through the walls where they are. With PULSE you have something similar, but you need to have your heartbeat sensor active, so it makes it impossible for you to use a weapon during those seconds, so be careful.
  • Do you like explosives? Then HIBANA is your best starting option thanks to its X-KAIROS remote detonation stickers. They can be stuck on any surface and you decide when you want them to explode. A delight.