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Survive Project Zomboid for at least one more day with these 9 tips

 It is not easy to live with millions of zombies, but we will try to make your sessions less frustrating.

Survive Project Zomboid for at least one more day with these 9 tips

There are many games where your goal is to survive a post-apocalyptic world, however, Project Zomboid began to gain ground on the competition thanks to the great freedom it offers the player. With an entire sandbox in the palm of your hands, there are countless ways to play, and those without experience will probably appreciate a little help, at least at first.

With this in mind, in addition to the popularity the game is gaining, we've put together 9 tips aimed at beginners that will allow you to reduce some of the frustration of this fun but a complicated video game. Even if in your first sessions you don't seem to find your way, don't despair, because Project Zomboid is designed to repeat itself over and over again, but always teaching the player and showing them a new way to enjoy it.

1. Choose your weapon carefully when starting the game

Firearms are great, but you'll need ammo to conserve them, something you won't have at the start of your game. Try better with contact weapons, which allow you to hit multiple zombies at the same time.

2. Ration your food

Food that expires quickly, such as fruit and meat, should be used before other foods that keep longer, such as fried foods and chocolate. The more days that pass, the more difficult it will be to find electricity, and much food will not last.

3. Watch your diet

If you are overweight, you will not be able to escape from zombies, and if you are too thin, you will not have the strength to fight. Try to maintain a value of 80 to 85 in your weight with food and different activities, to improve your physical condition.

4. Your first base

After a few days, creating a base will help you a lot to survive. However, don't start building in the first place that comes to mind; try to be near a river for access to food and water or a gas station.

5. Find a quiet place to read

Reading books will allow you to unlock new abilities, but this reading comes with risks. Save this activity for sites without zombies if you don't want to get a treat bite, and try to eat something beforehand so you don't go hungry.

6. Avoid unnecessary damage to your character

Breaking a window with your bare hands, or even carrying too much stuff, can result in damage you were able to avoid, and will only complicate your session. As a rule, if it's something that would hurt you in real life, don't do it.

7. Don't ignore your wounds

You will take damage at some point. When that happens, immediately try to heal your character. Even if it seems minor, any damage can suddenly get worse, ending your life early.

8. Start in the same world where you died

An interesting option in Project Zomboid is to start a new game within the same world where your last character died. We recommend this over starting from scratch, as you will be able to reconnect with your base and resources.

9. Listen to the emergency station on the radio

If you find a radio, try to find the frequency of the emergency station, which will tell you about the weather and important events. If you are informed, you will be prepared, and you will increase your chances of survival.

At first, Project Zomboid may look like any other title developed under the typical premise of surviving hordes of zombies, but it's your cunning, skill, and even luck that give the game such an entertaining replay value. For this reason, it has become a phenomenon , reaping great success on platforms such as Twitch , and its popularity is beginning to look more and more like what the industry experienced with Among Us .

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